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The mighty Primal Scream have been announced as the headliners for Edinburgh’s Hogmanay this year. As they prepare to whip up a musical storm in the capital, The List wonders what we can expect on the night

A heroes’ welcome OK, Primal Scream are from Glasgow, but no doubt the Princes Street crowds will be happily bowing down to one of this nation’s most groundbreaking and brilliant musical acts. Screamadelica There’ll be hits from across The Scream’s decades of activity, but they will be dedicating a slice of the Hoggers festivities to a Screamadelica set, playing several tracks from the 1991 record that was recently voted the favourite Scottish album of all time.

Controversy guaranteed Few can forget the year Primal Scream replaced Kylie at Glastonbury in 2005. Frontman Bobby Gillespie (pictured, above) was rapped on the knuckles for calling the crowd ‘a bunch of fucking hippies’ and publicly slagging off festival headliners Coldplay for being ‘boring’. You have been warned. New album reveal Though he claims ‘nothing’s finished’, Gillespie has happily waxed lyrical about their new album out next year. A taster, you say, at this year’s party? Go on.

Bigger and even better With Glasgow focusing on more family-shaped entertainment, we anticipate the capital will up the ante as the go-to party destination. Wrap up warm and enjoy the ride. See for tickets and more.

8 THE LIST 22 Sep–20 Oct 2011

Mall tales

Comprising 22 stories, Tales From the Mall is author Ewan Morrison's innovative print and digital media mega-project, coming out through

Scottish ebook publisher Cargo Crate next spring. Here's an excerpt


O ne thing disturbed Les about her job in demographics: her workbook said there were 82 types of person in the world. Only 82. In her twenties she decided to prove this wrong and went through an ‘excited and dizzying’ period, dating many people from different places, in the search for someone, like herself, who didn’t fit any of the boxes. There was Taz (type F35), Shena (A8), and Flack (G42). She slummed it with immigrants and had a brief ‘amore’ with a ‘Symbols of Success / Global Connector’ who, with his pied- a-terre penthouses in several countries, BMWs, and share portfolios was a complete caricature of the Type A1 slash 2 that he aspired to be. But he’d kept an old Play-Doh model of Kermit he’d made when he was four, and Les found that redemptive. For a while. Her ability to empathise with and adapt to other people was unique. Her faces and moods, like her wardrobe, changed weekly, if not daily. Flared

jeans for one date, an Armani suit jacket for the next; a D&G dress for one, then Nikes and slacks for another. And when she talked to people from different backgrounds, although she did not like to admit this to herself, her market research experience helped in discussing the things they liked. She knew, for example, that E34’s used Ecover washing powder and supported Greenpeace, and that F41’s liked Star Trek: The Next Generation and read Harry Potter even though they didn’t have kids. It wasn’t that she was two-faced; if anything she was 82-faced, or 34-faced, that being the number of lovers she had in her twenties, as was fairly normal for people of her demographic type at this point in time. Scan this code with a smart phone to download the whole Early Learning Centre story and video of Rena the Cleaner or see



WHAT WE SAID: ‘[The] aural vistas are complex, progressive and always compelling. The result is a shimmering and optimistic tour de force.’ THE LIST WHAT THEY SAID: ‘Taking simple patterns and building into enormous sonic structures, The Quickening is perhaps the band's most impressive document yet.’ CLASHMUSIC.COM

‘With the follow-up [to the self-titled debut album], the amorphous group sound like a more structured outfit and less a mimicry of a technological recording process.’ THE SKINNY ‘This is truly an instrumental band who don’t need vocals at all there is never a time when you’d expect the music to be anything else.’ BOOMKAT