: J O A O T U N A


MUGDOCK COUNTRY PARK Craigallion Road, Milngavie, 956 6100. An Evening with Mr Oscar Wilde Fri 4 Nov, 7.45pm. £9 (£8). Cow in a Raincoat Productions presents an evening of sparkling wit courtesy of the original dandy.

ÒRAN MÓR 731-735 Great Western Road, 357 6200. A Play, a Pie & a Pint: Juicy Fruits Until Sat 22 Oct, 1pm. £8–£12.50. Leo Butler’s play about two old friends leading wildly different lives who meet up for a coffee. The ticket price includes a pie and a drink. ✽✽ A Bottle of Wine & Patsy Cline Until Sun 30 Oct (not

Mon–Wed), 7.45pm. £18. Musical telling the story of the singer, starring Gail Watson and written and directed by Morag Fullarton (behind the recent stage adaptation of Casablanca). A Play, a Pie & a Pint: McAdam’s Torment Mon 24–Sat 29 Oct, 1pm. £8–£12.50. Irish writer Audrey Devereaux’s Gothic adaptation of the legend of Sawney Beane. A Play, a Pie & a Pint: Connected Mon 31 Oct–Sat 5 Nov, 1pm. £8–£12.50. Will Irvine and Karl Quinn author this play on the longevity of friendship. A Play, a Pie & a Pint: The Murder of Geoffrey Robbins Mon 7–Sat 12 Nov, 1pm. £8–£12.50. John and Gerry Kielty present a black comedy musical about murder. A Play, a Pie & a Pint: The Kiss Mon 14–Sat 19 Nov, 1pm. £8–£12.50. An encounter on a park bench opens up a series of questions in this new work by Murray Watts.

PAVILION THEATRE 121 Renfield Street, 332 1846. The Magic of Scotland Thu 17–Sat 19 Nov, 7.30pm (Fri & Sat mat 2pm). £13–£14 (£12). Back for a seventh year, this traditional Scottish variety show has some of Scotland’s top performers taking part, including The Alexander Brothers, Amber Ives and Clanadonia.

PEARCE INSTITUTE 840 Govan Road, 445 6007. FREE Miss Smith Wed 9 & Thu 10 Nov, 2pm & 7.30pm. A dramatised music and vocal composition employing traditional dance with a working class or folk background to create a gritty contemporary portrayal of life for single mothers in Scotland. A distinctively Glaswegian co-production by conFAB and Dance HQ, developed in collaboration with community activists. PENILEE COMMUNITY EDUCATION CENTRE 10 Gleddoch Road, Cardonald, 882 3309. Truant Wed 2 & Thu 3 Nov, 7pm. £4 (£2). See Castlemilk Community Centre, Glasgow.


list.co.uk/offers 116 THE LIST 20 Oct–17 Nov 2011

PLATFORM The Bridge, 1000 Westerhouse Road, Easterhouse, 276 9696.

✽✽ Mindwalking Tue 25 Oct, 7pm. £8 (£3.50–£4.50). Tanika Gupta

explores what happens to a family when an old Indian man slips into the first stages of Alzheimer’s, reverting back to the language he spoke as a boy in 1940s Bombay. See preview, page 110. Part of the Scottish Mental Health Arts & Film Festival. REIDVALE NEIGHBOURHOOD CENTRE 13 Whitevale Street Dennistoun, 554 5315. Truant Tue 8 & Wed 9 Nov, 7pm. £4 (£2). See Castlemilk Community Centre, Glasgow.

ROSE AND GRANTS 27 Trongate, Merchant City, 552 7575. Dually Andrews Until Sat 22 Oct, 8.05pm. £10. Andrew Agnew (songs, stories and panto magic) and Andrew Salmond (piano) guide you through the highs and lows of this queer old life. Part of Glasgay! Bottoms Up Wed 26–Sat 29 Oct, 8.05pm. £10. Join ‘Gram with a G’ on his gay detox as he deletes his Gaydar, strips bare and sings like a girl. Musical arrangements by Claire McKenzie and her ‘Gastric Band’. Part of Glasgay! Unhappy Birthday Wed 9–Sat 12 Nov, 8.05pm. £10. It’s Amy Lamé’s birthday and she’s invited Morrissey. But will he turn up to court the legions of fey outsiders and bookish fops that are his fans? See preview, page 77. Part of Glasgay! Non-Stop Cabaret!/Buffet Fri 11 & Sat 12 Nov, 9.30pm. £10. Amy Lamé presents a diverse cabaret featuring all your favourites, poet Drew Taylor, puppet mistress Leggy Pee and dancer Cherry Loco among them. Part of Glasgay! ROYAL CONSERVATOIRE OF SCOTLAND 100 Renfrew Street, 332 5057. Medea Tue 8–Sat 12 Nov, 7.45pm (Thu, Fri & Sat mat 2.45pm). £9 (£7). Students from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland present Liz Lochhead’s take on the terrible revenge tale from Greek literature. Part of a double bill of Lochhead works half price tickets for the second show when you book for both. Dracula Thu 10–Sat 12 Nov, 7.30pm (Fri & Sat mat 2.30pm). £9 (£7). The national poet’s adaptation of this classic horror is taken on by students of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

RUCHILL COMMUNITY CENTRE 671 Bilsland Drive, 946 8161. Truant Tue 1 Nov, 7pm. £4 (£2). See Castlemilk Community Centre, Glasgow. SCOTTISH YOUTH THEATRE The Old Sheriff Court, 105 Brunswick Street, 552 3988. Truant Thu 17 & Fri 18 Nov, 7pm; Sat 19 Nov, 2.30pm. £4 (£2). See Castlemilk Community Centre, Glasgow.

