Q QUEER AS FOLK Relive the end of the 90s with the Channel 4 drama which tore a hole right through the conservative TV schedules. It probably feels a little tame now, but back then the torrid lives and loves of Stuart, Vince and Nathan, was a wake- up call to modern Britain. And it set creator Russell T Davies on the road to Doctor Who. All 4

R RUN A couple of former lovers (Merritt Wever and Domhnall Gleeson) drop their current lives to take an impromptu and wholly inexplicable train trip across America. Scripted by Vicky Jones and produced by Phoebe Waller-Bridge (who makes a cameo in one episode), it looks like the theme is honesty. Sky Comedy/NOW TV from Wed 15 Apr

S SLEEPY S A podcast for ‘the weary and restless’, A podcast for ‘the weary and restless’, which, let’ which, let’s face it, is pretty much of all us right no all us right now. Otis Gray, a baritone- voiced storyteller voiced storyteller, writer and radio producer from rural producer from rural Vermont reads old books of yore, such as Moby Dic of yore, such as Moby Dick, To the Lighthouse, and Heart of Darkness and Heart of Darkness. New episodes arrive every Sunday every Sunday, the sleepiest of all the days. This man will send you quietly to the land of nod. man will send you quietly to the land of nod. Guaranteed. sleepyradio.com

T THIS AMERICAN LIFE Hailed as a pioneer of the early podcasting era, This American Life has continued to thrive in an ever- crowded eld. Described by its creator Ira Glass as ‘true stories but not boring, I swear’, it has an enviable archive with some episode titles which get immediately to the heart of the matter: ‘Switched at Birth’, ‘Break- Up’, and ‘If You Don’t Have Anything Nice To Say, SAY IT IN ALL CAPS’. thisamericanlife.org

U THE UNDOING A violent death and series of dramatic revelations cause a rupture in the previously idyllic married life of Grace (Nicole Kidman) and Jonathan (Hugh Grant). Penned by David E Kelley (he of Ally McBeal and Big Little Lies scripting fame), it also features Sofi e Gråbøl (she of the Nordic jumpers) and Donald Sutherland (he of the white beard and being dad of Kiefer). Sky Atlantic / NOW TV from Mon 18 May


V VICELAND Under the creative tutelage of Spike Jonze, this is where some of the less regular online TV content resides. Enjoy the likes of Jamali Maddix ribbing the far right in Hate Thy Neighbour, giggle uncontrollably at the Italian Weed Grandma in Bong Appetit, and cringe equally as uncontrollably at the episode of Slutever entitled ‘Why I Own Anthropomorphic Monster Dildos’. viceland.com


W WOLF HALL Bookworms going Hilary Mantel-crazy with the publication of The Mirror and the Light, the conclusion to her historical trilogy charting Thomas Cromwell’s rise and fall. Hopefully, there will be more small-screen action to follow at some point, but Wolf Hall will always work as a magnifi cent standalone series. Directed by Peter Kosminksy, it stars the perfect pairing of Mark Rylance as Cromwell and Damian Lewis as the slimline- era Henry VIII. BritBox

X THE X FILES The ultimate in paranoia TV might just be the ideal viewing for those who want to detect deeper meaning in today’s medical emergency. Others might stay for the weird chemistry between Mulder and Scully. Either way, there are 11 seasons of the stuff for you to wade through. Amazon Prime

Y YOU It’s the stalker thriller that’s had people up in arms; though only long enough for them to click onto the next episode in gripped anticipation. It all begins with a seemingly cute encounter in a perfectly charming bookstore, before everything goes haywire, horrifi c and a little bit hilarious. Netfl ix

Z THE ZETA FAMILY An eccentric band of folk are holed up on a large ranch in rural upstate New York. Are they just a set of oddballs hanging out in the woods or is there something a bit more sinister and cult-like going on? Natasha ‘Russian Doll’ Lyonne is one of the voices you’ll hear on this ‘cast. Audible

Unless stated, all the above are available right now.

Wolf Hall The X Files

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