What we’ve been talking about We’re a nation of animal-lovers, right? So, we thought it was high time to mark Graphic Content’s territory with an assemblage of The List’s most esteemed pets, from teabag-chewing cats to peanut-loving hamsters. Cuties, one and all . . .

Here’s my friend Kacper’s dog, Piper. She’s three, loves leaves, cuddles and always wants to play. No toy that advertises itself as indestructible has bested her yet. As someone who used to be really scared of dogs, she’s taught me a lot. Rita Gold, Queen of Cats! She’s ten, loves Dreamies, tandoori chicken and mayonnaise. Her favourite pastimes are sleeping, climbing doors and meowing (badly). She’s an idiot but I love her.

This is Rosie, an 11-year-old Sussex spaniel, often found on the floor at List HQ being hugged by half the office. Loves almonds, buses and men singing in high-pitched voices. Not fond of big hair or greyhounds. Teddy is not impressed with much, and is a total diva. He’s gone viral on Facebook on dogspotting, but hasn’t let it go to his head. He has been said to ‘look Scottish’: it may be the frown he often seems to have.

This is Bella; one of our two Russian Dwarf hamsters. Bella loves apple slices, sesame seeds, peanuts and all of the human cuddles she can get.

We switched litter brands recently and Begbie decided to protest by weeing directly outside his litter box while staring me down in a ‘look what you made me do’ fashion. Still, he’s my best pal in the world.

This is Alan. He’s two and a Sprocker X human spaniel. He began life on a farm, his doggo parents and grandparents were trained hunt dogs, gathering up the grouse. Alan, however, was not made for such arduous tasks. The only time he’ll peel himself off his human of choice is to chase a ball. Willow is my sassy lil’ chubby queen. Named after Catherine Willows from CSI when I was nine years old (best show ever, am I right?). Fun fact: she’s partial to licking a Sensations sweet chilli crisp.

Here’s Popcorn, my plump ginger cat who likes to chew peppermint teabags and attack humans who don’t give him food . . . he’s lovely.

This is Bramble with her pal Ben who’s always got her back. Bramble is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and quite regal in that she does very little, loves fine dining (well, cooked broccoli) and totally leeches off the state (aka her ‘mum’ and ‘dad’).

Kálmán is my sister’s adorable black skinny guinea pig who is a girl with a boy’s name and whose favourite thing in the entire world is to chill in her comfy Poke ball. Sadly she recently lost her eyesight but definitely not her appetite and famous ambulance siren- resembling sound. This is Eddie, the sweetest dog in the world. He’s my friend’s miniature goldendoodle who I formed a special bond with. Eddie loves long walks and curling up on the couch beside you afterwards. He’s still back home in Canada and I miss his puppy dog eyes and cuddles every single day.

Meet Udon, a one-year old African Pygmy hedgehog. Udon likes late nights, custom Etsy bedding, mealworms and her own company. She is prickly to hold, not very sociable and a super picky eater, but is incredibly adorable.

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