Communicado. On tour (see Tron). Communicado Theatre Company have gained a reputation over recent years for imaginative and unusual productions and this latest is no exception. The programme tells us that Victor Hugo’s novel was Inspired by Gothic architecture which he believed ‘refiected the desire for llberty,’ and the production takes its cue from this.

0786 61081 . His Majesty '3. Aberdeen. 15—19 Oct. 0224 638080. (Tour continues. coming to Edinburgh 28 Oct 2 Nov. Glasgow 1 1— 16 Nov).

0 it's a Free Country Wildcat Stage Productions present their new autumn tour. a musical cabaret-comedy investigating the state of Mrs T‘s Britain in songs and sketches presented with Wildcat's customary measure ofsatire. Stirling MacRobert Centre. 4 & 5 Oct. 0786 61081. Dalmarnock Springfield Community Hall. 7 Oct. 041 556 2923. Govan Pearce Institute. 8 Oct. 041 445 1941. Maryhill Community Central Halls. 9 Oct. 041 332 9115. Cumbernauld Theatre. 10 & 1 1 Oct. 67 32887. Greenock Arts Guild Theatre. 12 Oct. 0475 23038.

C astlemilk Community Centre. 15 Oct. 041 334 4866 (Wildcat Office). Dumbarton Denny Civic Centre. 17 Oct. 37 62015 (Langlands Stationers). (Tour continues).

0 The Lucky Ones T.A.G. Theatre Company in Tony Marchant‘s

comedy about four young office


Written by Andrew Dallmeyer and directed by (tony Mulgrew, it tells the simple moral tale oi the innocent gypsy girl, befriended by the hunchbacit and destroyed by an unjust society and corrupt Church, in a series oi episodes ranging from the farcical to the fantastical and from the grotesque to the poignant.

The whole thing is delivered with

clerks trapped in mindless jobs and the tensions that arise. Tony Marchant is probably best known for his play ‘Raspberry'. Directed by Ian Brown, the cast includes Vincent Friell (of the film Restless Natives). Russ Elias. Blythe Duffand Bryan Cowan. Greenock Arts Guild Theatre. 4 Oct. 0475 23038.

Winged Norse onTour

great energy and humour by the cast, and Dallmeyer's witty text, though a bit wayward in places, is added to by some equally witty staging. Sandy Welch makes a wonderfully gormless ‘poet' and an irresistably demure Fieur-de-Lys, while Tam Dean Burn gives a strong low-trey performance as the sinister and lecherous archdeacon. Steve Kettley’s atmospheric and

Portobello Town Hall. Edinburgh. 5 Oct. Tickets from A & J Murray. 8a

' Bath Street. Portobello; Kennedy‘s.

201 High Street. Portobcllo ;The Porto Grill, 10d Bath Street. Portobcllo; Dept of Recreation, 249

' High Street. Portobcllo (3rd floor).

Glenburn Community Centre. Paisley. llOct.0418893151.

grainy “Gothic iazz’, slipping us through the production's swift changes in direction, helps evoke the mood which is light-hearted, yet uncanny, so putting across Hugo's concern for those like the hunchbaclt (a quietly effective performance from Gerry Mulgrew) who, unloved and unjustly treated, observe the truth.

(Sarah Hemming).

Cowane Centre, Stirling. 12 Oct 0786 790(1) ext. 301. Triangle Arts Centre. West Pilton Bank, Edinburgh. 031 332 0877. (Tour continues).

0 The Cry of Spain Winged Horse Touring Productions. following on the success of their play Tales of an Island People. present Robin Munro's Requiemfor the Spanish Civil War. The documentary drama. which has taken three years to research and uses original sources and new material. covers the years 1931— 1939. the cast portraying the people of Spain and using a wide variety ofdramatic techniques to try and capture the spirit and complexity of the struggle. Wester Hailes

Education Centre, Edinburgh. 4 Oct. 031 442 2201. Newbattle A bbey

College. Dalkeith. 5 Oct. 031 663 1921/031 4400352. Castlebrae High SchoolCraigmillar, Edinburgh. 7 Oct. 031 661 5877. Springwell House. Gorgie. Edinburgh. 8 Oct. 031 337 1971. Theatre Workshop. Edinburgh. 9— 12 Oct. 031 226 5425. (Tour continues).

12 The List 4—17 October