0 CANONOATE TOLDOOTH MUSEUM 163 Canongate. Mon-Sat 10am-5pm, Sun 2-5pm. Free.

Art, laughter and the Bright Eyes oi Children An exhibition from the Museum of Childhood, which is currently being altered and extended.


0 THE KING’S THEATRE 2 Leven Street, 229 1201.

The Gingerbread Man David Wood‘s Whirligig Theatre Company until 19 Oct 10am & 2pm. Sat 11am.



0 EILMHOUSE 88 Lothian Road, 228 2688.

Junior Matinees Under 155 80p Adult £1 .

Kidnapped (U) (1971 UK) 100 mins. 2pm. Michael Caine gives an excellent performance in Delbert Mann’s production of Stevenson’s classic. With Trevor Howard, Jack Hawkins and Donald Pleasance.

0 REGAL North Bridge Street, Bathgate 0506 630 869.

1. The Care Bears Movie 2pm.

2. The Jungle Book 2pm.

Adults and children 30p. Programmes last approx 2hrs. Saturday 26


2. Roar(PG) (1983 USA) 101 mins. 2pm. Five years in the making, the magnificent animals dominate over the story of an animal-loving scientist versus big game hunters. With Tippi Hedren.

0 REGAL Bathgate. As above. Selected programmes from the Children’s Film Foundation. 2pm.


0 OPEN TO OUESTION Tues 22 Oct. BBC2 early evening. James Anderton, Chief Constable of Greater Manchester and Vice-President of the Association of Chief Police Officers, and Leslie Curtis, Chairman of the Police Federation of England and Wales face questions from secondary school children on the miners’ strike, riots in urban areas, the drug explosion, and the proliferation of fire-arms in crimes of violence.

Dr David Owen Leader of the SDP, replies to questions about the Alliance and the relative positions of himself and David Steel as its leader. Tues 29 Oct. BBC2.


0 NATIONAL MUSEUMS OF SCOTLAND Chambers Street, 225 7534. The museum, under its new identity, begins a series of Saturday activities for ages 8—14 which are workshops rather than the former illustrated talks. 10am-1pm. Free. Booking essential.

Creating Creatures Sat 19 Oct. Create a life size animal designed for living in the 20th century.

Design and Decorate an Egyptian Tomb

Sat 9 Nov (Booking starts Sat 26 Oct).


O THEATRE WORKSHOP 34 Hamilton Place , 225 7942.

Film Animation Mon/Tue 4-6pm. 60p per session. Exciting introductory class for age 11-16.

Senior Youth Theatre Tue & Fri 7-9pm. 60p per session/£1 for 2 sessions in the same week. Drama, improvisation and techniques for 14+. Classes lead to a production in Young People’s Theatre Week

(1 1-16 Nov).

0 THE ROYAL LYCEUM THEATRE is offering its ‘Upstage' theatre scheme free of charge to young people between the ages 12-18 as part of International Youth Year, for the

1985/6 season. This includes concessions on seat prices, cheap wardrobe hire and discussions with the actors and directors of performances at the Lyceum. There is also a Saturday afternoon workshop for writing and acting, leading to a project to be performed next summer. For further details ring Jane Ogden-Smith 031 229 7404.

O YWCA CENTRAL CLUB 7 Randolph Place, 225 4379.

Tomato Sauce Theatre Company (Children’s Theatre Workshop) Sats 10.30am—12.30pm for age 10—14. Membership £2.50 per annum under 16.


®pmw bat ooLLine on 03‘ side.

(D fold paper in two.

Cut out shapes like these an Hack fer, than“,

make Q is LLowc'eu Posfetk «t. 4‘ ° “‘11:

Everyone knows that witches and warlocks, ghouls and ghosts, are up and about on Hallowe'en, 31 st October. Broomsticlrs and bats have also crept in to malre this the spooIriest night oi the year. They have to make the most oi it, however, ior the next day good triumphs over evil on All Hallows, or All Saints, 1st November, a holy day. indeed ‘hallow’ means ‘to matte holy’ (as in ‘hallowed be Thy name’ in the Lord's Prayer). Beiore Christianity, in the old Celtic calendar, 31 st October was the last night oi the year.

