Support slots at enormo-domes like the SECC are never easy, especially as the crowd are often baying for the main event (in this case Pink). But funk rocker Gary ‘Mudbone’ Cooper should take it in his stride having worked with the likes of Prince and Herbie Hancock. So expect funked up blues rock with a dash of Jamaican rap. Well worth checking in early at the SECC. SECC. (3121890134 Thu 25‘. [119-4 8 Thu (3’0 NOV.

I Chaos Blood, We Shall Be Blessed, The Black Chain, Delay is Fatal and Cerebral Bore 13111 .\‘ote (2116.50 on King Street. 553 “138.8an £3. 1i\treme metal hand from llampxhire.

I Four Star and Echelon Ruekel'x. 14 Midland Street. 331 (173(1. Spin. £3. 1’unk pop.

I Junk, Columbus Road and Morgan Findlay The liquid Ship.

171 175 (ireat Western Road. 3.51 19111. Spin. 1‘ree. 1‘olk rock hand. hluex I‘ocket‘x and a ('anadian rocker pla} the 151cc ('and} Sexsionx.

I Ser and Estar 'I‘chai ()\na. 43 ()tago 1.anc. 357 4534. Spin. £3. .-\mhient electronica.

I The Bluetones King Itth \Vah \Vttll Hut. 373a St Vincent Street. 331 5379. S.3(1pm. S()1.1)()l“1'. See Mon 3(1.

I Red Snowman, In Ernest, We See Sophie and Backwater Rutm 'l’ 1‘iit‘e1.1_\. 3117 Hope Street. 333 14(19. S.3(1pm. l-"rce. :\|ternati\e pop/rock and grunge.


I The Sunshine Underground, Big Face and The Rushes ('aharet Voltaire. 3o 38 Blair Street. 3311 (117(1. 7pm. £7. The headlinerx are a dance guitar quartet l'rom 1.eed\.

I Marwood and The Remnant Kings llenr)\(‘e11ar Bar. S Ma Morrixon Street. 33S 9393. Split. £4. .-\1t.countr} rock along the \ame linex ax the Black ('roues l'rom Maruootl and \tlL‘tlllSl Benji Roget‘s.

I Band Showcase \VlltxllelitnkteS.

4 (i South Bridge. 557 51 14. 9pm. 1"rec. ('all in ad\ance lot‘ a gig.

Wednesday 22


I Dead Religion, Last Season’s Mistake, Hyaline Theory, Sooth, Untitled and My Heartless Apology '1ihe('athoti\c. l5 linion Street. 348 ()(illh. 7pm. £5. ()\er- 14x Silt)“. Screamo/metal line-up.

I The Killers ('arling .-\cadem_\ (ilaxgou. 131 liglinton Street. l1S7t1 771 3(1(1(1. 7pm. S()1.1)()l"1'. l.a\ Vegax

rockers adding a daxh ol‘ Springxteen to the mix \xith neu alhtnn Sum'x limit.

I George Michael Sli('(‘. l-‘inniexton Qua}. (18711 (1411 4111111. 7.311pnl. £411 £ [(11). 1‘irxt li\e outing in aeonx l'rom the \Vham? legend.

I The Bishops, Butterfly Bangs and The Wave Barl'l). 3(it1('1_\de Street. (137(1 9(1'.‘ (1999. Spin. £5. 1.ondon heat comho l'ronted h_\ t\\ in\ .Mike and Pete Bixllop.

I The Resentments 'l'lie :\t‘c11e\. 253 .'\rg_\1e Street. (1870 34l1 .3538. Split. £ 1(1 lath 1. £13 idoorl. .-\ quintet oli roots-rock

sidemen u ho ha\ e pla_\ed “illl the like\ ol

Bonnie Raitt. Bohl1}1ati. Kris Krixtollerxon and Johnn} ('axlt in their time.

I Rocketfox, New Day Rising, The Contra Band, Omniblob, Mocker, Ladder Coins and Rockburn Rtiekel‘x. 14 Midland Street. 331 (173(1. Spin. £3. 1’o\\ erpop l'rom Rocketl'ox

I The Sunshine Underground and Big Face King Tut\ \Vah \Vah lltit. 373a St Vincent Street. 331 5379. S.3llpm. £7. See Tue 31.

I Das Contras Bar Bloc. 117 Bath Street. 574 ()(l(1(1. 9pm. 1‘ree. litlinhurgh tour-piece. gt'oming on e\er}tliing troni trumpets to congax.

I Ex-Wives and Hospital Ship 13th Note (‘tt1-e. 51) (111 King Street. 553 1(133. 9pm. £3.:\1hiiii-st}|c‘ ril'l'olog) l'rom the hand l'ormerl} knou n a\ Star\ Kill.

I Some Young Pedro (‘la\\ie (irand. 1S Jamaica Street. S47 (133(1. 1(1.3(1pm. £4 t£31. :\e\theticall} pleaxing noixe onslaught lroin (i1;t\\\ egian trio pla} ing at the opening ol' neu. cluh night .'\erial\.


