Eyes Wide Open Seventh birthday for Holly and Sarah’s garage, psych and freakbeat club with two live performances, one from 60s psych band The Poets and the other from The Store Keys. Stereo, Glasgow, Fri 2 Dec.

Pressure Slam’s big budget techno residency shows no sign of letting up at their 13th birthday party with Vitalic (pictured), Chris Liebing, Radioslave, Sebo K, Surgeon, The Black Dog and Animal Farm along for the ride this time. Arches, Glasgow, Fri 25 Nov. Gasoline Dance Machine Erol Alkan plays on a fairly regular basis but GDM have scored an exclusive Disco 3000 set (think disco funk, synths and Balearic house). Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, Sat 3 Dec.

Plastikman This 1.5 tour will see Hawtin control all aspects of the show music, lighting, audio, visuals with guests Magda and Ambivalent. See feature, opposite. Barrowland, Glasgow, Sat 3 Dec. LuckyMe Hudson Mohawke packs out the positively tiny Sneaky Pete’s for an ultra intimate set of abstract beats and other electronic weirdness. See feature, page 56. Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh, Sat 26 Nov.

Witness Two amazing midweek shows as they host the Vision Tour (with Brenmar, Dillon Francis and Mele) followed by live doomy synths from Hyetal. Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh, Wed 30 Nov & 7 Dec.

Tictactoe Presenting one of the biggest DJs of the moment Frankfurt’s Reboot. It’s an early evening show, but we’re sure you can find something to do after. Winter Gardens, Glasgow, Fri 9 Dec.

La Cheetah Second Birthday A two-part celebration. Friday night is a Clone Records special with Dexter and Alden Tyrell, while the Saturday sees Alex Cortex guest. La Cheetah, Glasgow, Fri 18 & Sat 26 Nov.

Edinburgh Rocks Casino House heaven as some of Edinburgh’s best club nights converge for a good cause (The Sick Kids Foundation) as they take over a rather unique venue. The Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh, Sat 26 Nov.

Torture Garden Perhaps appealing to a . . . erm, how should we put this . . . ‘niche’ audience. as the world’s biggest fetish club returns to Edinburgh. Please note, fetish wear is compulsory. The Caves, Edinburgh, Sat 10 Dec.

54 THE LIST 17 Nov–15 Dec 2011


Normally a website featuring regular video interviews with DJs and artists, EQTV breaks out of cyberspace and into the real world with the first in a series of special parties. Their first guest, Hotflush label boss SCUBA, shares his current top five with us.

The first track they did together, ‘Swims’, still isn’t out yet but it’s one of the most recognisable club tunes of the year, however I think Boddika & Joy O ‘Froth’ (Unreleased) is much better. It’s a lot deeper, a lot more atmospheric, though still packs a mean punch. If there’s any justice it’ll be played just as much as ‘Swims’.

Next is Untold ‘Peaky’ (Unreleased). Some proper UK jacking business but with an Untold twist. I first heard it when he dropped it at our SUB:STANCE night at Bergain recently and had to run up and ask him what it was.

One of my favourite tunes of the

year, Beaumont ‘Lucky’ (Kinnego) should have been huge but seemed to pass most people by for some reason. Playing it in the main arena at Sonar over the summer was a lot of fun; I think it confused a few people.

I can imagine that it would’ve been tough to remix but Close have nailed it with their version of my own track, Scuba ‘Never’ (Hotflush) [unreleased Close remix]. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to reveal what or who Close is; all I’ll say is that you’re probably familiar with the people involved. Finally, Martyn ‘We Are You In The Future’ (Brainfeeder), seems like the perfect track to end Ghost People, an album which I’ve been into recently. The more melodic he lets himself be, the better he is; you get the impression that he really enjoys making this kind of stuff as well. (Colin Chapman) EQTV Presents: Scuba at Chambre69, Glasgow on Fri 9 Dec.