From Edinburgh Fringe favourites to stars of Hollywood blockbusters, Arusa Qureshi selects ten comedy specials on Netflix to stream at your leisure

PETE DAVIDSON: ALIVE FROM NEW YORK Candid stand-up from the SNL hero, in which he dissects his fame, relationships, comedy work and more. In this special, Pete Davidson presents a genuine sense of vulnerability, placing a spotlight on his storytelling skills above all else.

MARC MARON: END TIMES FUN A pretty timely special from the comedian, podcaster, writer and actor (pictured), even though it was recorded last year. As cynical as ever, Marc Maron posits the end of the world in his trademark dark and pessimistic fashion, with reference to Nazis, evangelicals and the environment. TOM SEGURA: BALL HOG American actor and comedian Tom Segura’s first special of 2020 is a wonderfully uncomfortable hour in which he tells stories and offers advice on things like how to handle emotionally fragile people. The second special will be shot in Spanish this autumn.

BERT KREISCHER: HEY BIG BOY Bert Kreischer is known for getting profiled in Rolling Stone during his days at Florida State University, where he was awarded the title of ‘top partyer at the Number One Party School in the country’. This larger-than-life stand-up’s special is full of embarrassing stories, as well as anecdotes about family and parenting, all of which he delivers shirtless. TAYLOR TOMLINSON: QUARTER-LIFE CRISIS In her first hour-long comedy special, Taylor Tomlinson takes on life lessons, personal flaws and the joys of being in your mid-20s, ultimately concluding that they suck. Her self-deprecating, observational humour is not only morbid and very funny, but shows a maturity well beyond her years.

RONNY CHIENG: ASIAN COMEDIAN DESTROYS AMERICA! Crazy Rich Asians actor and The Daily Show correspondent Ronny Chieng uses his Netflix debut to offer merciless thoughts on life in modern America, breaking down everything from stereotypes to consumerism. Imagining what life would be like with an Asian-American president, his thoughts and evaluations are both witty and brutal. MICHELLE WOLF: JOKE SHOW The brilliant Michelle Wolf’s stand-up special from New York is all about her scrupulous studies into the differences between men and women. She goes after everything from woke culture and menstruation to feminism itself, with important lessons and dick jokes along the way.

BRIDGET CHRISTIE: STAND-UP FOR HER The English comedian and Edinburgh Fringe favourite filmed this special in front of a packed audience at London’s Hoxton Hall. Managing to keep the crowd enthralled from start to finish, Bridget Christie delves into the politics of gender, sex and equality with intelligent humour.

SIMON AMSTELL: NUMB A classic from 2012, Numb is a one-off special of the show Simon Amstell toured to sold-out venues that year. Cheeky, awkward and engaging, this sees the comedian ridicule establishment views and rules, while offering commentary on romance, disconnectedness and societal injustices. KATHERINE RYAN: GLITTER ROOM Canadian comic Katherine Ryan’s second Netflix special once again places firm focus on her charismatic and charming humour, highlighting her experience as a single mother. Analysing patriarchy and toxic masculinity, but also exploring womanhood and equality, Glitter Room is a confident routine, packed full of zingers.

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