I SAW YOU Glasgow

I Saw You at the entrance of Strathclyde Union, Wednesday morning of fresher's week, you were cute blonde boy, staring at me when I looked at you, you smiled and I returned it. U/689/01

I Saw You Maggie. In stereo a few weeks ago and outside the Grove chippie the day after. You had a hula hoop and I was too lame to ask for your number. U/689/02 I Saw You Amaroo, with Hamish the dog. Lets go to New Orleans and eat crawfish gumbo x U/689/03

I Saw You sexy rockabilly, shaking it at Go Go Bad... I saluted you but you slipped away early - lets chat next time? See you Nov 11th @ Blackfriars? U/689/04

I Saw You at Stereo with your pint whilst you tried to see down my friend’s top. She would have found it funnier if you hadn’t poured most of it over her... U/684/05


. . . bukowski-reader on the 12:53 from Preston to Glasgow . . . did you realise the old dears across from me were ogling your ass every time you stood up? I was too. U/689/06

I Saw You licking my face at the Student Union - what are you - some kind of animal? Can’t wait til Hallowe’en when we can enjoy it in costume..! U/689/07

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I SAW YOU CONT. Edinburgh

I Saw You at Cloud Control gig at Brudenell in Leeds on 4th Oct 2011. Red top, jeans and beautiful face. I felt a spark, are you my match? Xx U/689/08 I Saw You you were the cute blonde who was eye- flirting with pierced bloke at the window just before we disembarked at Edinburgh 7/10/11. Missed you outside... U/689/09

I Saw You on Friday 7th October when flying to Heathrow from Dubai. You were Claire, cabin crew with the most amazing brown eyes and smile I've ever seen. U/689/10 I Saw You in the Hive at the Royal Ed, scabbing fivers and cigarettes off folk even though you are rich. watching the Open mic @ Dalriada in Porty on Sunday - lookin smokin' hot & bouncin' wi Shye Pie and Cyphon! U/689/11

I Saw You walking to work in Tollcross, man with the dreads you looked fine! U/689/12

I Saw You talking about The Smiths on the number 44 bus to Balerno. Again. U/689/13 I Saw You hunting for Mexican food Saturday morning... U/689/14

I Saw You carving a big giant pumpkin for Halloween - it'll be rotten by the time the 31st rolls round! U/689/15

I Saw You moving the chairs around the coffee shop for no reason, it was a dance of broken chairs and I laughed too much U/689/16 I Saw You getting back from your Florida holiday - Welcome back to the rain! U/689/17

I Saw You in the Hive at the Royal Ed, scabbing fivers and cigarettes off folk even though you are rich. U/689/18


. . . getting escorted out of Lulu on Friday by two burly bouncers. Shame on you. You still looked hot though! U/689/19

I Saw You opening your new Jewellery shop on Rose Street - See you for the opening on Friday U/689/20 I Saw You DJing in your own chippy - having a blast as usual!! U/689/21

I Saw You doing absolutely nothing at all. ever. U/689/22

I Saw You celebrating your 20th birthday in the Chanter! Classy venue! U/689/23 I Saw You singing Little Shop of Horrors - down on Skid Row... U/689/24

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