Many ancient customs have become associated with this time, including bobbing ior apples, always imstratlngly out oi reach until you have water in the nose and ears! In America the game is ‘Trictr or Treat’, popular with ‘E.T.' who could join In. his unusual appearance going unsuspected amidst the children’s disguises.

Dur competition invites a little ghoulish Inspiration ior children up to ten years, during the hall term holiday.

9Lue Unem Onto a bi Whit: sheet of paper to

| What you have to do:

Either, told a piece ol paper in two, draw an outline 01 one side oi a bat, cut through both pieces and open up;

Or, make a spoolry poster irom cut-out shapes oi witches, ghosts or anything which goes bump in the night!

Prizes are being given by Theatrical Hire and Rainbow Joke Shop, 152-154 Parlr Road (comer oi Gibson St), Glasgow.

Two prizes in each section.

1st Prize: Ghastly Masks! Skeleton. Gorilla or Ape! (value £4.95).

2nd Prize;

Care Bear or Disney Masir or Machine-gun Waterpistol (value £2.50).

Entries to:

The List Haliowe’en Competition, 14 High Street,


EH1 1TE.

o HALF TERM nouoav 21125 OCTOBER ..\ A wide variety of events a " . activities have been organi '- d for the half term break by the City District Council. Sports activities include play sessions for the under 105, featuring for example ‘Marvin the Inflatable Monkey’ and the inflatable playland castle in the Royal Commonwealth Pool cafeteria from 3.30pm onwards, and beginners coaching in the following: squash, canoeing, badminton, fencing, fitness training, tennis, judo, rowing, basketball and gymnastics. Venues are Jack Kane Centre, Craigmillar; Meadowbank Sport Centre, London Road; Craiglockhart Sports Centre, Colinton Road and the Royal Commonwealth Pool. Prices 10p—50p, some weekly tickets Entertainments for the less energetic include: Rumpelstiltskin and The Princess and the Frog by the Edinburgh Puppet Company, the Edinburgh Children’s Circus, the comedy duo Tony and Derek and the Singing Kettle, a show of chorus and action songs featuring Cilia and Artie. John Shearer will be performing magic and the show Frank ‘n ' Stein is a send-up of the Hollywood myth by the All-Day Suckers. Venues are Portobello Town Hall and Thomas Morton Hall, Leith, with free guest appearances at Meadowbank and the Pool. On Wed 23 Oct, a ‘Junior Greenfingers’ session gives horticultural instruction to young enthusiasts between 11am—3pm at Inch Nursery, Inch Park, Old Dalkeith Road. Plant cuttings are given to take away so the experience can continue to grow at home. Micro computers, on which 50-min sessions can be booked, are now available in the following libraries: Muirhouse. Sighthill, Dundee Street and Leith. The variety of software ranges from games based on American football, through inter-galactic conflict back to educational packages. For full details contact your local library. The Emperor‘s Warriors exhibition at the City Art Centre, 2 Market Street is open every day 18—27 Oct. 20p for children. Special family view Suns 20 & 27 Oct IOam-12.30pm. Under 16, 20p. Adult 50p. (All adults must be accompanied by children, max. 2 adults per child). 0 For details on all above events in The Holiday Highlights Programme contact Recreation Marketing Unit 031 225 2424, ext 6632/6639. 0 THEATRE WORKSHOP 34 Hamilton Place. Circus Workshops tor the Schools Holiday Break Every day there is a separate workshop in circus/drama skills for children, exploring acrobatics, juggling, uni-cycling and clowning. Run by Haggis the Clown from the Edinburgh Children’s Circus. For age 8-15. 1.30-4.30pm. £1.25 per session.

0 Kids aims to provide into. about events in and around Edinburgh and Glasgow ior children and young people. Please send details not later than 10 days beiore publication.

The List 18-31 October 35