BABII Margate-based musician joins line-up for rst edition of new Edinburgh festival, The Great Eastern

‘It wasn’t always pronounced ‘bah-bey’,’ says the artist who goes by that name now, although she originally said it as ‘baby’. What’s her real name? ‘I don’t really use it,’ she smiles (it’s Daisy). ‘It means this project is pseudonymous, so people don’t search my name and nd my past projects which aren’t linked to it.’ Playing the very rst Edinburgh edition of The Great Eastern festival brought to the capital by the event’s original promoters in Glasgow, 432 Presents, alongside Summerhall’s Nothing Ever Happens Here BABii will appear with a diverse and thrilling line-up which includes Beak>, Free Love, Warmduscher and BC Camplight. Although her catalogue is slim so far, mainly incorporating last years ‘Hiide’ EP on Death Waltz Originals, her past experience as a designer, photographer and music-video director has been put to good use in constructing her new persona.

She was introduced to the dub producer Adrian

Sherwood (who has worked with Primal Scream among others) and he offered to produce her. They started work on her album, although she’s nished it solo; for an artist who plays her entire live show herself, the urge to just go it alone was strong. ‘The DIY term is hard, because I try to make things to a professional standard,’ she says. ‘But I do it all myself, so it is DIY. The background I come from is making all kinds of things, so why would I not do it myself?’ (David Pollock) BABii plays The Great Eastern, Edinburgh, postponed due to COVID-19 virus.

1 Apr–31 May 2020 THE LIST 79