Fit O’ The Giggles Out With the Old City Café, 19 Blair Street, 220 0125. 8.30–10.30pm. £3 (£2). New talent night hosted by Keara Murphy, featuring fresh faces and the odd established act. Red Raw The Stand, 5 York Place, 558 7272. 8.30pm. £2. Scotland’s finest beginner’s showcase, featuring a bill of hopeful new talent and more experienced hands.

Tuesday 25

Glasgow Red Raw The Stand, 333 Woodlands Road, 0844 335 8879. 8.30pm. £2. A selection of new comedians join a professional headliner and compere. Edinburgh The Beehive Comedy Club Newbees Beehive Inn, 18 Grassmarket, 225 7171. 8pm. £2 (£1). See Mon 24.

Wednesday 26

Glasgow ✽✽ Daniel Sloss: The Joker Pavilion Theatre, 121 Renfield

Street, 332 1846. 7.30pm. £13.50 (£10). Fifer Sloss continues his epic comedy rise with support from Kai Humphries. Best of Irish Comedy The Stand, 333 Woodlands Road, 0844 335 8879. 8.30pm. £7 (£6; members £3). Jeff O’Boyle hosts, with Michael Redmond, Aidan Bishop and Ruaidhri Ward.

Edinburgh Beatnik Comedy @ The Tron The Tron, 9 Hunter Square, High Street, 226 0931. 8.30pm. £3 (students £2). A host of Scotland’s comedy newbies are presided over by a professional headliner and host Liam Withnail. Best of Scottish Comedy The Stand, 5 York Place, 558 7272. 8.30pm. £6 (£5; members £3). A showcase of the finest comedy talent from north of the border.

Thursday 27

Glasgow The Thursday Show The Stand, 333 Woodlands Road, 0844 335 8879. 8.30pm. £8 (£7; members £4). With Pierre Hollins, Gary Little, Aidan Bishop and host Vladimir McTavish. Edinburgh The Thursday Show The Stand, 5 York Place, 558 7272. 9pm. £8 (£7; members £4). Original clowning from Addy Van Der Borgh. Also featuring Jonathan Mayor, Rick Molland, Ruaidhri Ward and host Stuart Murphy.

0844 847 1740. 6.30pm. £15. Rescheduled date for the punk poet. Micky Flanagan: Out Out Edinburgh Festival Theatre, 13–29 Nicolson Street, 529 6000. 7pm. £19. Charming Cockney comedy.

✽✽ Daniel Sloss: The Joker The Pleasance Theatre, 60 Pleasance, 650

4673. 7.30pm. £14 (£12). See Wed 26. The Beehive Comedy Club Beehive Inn, 18 Grassmarket, 225 7171. 8.30pm. £4–£7. See Fri 21. Jongleurs Comedy Show Jongleurs, Lava Ignite, 3 West Tollcross, 0870 011 1960. 8.30pm. £15. Susan Morrison, Patrick Rolink and Paul McCaffrey. Foster’s Comedy Live @ highlight Highlight, Omni Centre, Greenside Place, 0844 844 0044. 9pm. £10–£13. Craig Murray, Benjamin Crellin and Jeff Stevenson. Friday Night Live @ The Shack The Shack, 119 Rose Street, 226 4311. 9pm. £9. Jojo Sutherland introduces her cream of comedy acts from across the country, with a house band and special guests. The Friday Show The Stand, 5 York Place, 558 7272. 9pm. £10 (£9; members £5). See Thu 27 for line-up, except Stuart Murphy is replaced by Scott Agnew. Dundee Milton Jones: Lion Whisperer Whitehall Theatre, 12 Bellfield Street, 08717 029486. 8pm. £17.50. See Thu 27.

Saturday 29

Dunfermline Milton Jones: Lion Whisperer Alhambra Theatre, 35 Canmore Street, 01383 740384. 8pm. £17.50. Bizarre, beautiful and bendy one-liners from the Radio 4 veteran. Glasgow Foster’s Comedy Live @ highlight Highlight, UGC Building, 11 Renfrew Street, 0844 844 0044. 8.30pm. £12–£15. See Fri 28, except Jim Park is replaced by Hannah Gadsby.


Friday 28 Glasgow Paddy McGuiness Saturday Night Live! SECC, Finnieston Quay, 0844 395 4000. 8pm. £25. Peter Kay’s pal. Foster’s Comedy Live @ highlight Highlight, UGC Building, 11 Renfrew Street, 0844 844 0044. 8.30pm. £12–£15. Angie McEvoy deploys her dry wit alongside Daliso Chaponda, David Hadingham and Jim Park. The Friday Show The Stand, 333 Woodlands Road, 0844 335 8879. 8.30pm. £10 (£9; members £5). See Thu 27 for line-up. Jongleurs Comedy Show Jongleurs, The Glasshouse, 20 Glassford Street, 0870 011 1960. 8.30pm. £15. With Jojo Sutherland, Daliso Chaponda, Mike Milligan and Smug Roberts.

Edinburgh The Friday Fix The Voodoo Rooms, 19a West Register Street, 556 7060. 6.30pm. £9. Comedy from Bethany Black, Damien Crow, Siân Bevan and live music from The Last Battle.

✽✽ John Cooper Clarke The HMV Picture House, 31 Lothian Road,

PREVIEW STAND-UP DAVE GORMAN Edinburgh Festival Theatre, Sun 23 Oct

When Dave Gorman gets a chance to look back on his career, he can be mightily proud to have pretty much single-handedly created a new kind of stage comedy. Even though he’s not sure what it should be called exactly. ‘They were narrative shows which somebody else called documentary-comedy which sort of made sense as they were stories with evidence,’ says Gorman. ‘They were themed, they were concepts: that’s fine. But I don’t think I could take those shows further, because it would have to be contrived. Now that I’m a grown-up, there wouldn’t be a real-life event that would start it and it would just be like shitting on my own doorstep to do a pretend, toy version of the real thing.’ Technological advancement would also put the brakes on such high-

concept gallivanting as trawling the world looking for 54 other Dave Gormans. ‘That started because someone disbelieved me that the assistant manager of East Fife was called Dave Gorman. If that happened now, you wouldn’t get on the first train up north, you’d get your phone out and say, “look, there he is”. You could plot it all out over the internet and what would be the point of that?’ The Stafford-born comic’s latest touring show, Dave Gorman’s

Powerpoint Presentation, is reflective of his less roaming working methods while still retaining a playful spirit. ‘It’s a hybrid. It’s not quite that narrative thing, but it’s doing stand-up in a way that I feel I can do differently and can play with people’s heads a bit.’ (Brian Donaldson)

A double bill featuring top Comedy Central comedians Every Tuesday night from 7.30pm (starts 20th September 2011) Just £5 (£4 students) per ticket Student prices at the bar 60 Pleasance, Edinburgh EH8 9TJ Book online or call the Box Office 0131 650 4673

20 Oct–17 Nov 2011 THE LIST 63