ST ROBERT’S HALL 160 Peat Road. Truant Thu 10 Nov, 7pm. £4 (£2). See Castlemilk Community Centre, Glasgow.

THEATRE ROYAL 282 Hope Street, 0844 871 7647. Essence of Ireland Mon 31 Oct & Tue 1 Nov, 7.30pm. £25.50–£27 (£21.50–£22). A toe-tapping mix of Irish dance and music, featuring a live band. ✽✽ Rambert Dance Company: Seven for a Secret Tour Thu

3–Sat 5 Nov, 7.30pm. £13–£27. Rambert Artistic Director Mark Baldwin’s new work, ‘Seven for a secret, never to be told’, in a triple bill with Paul Taylor’s ‘Roses’ and Henrietta Horn’s ‘Cardoon Club’. See preview, page 112. South Pacific Tue 8–Sat 19 Nov (not Sun), 7.30pm (Thu & Sat mat 2.30pm).

REVIEW NEW PLAY SATURDAY NIGHT Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, Sat 29 & Sun 30 Oct. Seen at Tramway, Glasgow, Sat 8 Oct ●●●●●

Vanishing Point’s lovely, imaginative 2009 work, Interiors, revolved around a disparate group of characters at a dinner party. As the audience were cast in the role of voyeurs spying through lit windows the scene was played out in complete silence, the characters’ innermost thoughts being relayed by a third party. This follow-up also offers a wordless peek into lit rooms, with intertwining narratives emerging gradually from the characters’ interactions, but this piece doesn’t deliver the emotional impact of its predecessor. The most successful elements of Saturday Night are the little human

details: the euphoria of moving into a new home; the exhilaration of young love; the dread and excitement of taking a pregnancy test. But where Interiors, in its quieter moments, offered a lucid, and deeply moving, insight into the loneliness of human interaction, this piece lacks direction, lumps endless ideas shapelessly together and feels overly preoccupied with inconsequential matters, such as characters not washing their hands after going to the toilet, while packing the scenario with the paraphernalia of domestic horror, nicked from the likes of Polanski’s Repulsion. Gradually the story fragments, mixing up present action with memories, imagination, dreams, nightmares and scraps from the radio and television, the shifting atmospheres beautifully conveyed by designer Kai Fischer. There are some eerily Lynchian moments towards the end as performers vanish to be replaced by spacemen and chimps, but this seems a heavy handed attempt at meaning in a show whose greatest pleasures are to be found in the everyday. (Allan Radcliffe)

£14.50–£42. Multi-award winning musical romance set on a tropical island during World War II.

TRAMWAY 25 Albert Drive, 0845 330 3501. Happy Days in the Art World Fri 21 & Sat 22 Oct, 7.30pm. £16 (£12). Two actors play artist duo Elmgreen and Dragset in a performance art piece that takes inspiration from Samuel Beckett’s Happy Days, Sarah Thornton’s Seven Days in the Art World and the duo’s own autobiographical experiences of collaboration, creative deadlock and career panic. A commission for New York performance art biennial Performa.

✽✽ Pass the Spoon Thu 17–Sat 19 Nov, 7.30pm. £14 (£10). Foodie

opera featuring vegetables, a dung beetle and a veritable who’s who of exciting contemporary Scottish talent: theatre company Magnetic North (Walden) are presiding over artist David Shrigley, composer David Fennessy and contemporary musicians the Red Note Ensemble. See feature, page 24. TRON THEATRE 63 Trongate, 552 4267. Days of Wine And Roses Until Sat 29 Oct (not Sun/Mon), 7.45pm. £7–£15. Theatre Jezebel presents the story of the shattered dreams of an Irish couple who seek their fortune in 1960s London. Love Hurts Until Sat 22 Oct, 8pm (Sat mat 2.30pm). £9 (£7). Some seemingly perfect new neighbours have moved in, but what are they hiding? A dark and

funny play presented by Random Accomplice. Part of Glasgay! A Song, a Sip & a Sandwich Sun 23 Oct, 4–7pm. £15. Cabaret afternoon with songs from the musicals, courtesy of Insideout Productions, and tea and sandwiches courtesy of the Tron’s Victorian Bar. ✽✽ Edwin Morgan’s Dreams and Other Nightmares Wed 2–Sat 5 Nov, 7.45pm (Thu & Sat mat 2.30pm). £11–£15 (£7–£11). World premiere of Liz Lochhead’s new play, in which a frail, 87- year-old Morgan recounts a series of disturbing dreams and nightmares to his young biographer. Part of Glasgay! Glue Boy Blues Wed 2–Sat 12 Nov (not Sun/Mon), 8pm. £9 (£7). The rite of passage story of a Glaswegian boy who enjoys his hallucinogenic past times, fancies his best friends and has a secret admiration for Judy Garland. Part of Glasgay! Lorraine Bowen’s Polyester Fiesta! Fri 4 Nov, 10pm. £14 (£10). Lorraine Bowen celebrates the 70th anniversary of polyester with this musical cabaret catwalk show. Just don’t get your lighters out during the slow songs. Part of Glasgay! Supper Club Cabaret Sat 5 Nov, 8.30pm. £10. Cabaret evening from Upstage with food included in admission. Little Match Girl Passion Thu 10–Sat 12 Nov, 7.45pm. £7–£15. Cryptic presents a multimedia interpretation of David Lang’s Pulitzer prize-winning choral work, including live music, dance and film work by Jack Phelan.