FRIDAY NIGHT DINNER Possible nal series of the Goodman family’s weekly antics

In a recent interview to launch the sixth series of Friday Night Dinner, Tamsin Greig announced that some of the goings-on in this batch of episodes left her quite shocked. Considering that her character Jackie has witnessed husband Martin (Paul Ritter) eat a casserole straight off the kitchen oor, wolf a tin of meat that was years past its sell-by date, and scoop leftovers out of the bin, that’s surely saying quite a lot.

None of which is to mention the dangerous pranks which the Goodman ‘bambinos’ Adam (Simon Bird) and Jonny (Tom Rosenthal) infl ict upon each other, or the ‘presents’ left behind by Wilson, the Belgian Tervuren owned by oddball neighbour Jim (Mark Heap).

Friday Night Dinner devotees have been in mourning since

the passing of Wilson at the end of series ve, and there’s much anticipation over what (if any) kind of dog Jim will bring round when he next rings the Goodmans’ doorbell to interrupt their evening meal. As Jackie is oft to quote, ‘it’s not a good time, Jim’. Hints have been heavily dropped by the cast that this might well be

the swansong for Robert Popper’s mildly anarchic sitcom, so best don some hard hats for the levels of bile, gore and excrement that are almost certainly about to be let loose in and around the Goodman household: ‘Shit on it!’ and so forth. (Brian Donaldson) Channel 4, Fri, 10pm.

1 Apr–31 May 2020 THE LIST 99