I Kim Edgar and The Bedford Falls 'l‘he Jttllt 11tillxe. 5 Queen Street. 33(1 43811. 5.3tlpm. 1‘ree. :\cot1\tic pop. tan and original L‘tilllpt1\lllt1ll\ on piano. guitar and mice l'rom local Illtl\le1ttll Kim lidgar. l'olloucd h} popular \oundx l'rom the Bcdl'ord 1";t11\.

I Emergenza The Jan Bar. 1 (‘hainhers Street. 3311 4390. 7pm. £5. 1.ocal \inger/xonguriter heat in 1111\ national competition.

I 94 Aurora, The Fabian, Recreational Homicide and All

Rights Reserved ligo. l4 l’icard} Place. 478 7434. 7.3t1pm. £(i. litlinhurgh punk. rock. metal and emo.

I Terra Surfa, Dick Dangerous 8: The Love Bastards and Rodent Emporium 11enr_\\ ('ellar Bar. 8 1m Morrixon Street. 338 9393. Spm. £5 (£41. ('omedy Still and good old rock'n'roll. I Harlem 75 and Kiddo \Vhixtlehinkie» 4 (1 South Bridge. 557 51 14. 9pm. 1-‘ree. Indie and rock.

I Megaw and Yesterday’s Ashes Bannerman'x. Niddr} Street. 556 3354. 9pm. £4. 1ndie night.


I Acute Riot, Spieler, AC 8. The Sound Social and Table 57 (‘apitoL 4(nS’ Sauchiehall Street. 331 lt14t1. 7pm. £5. Harmonioux. high-cncrg) rock'n'roll lrom Spieler plux rocking and punk} indie \oundx from the rext ol' thix lntliewux hill. I Hell’s Bells Rentre“ 1"ei'r_\. Anderston Qua}. The Broomielau. (11(i9S 3(it111S5. 7pm. £111 tad\ 1, £13 ldoorl. .'\('/l)(' trihtite hand \liake )iiti all night long.

I Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry and Horace Andy 'lihe .v\rche\. 35.3 :\rg} le Street. (187034117538. 7pm. £15. 'l'uo legendx ol' dtlh join l'orcex the eccentric heatxmcixtcr l’err} and the hone) -\oiced Horace Sleep) And}. See pre\ ieu. page ()4.

I Pink and Mudbone Sli(‘('. l-‘inniexion Qua}. (1S7t1t14l14t1t1l1. 7.3t1pni. £30.50. The crimxon-maned punk} pop chick get\ the part} Started.

I Beyond All Reason, One Day Remains, This Tall to Ride and Aerial Caused the Haunting Barl'l). 3(111 ('1_\de Street. (LS-711911~ (1999. Split. £5.()\el'-14\ Silt)“. Melodic metal quartet \\ ith dountuned guitarx. comparahle to the like\ ol (ilaxxjau and 'l'hurxda}. \upported h) Michigan metal hand ()ne l)a_\ Remainx.

I Big Hand and Bombskare .\'ice'n'S1ea/_\. 431 Sauchiehall Street. 333 (19(1t1. 3pm. £5. lidinhurgh \ka outlit celehrating on their Black’n'White tour. I Ciaran Dorris 'lichai ()\ na. 43 ()tago Lane. 357 4534. Spm. £3.

Singer/song“ riter promotex hix current alhuin (liming I)l'('(llll.\ Down (1 Dirt I\)()(lll.

I Just Jack The Suh('1uh. 33 Jamaica Street. 343 4600. Spm. £5. l'rhan \ounds from the \treetx (11.1.t1llt1t111 l'rom llllS l'ormer 1)] and 1}rical. poetic M(’.

I UK Subs, The Zips and The Repeaters Barl'l) ltlpxlttll‘xl. 3(111 ('Iyde Street. ()S7119117 (1999. Split. £8. legendar} old age punkx l'ormed hack in 197(1.

I Y’all is Fantasy Island and Zoey Van Goey Brel. 3‘) 43 :\xhlon Lane. 342 49%. Spm. l-‘ree. (hit to l’la} night l‘eaturing the ueird l‘olktronica ol'Yll-‘l and the l'olk pop ol‘ '/.V(i.

I Yashin, Synergy, Front Page Story, Last Season’s Mistake, Sepia and Hex Rockerx. 14 Midland Street. 331 (173(1. 8pm. £3. Varied rock hill.

I Evan Crichton, Beerjacket and Paul Alexander Motto. 13 King'\ ('ourt. King Street. 553 34110. 8.30pm. l~'ree. 1i\-l’ariah/Sk} at Night man launchex 111x neu mini-alhuni “1111 l'ellou' \inger/xongu riter \upportx.

I The Rumble Strips and Hi 5 Alive King 'l’ut'x \Vah \Vah llut. 373a St Vincent Street. 331 5379. 3.30pm. £6.‘e- al'lirming indie tunex \\ ith added \a\. trumpet and piano l'rom thix 1.ondon hand.

I Flokateers and Rainbow Sheep The Hall Bar. 1(i(1\Voodlandx Road. 353 999(1. 9pm. Free. Standard Lamp Sexxionx acouxtic night.

I Jack Butler Bar Bloc. 1 17 Bath Street. 574 (intro. 9pm. lirec. Stirling hand \\ ith Bloc Pain/Rapture \t} hug and linger-picked guitarx.

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