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How did you get that job?

Name Lee Beattie Job title Director

Company Wire Media

When did you start your job? I launched Wire Media one and a half years ago with my business partner Pam Scobbie, but I have worked in PR for ten years. So what does your job actually involve? Developing and overseeing our team’s implementation of PR, marketing and social media strategies for a mix of brands, events and talent including Glayva, Piping Live!, Marketing Edinburgh, Girls Day Out, macb water,, Nicola Benedetti and Heather Peace. Plus, Pam and I share the staff training, development and the day-to-day running of the company. I also still make the coffee.

Best / Worst Aspects? I still feel a real buzz when a campaign takes off and we secure excellent results for our clients in this job, it would be a worry to no longer feel that hunger. We also look after the PR for some wonderful restaurants like The Grill Room at the

Square and Rogano, and most people in the company enjoy new menu tasting. The worst aspect of the job (and probably anyone’s job) is being responsible for the company’s VAT returns.

Looking back, what advice would you give to a young Lee at the start of her career? When you are asked to make a stage announcement on the main stage at T in the Park in front of thousands of people and The Strokes do it. You will always regret saying no. I’d also tell her to submit her company receipts on time now that I have to chase this myself, I’d like to apologise to all of my past bosses. what has been your biggest achievement in 2011? The biggest achievement in 2011 is managing to turn a profit in year one of our business and achieving growth in these tricky financial times, as well as making some excellent staff appointments. Plus, I finally found a proper vintage Patti Smith t-shirt.

20 Oct–17 Nov 2011 THE LIST 125