Rihanna The colourfully barnetted Caribbean R&B superstar plays two nights. Brrrum-pa-pa-pum. With support from the pride of Dumfries: Calvin Harris. SECC, Glasgow, Mon 10 & Tue 11 Oct. (Rock & Pop)

Adele Two nights of heartstring- tugging, big drama-pop from Adele, aka the lass behind hit single ‘Rolling in the Deep’. Usher Hall, Edinburgh, Sat 24 Sep; O2 Academy, Glasgow, Sun 25 Sep. (Rock & Pop)

Tindersticks Showing the films of Claire Denis (like Nenette et Boni, above) with distinctive live film scores by Tindersticks. (Warning: ‘graphic and intense’ imagery.) Usher Hall, Edinburgh, Sun 16 Oct. (Rock & Pop) Gold Panda and Dam Mantle (pictured) A dream double bill for fans of their experimental, leftfield electronica. See interview with Gold Panda, right. King Tut’s, Glasgow, Sat 8 Oct. (Rock & Pop)

Les Voix Bulgares A rare appearance from the spine- tingling folk choir, made famous by the the release of Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares in 1986 on 4AD. Usher Hall, Edinburgh, Thu 20 Oct. (Folk & World) Mazes Jangly, fuzzy indie rock, from the Manchester band who’ll soon be off on a US tour supporting Sebadoh. Sneaky Petes, Edinburgh, Wed 5 Oct; Captains Rest, Glasgow, Thu 6 Oct. (Rock & Pop)

Eastern Promise Two days of music, including To Rococo Rot, 7VWWVW, The Thing and more, plus an independent record fair on Saturday night. See preview, page 76. Platform, Glasgow, Fri 30 Sep & Sat 1 Oct. (Rock & Pop)

Martin John Henry and The Seventeenth Century Launch of debut solo album by De Rosa frontman and sometime Mogwai and Michel Faber collaborator Martin John Henry. Stereo, Glasgow, Sat 8 Oct. (Rock & Pop)

After Hours At The End Of Time A tribute to the whisky-soaked, seedily glamorous storytelling of singer-songwriter Tom Waits. Tron Theatre, Glasgow, Sun 16 Oct. Part of Glasgow Cabaret Festival. (Rock & Pop) Tattie Toes album launch A Glasgow four- piece combining Iberian, Balkan and Scottish folk with post-punk and free improv. Leith Dockers Club, Edinburgh, Thu 29 Sep. (Rock & Pop) EAT, SLEEP and BREATHE

Hailing from Peckham, signed to Ghostly, the ambient techno and IDM whizz-kid GOLD PANDA, real name Derwin Panda, shares his eating habits with us

What time is breakfast? Depends where in the world you are. Maybe if you’ve had a late show and you’re lucky enough to have a late check-out you can just sleep through breakfast and go straight for lunch. More often than not it’s 3 or 4 hours sleep max and a croissant at the airport.

Tea or coffee? Tea. I can’t drink coffee. Later in the day it makes me feel like I’m pissing hot glue.

Smoking or non-smoking? Non. I think even smokers would rather non-smoking and just go outside. Who wants a stinky yellow hotel room? Sweet or savoury snacks? It’s nice to have a sweet thing with a cuppa. No cup = savoury.

What food do you miss when you tour? The world is vast, there is always something you like. I don’t eat enough fruit on tour and I eat too much meat in Asia. I think I miss normal eating times breakfast, lunch, dinner. Who’s the best cook you know? That old bloke with the white beard and glasses that cooks chicken in a paper bucket.

What’s on your rider? Tea. Which country/ city has the best food? I can eat and drink and snack non-stop in Japan. São Paolo was pretty good, we tried some fresh fruit in the markets there and the taste was incredible.

Do you eat out a lot? I have to.

Do you drink onstage?

Yes. A beer and a water. Lately I’ve been trying to make one beer last the whole night. It gets warm. (interview by Claire Sawers) King Tut’s, Glasgow, Sat 8 Oct. For info and free downloads, see

22 Sep–20 Oct 2011 THE LIST 75