Toast 200 years of Johnnie Walker with the perfect whisky highball

Johnnie Walker has a collection of delicious easy-to-make highballs that you can whip up in the comfort of your own home. 2020 marks 200 years since John Walker started our journey, experimenting with flavours to bring us the world’s best loved Scotch that we enjoy today.

To toast the occasion, we’ve compiled the perfect whisky highballs that you can make at home perfect for whisky lovers and complete novices alike.

FOR THE NON-WHISKY DRINKER Highballs are a great way to introduce those who don’t typically drink Scotch whisky. Johnnie & Peach is an easy-to- make cocktail, with the sweet notes creating the perfect fruity serve.

Simply take 50ml Johnnie Walker Black Label and pour 150ml sparkling peach iced tea over ice. Stir and finish with a peach fan and thyme sprig.

FOR THE GIN LOVER For those who normally opt for lighter botanical gin cocktails, Johnnie & Elderflower is a great alternative. Pairing Johnnie Walker Black Label with a touch of elderflower cordial dials up the floral notes of the Scotch whisky, creating a perfectly balanced, smooth and refreshing drink.

Take 50ml Johnnie Walker Black Label add 20ml elderflower cordial and top with soda. Finish with fresh elderflower and a sprig of lavender.

FOR THE SPICE LOVER Whisky and ginger is a classic combination. Bringing out the spicier notes of Johnnie Walker Black Label, a Johnnie & Ginger combines the gentle heat of ginger with star anise to complement the whisky.

Stir 50ml Johnnie Walker Black Label and 150ml Ginger Ale over ice, garnishing with a thin ginger slice and star anise for a sophisticated, spicy serve.

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