f 5 0 Dougie McLean Penicuik Folk Club. 8 pm. Great singer/fiddler/ guitarist.

0 Ian McNalr The Waverley Bar. St Mary’s St. Scots and Irish songs and as the night progresses anything from Tim Hardin to The Beatles!

0 The Barrie Band Bannerman‘s Bar. Cowgate 556 3254. This band has a floating population. Fiddle. small pipes. strings. flutes etc.

0 Jim Knight The Royal Oak. Infirmary St. 557 2976. Big singer.

0 Ceilidh Folk The West End Hotel. Palmerston Place 225 3656. Box. fiddle and whistle and perhaps more.


0 BBC Radio Scotland: “Tide and Island” 1.40 to 2 pm. Old and recent recorded music from the Celtic

. countries.


0 Bill Hill Edinburgh Folk Club. Osbourne Hotel. York PI. Admission charge. Very, very funny singer/songwriter who takes the mickey out ofbeing Scottish.


0 Andy Munro Queen Margaret College Folk Night. You have to be a student to get into this. Gentle singer/guitarist/one-man band.

0 Reverend Bros. Shore Bar. The Shore. Leith. Makes for a wild evening.

0 Alan Johnstone The Waverley Bar. St Mary‘s St. Good Scots and contemporary singer.

O Sennachle Bannerman‘s Bar, Cowgate. 552 3254. A new album out soon.


0 BBC Radio Scotland: “Travelling Folk” 8.20 to 10 pm. Hosted by Archie Fisher.

0 Saltron Summertleld The Star Folk Club. Carlton Pl. 8.30pm. £1. Saffron back for the umpteenth time. Very popular singer from England.


0 Ian Mackintosh Balerno Folk Club. Kestrel Hotel. Harlaw Rd.. Balerno. 8 pm. £2 (£1.50). Sincere singer from the West who is very popular on the Continent and plays quite a few instruments.

0 Shetland Fiddlers Society, The West End Hotel. Palmerston Pl. 225 3656.

0 David Potter Royal Oak, Infirmary St. 557 2976.

0 Iain McNairThe Waverly Bar, St Mary's St.

0 Lett Turns Session Trades Council. Broughton St Lane. All welcome with or without instruments.


FRIDAY 25 Edinburgh 0 Radio Forth Scottish Dance Bands 8 to 2 pm.

0 Andy Munro Hendersons. Hanover St. 225 4991. Just released a cassette ofhis own songs. all excellently sung and played with great backing musicians.

0 North Sea Gas Platform 1.Rut|and St. 225 2433. “I hae been a wild rover

O Ewan Fortar'l‘hc Royal Oak. Infirmary St. 557 2976. Blues.

0 Alan Johnstone The Waverley Bar. St Mary‘s St. Alan has played with Chorda and other groups in the Scottish Folk Scene.


0 BBC Radio 2 “Folk on Two" 6 to 7 pm.

0 BBC Radio Scotland : “Take the Floor" 6.05 to 7.30pm.


0 Radio Clyde Gordon I Iotchkiss‘ Folk Programme. 8 to 9 pm.

0 Hebridean Halloween Scottish Exhibition Centre. 7 pm. With fifth annual Fiddlers Rally. The Glasgow Caledonian Strathspey and Reel Society. Moira Anderson. Andy Cameron. and The British Caledonian Pipes and Drums. All tickets £5 from ticket centre. Candleriggs. Kings Theatre or Mitchell Theatre. Granville St. A

mammoth event in aid ofSabhal Mor ()staig (the Gaelic College in Skye). Book early.


0 Scottish Fiddle Orchestra Usher Hall. 7.30 pm. £3 and £2.50.

0 Erisky Ceilidh Band “Clock Out Summer" Chaplaincy Centre. Bristo St. 8.30pm to 11.30pm. £1.50. Tickets from the Fiddler’s Arms or 21 Castle Street or at the door. Benefit Dance for Family Care.

0 Liz and Maggie The Royal Oak. Infirmary St. 557 2976. Edinburgh‘s singing sisters.

0 Jim Knight The Waverley Bar. St Mary‘s St.



0 Session in Vicky Bar Victoria Bar. Bridgegate.


0 Christine Kydd Glenelg Hotel. Leamington Terr. 22‘) 6481. Christine coming back in from her rural retreat for an evening of women‘s songs. peace songs and well-loved traditional songs.


O Nobody’s Business Bannerman's Bar. Cowgate. 556 3254. Nigel. Dick and Donald having a good time.



0 Pentangle Greenock Town Hall. 7.30pm.

Chris Parkinson, Ged Foley, Jimmy Young and Iain McLeod make up the House Band. Individually they have years at music making behind them and as a group they are evolving a unique style that‘s not simply Scottish or English or Irish —the traditional acoustic instruments blending well with the electric guitar and synthesisers.

When Ged lettthe Battlelield Band he thought he was in tor a quiet lile, but he’ll have to dust oil the lllght cases tor, alter a short European trip, they jet out ol 3 Scottish winter to Indla, Slngapore, Australia, New Zealand,

Fiji, USA, Canada and Bermuda! Ho stranger to Australia is Dougie MacLean (he stayed tor some time on a

beach with some Aborigines who taught and presented him with a didgeridoo) who shares the concert with the House Band at George Square Theatre, Edinburgh on Saturday 19th at 8 pm.

Dougie sings traditional songs, writes his own, plays lovely fiddle and guitar and linds the time to run his own record company at Dunkeld. Tickets tor this evening oi line music are £2.50 from Canongale Music, Blacktrlars Street or £3 at the door (£2 cone).

One and only Scottish gig for the legendary group with Bert Jasnch, John Renbourne, Jacquie McShee.

0 Irish Music Session The Stage Door Bar. Gorbals St. 429 0922.


0 Session in The Fiddler’s Arms Grassmarket.

O Gill HewlttThc Royal Oak, Infinnary St. 557 2976. Powerful girl singer.




0 Session in Vicky Bar Victoria Bar, Bridgegate. 552 6040.


0 The Barrie Band Bannerman’s Bar, Cowgate. 556 3254. Lots of music in the back room.


0 Halloween lllght Edinburgh Folk Club. Osbourne Hotel. York Pl. Also 12th Birthday Party for the Club. All welcome.

0 Reverend Bros. The Shore Bar. The Shore. Leith. Lots oftunes and fine singing.


0 Alan Johnstone The Waverley Bar. St Mary‘s St.

0 Seannachie Bannerman‘s Bar. Cowgate. 556 3254.



0 Whistleblnkies The Star Folk Club Calton Pl. One of Scotland‘s longest lived folk groups with many fine players. Get along early.


0 Reverend Bros. Trades Council. Broughton St Lane. Sesson all welcome.

0 Shetland Fiddlers Society The West End Hotel. Palmerston PI.





0 Maria MuldaurQueen‘s Hall. 10.30 pm. £3 members. £4 non members. (see panel).

0 Spirits ol Rhythm Basin Street. HaymarketTerr. lnterestingTrad Band.

0 Jazz Machine Eglinton Hotel. Eglinton Crescent. 337 2641.

The List 18—31 October 19