would be great to see Alan Rough pick up a winner‘s medal after all these years. but the Dons have yet to concede a goal in this competition and without Gordon Rae the Edinburgh side may be hard pushed to prevent Alex Ferguson picking up the one domestic title that has so far eluded him. (Live on STV)

GYMNASTICS Saturday 19

0 Girls under 10 G under 12 West 01 Scotland Championships Monklands Sports Centre, Bank Street. Coatbridge. 103m warmoup. 11.30am start. £1 Child/OAP 60p.



0 Edinburgh Civil Service v Kelburne Div 1. Muirhouse. 2.30pm.

0 Western v Menziehill Div 1. Auchenhowie Road. Milngavie. 2.30pm.

0 Glllnock Nth Eastbank v lnverleith Div 2. Shettleston Road. Glasgow

From 21 to 25 at this month, the Scottish Commonwealth Squad will undergo intensive training at the super new Gymnastics Hall recently opened at the lnverclyde National Sports Training Centre, Largs. The reason lor all their hard work is the torthcoming Commonwealth and Invitational Gymnastics Championships in August 011986 when the highest standard 01 Commonwealth and specially invited Scandinavian teams will compete. Gymnastics has sadly not been chosen as a sport tor this year’s Commonwealth Games, but this specialty organised event will ensure that top level Gymnasts will not go disappointed.

The present Scottish squad, which includes a mixture oi both junior and senior competitors, will be perlorming displays oi gymnastic elegance and excellence throughout Scotland in the coming months. All benetits from this will go towards raising tunds tor training costs. In the linal team selection, two groups 014 competitors (male and Iemale) will be chosen tor the 1986 event when, hopeiuliy, their hard work will pay all.


0 Watsonians v Perthshire Div 2. Myreside Road. Edinburgh. 2.30pm.

0 Uddlngston v Stirling Div 2. Crownpoint Road, Bridgeton 1pm.

Saturday 26

o Grange v Western Div 1. Raeburn Place. Edinburgh 2.15pm.

0 Kelbume v Wanderers Div 1. Greenlaw Drive, Paisley. 2.15pm. 0 Dabcock Renlrew v ICI Div 2. Moorcroft, Renfrew. 2.15pm.

Sunday 27

o Waverley Indoor Tournament Meadowbank. Hall 1. Start 12 noon. Final 4.50pm. Local teams competing, including MIM. Waverley and Scotland U—21 select. Entry 30p, inc programme.


O Kelso National Hunt. Sat 19. First race 2.15pm.

0 Hamilton Flat. Mon 21. First race 2.15pm.

0 Hamilton Flat. Tues 22. First race 2.15pm.

0 Musselburgh Flat. Tues 29. First race 1.45pm.

ICE HOCKEY Saturday 19

0 Glasgow Dynamos v Murrayiieid Racers Shawlands Ice Rink. Titwood Road. 5.45pm. £1.50.

0 File Flyers v Durham Wasps Kirkcaldy Ice Rink. Rosslyn Street. 7. 15pm. £2.50 Child £1.50.

Sunday 20

o Murraytield Racers v Dundee Rockets Murrayfield Ice Rink. 6.30pm. £2.50 Child£l .50.

Saturday 26

0 File Flyers v Streatham Redskins Kirkcaldy Ice Rink. Rosslyn Street. 7.15pm. £2.50Child £1.50.

Sunday 27

0 Glasgow Dynamos v File Flyers Shawlands Ice Rink. Titwood Road. 5.45pm. £1.50.

0 Murraylield Racers v Ayr Bruins Murrayfield Ice Rink. 6.30pm. £2.50 Child £1.50.



o Heriot's v Preston Lodge Div 1.

o Edin Accies v Hawick Div 1.

o Doroughmuir v Selkirk Div 1.

o Edin Wanderers v Glasgow High/1(er Div 2.

0 Jordanhill v Stirling City Div 2.

o Raddington v Royal Nigh Div 2.

o Clarkston v Musselburgh Div 2.

o Duniermllne v Portobello Div 2.

Saturday 26

o Edin Accies v Watsonians Div 1.

0 West at Scotland v Stew/Melville Div 1.

0 Glasgow High/lter v Ayr Div 2.

o Jordanhill v Edin Wanderers Div 2. o i-laddlngton v Stirling City Div 2.

0 Royal ngh v Clarkston Div 2.

o Musselburgh v Glasgow Acads Div 2.

_ "I We '1' or? 'v“ w "r C 1m", ""J ,1 " {Jr ‘. / éqmu 1“! ‘. ‘,1"'$4F1 it ., g. ,,. k” ' *‘ ’65."; "W “I; N m E. k. .I (In, I

Surl canoeing is a relatively new discipline (12 years old) which has rapidly developed since it was lirst adopted as a weekend tun pastime by riverand sea canoeists.

The relatively high volume kayaks prove unsuitable tor this sport because at their tendency to nose-dive into the wave. As a result, a new cralt was designed known as the “surl shoe' with an appearance similarto that of a Dutch clog. This boat is considerably shorter and hence more manoeuvrable than the conventional kayak and has a blunter upturned nose to overcome the submarine tendencies at its river brother. High tech has now overtaken this with a streamlined ‘surt ski' which

is used tor almost all sorting. Rather like a short surl board (approx 711 in length), the paddler sits on rather than in the cratt and is held there by lap straps, toe straps and an incredible determination. An arrangement ot skegs help the surl ski to 'grip' the surface enough tor the skilled paddler to simulate the glamour ot the Californian coast in a series at dramatic manoeuvres dipping through the wave and looping-the-loop.

The new style crafts couple with the high standards at the paddler make this well worth a diversion it you’re in the area so long as you don't mind getting wet!

Saturday 19 & Sunday 20

0 British Artlticlal Ski Slope Championships Hillend. Edinburgh (BBC Scotland, Sunday). Up to 160 racers. and team entries from Scotland, England. Holland, Ireland and Austria. The Scots won the team event last year and will be strengthened by the inclusion of former individual title holders Nicky Yates (captain), Sean Langmuir and Sally Harrison.

Monday 21 Sunday 27

o Heriot Watt Open Tournament Heriot Watt University, Sports Centre, Riccarton, Currie. Free (except for finals). Monday 21 . start of the graded events. Sunday 27. finals of the graded events. Friday 25, start of the open events. Monday 28. finals of the open events. 7pm. £1. This is the 6th year running of the

Heriot Watt Open, but the lst year of graded events being incorporated into the tournament. This allows players to compete at their own level. The top 16 will play in the open event, the subsequent players competing in B. C and D events. Sponsored by Campbell’s Prime Meats, the prize money amounts to £1600. Current champions Robert Forde (Eng) and Alicia McConnell (USA) will be fighting to retain their titles as the Scottish team (selected for the Cairo World Individual Championships) will be competing.

Thursday 24 - Sunday 27

0 Scottish Over 35 Tournament Over the last 3 years this official championship has been incorporated into the Heriot Watt Open schedule. Current champion John Hakes (Eng) will be competing.

TUKIDD Saturday 19

0 World Protessional Championships Bellahoustonv Sports Centre, 7pm.

The List 18-31 October 33