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The headliners are a new band featuring . the redottbtable Bel. and Wags lrom

Happy Mondays. pltis Glasgow-born

“Willi-*1 Munic'd Ward Music news that quite fancies one of

I Pflma' 5°"??"Pa "3° View and those Stannah stair/if! things. . Little Barrie SI;( ( . l'mnieston Quay. w , .

()870 040 4000. 7pm. £20. Bonkers ROCK A0310" Reqords are t0

Bobby Gillespie and his band 01' launch their own Singles Club .

Screamadelicists celebrate the this month, |nspired by the sub ' appearance of their back to basics rock pop Singbs Club the inaugural + JYROJETS . albttm Rio! (in Blues. . , . I Reapers of Hate, Archangel’s rem?” M" be by the_b98t ,

Revenge, First Republic, Liberty unsorted metal band In the UK .

Hunting and The Primary School Desalvo. The single will be limited

The (‘athouse. 15 Union Street. 248 editon brown Vinyl 7i". see

6606. 7pm. £5. ()yer- 14s show. Local www.mckaction recordsxxxuk

rock line-up.

I The Routes, TV Party, Bismarck, for more detafls' WGdneSday November

City Rain and The Tranquil is One time Melody Maker editor. B O 0870 040 4000

Soundhuus‘ Hydcpark SUCCI‘ head hOnChO at Plan 8 M89 and a" The album Ken's to the World is out nou. tuciudiug the smzies Break The Night Wzth Colour. 4659. 7pili. ()\‘CT- 1 ()8 show. ROCK round of Kurt CobainI .‘iiihic is Puuet‘ and Words Just Get in The Way For more info go to Tlf‘lidflittsliuroil cum bill.

I The Zutons Barrowland. 244 Everett True' '8 commg to do a plus guests

~ THE (iallowgate. 552 46()l. 7pm. S()I.l) couple Of spec'a' appearances to ()L'T. See Thu l6. promote his new book Nirvana: The I Dominic Kirwan Pavilion Theatre. True Story. The event will be part 121 Renlield Street. 332 I846. 7.30pm. book reading. part 08A and part

£15—£l7.5(). An evening of song with

Dominic Kirwan. ()ne of lreland's tnost Improwsed “v: performanlce undler 2006 popular singers. he includes ballads. loy'e “8 alter 990' he Legend He w'l

songs. Irish and country music and appear at Edinburgh's FOVeSt café

rock‘n‘roll in his show. on Saturday 25 November at 5pm , . . 7

I Lers Scott Project and at G'asgow’s .\ l l A [UCSKLI y l DCL‘CHTITCI. Pr”“““’rk;" 3“ N’nh. l'rc‘lcl'Ck 5W9" Tinderbox on Ingram street at 11am tis't IN (‘I(‘)\(il.ltl \\ l I ll llli I l l l ritualsxl ‘i.l\l l I' 7.30pm. l'ree. Soul. tunk. hip hop and . siiANt MALhUWAN .itm iiNt n si>iiit H stitcv .iittnt s llAHNtl v Lam] sounds from“, by [he dun-mum! on Sunday Nov 26. Entry Is free. DARRYL iiuNi ANDRE w RANKl N l’llll ll’ cut Vittlts', it HRY wootis vocalist Lewis Scott. The band are '3“ \““"“ H” l l "\l \I' H” l l‘ '1‘“ “"3

promoting their new album. Mm- I't't' ; g _ g

I Blue Sugar, Jack Glass, Debris and Soul Mover The Vale. 5 Dundas Street. 332 4928. 8pm. £4. Blues-based rock and metal.

I The Bucky Rage, Baby Jane and Dick Dangerous 8. the Love Bastards Woodside Social Club. 32‘) North Woodside Road. 337 1643. 8pm. £6. Sleazy rock'n‘roll sounds at this Starl'ucker night.

I Genghis Tron, Take a Worm for

d Monday 18th


a Walk Week and Vancouver has; Deluxe Barfly. 260 (‘lyde Street. ()87() 907 0999. 8pm. £5. Fast. chaotic and 2 We have a whole trunkload of ODS .

intense techcore onslattght from to give away this iSSLie so let's get the “3:93.123; ‘éflfl'fifl‘fnffi;"lln?fi TAWFAWW. described as Dillinger on With it and stop falling about. unusrntiitss out 11th necembei

liscape Plan meets The Locust.

I Raspberry Badger and Gamano First up the mighty Harmless

Blackl'riars. 36 Bell Street. 552 5924. Records ce'eb’a‘e In?” ten?“ .

8pm. £4. lndie rock. anniversary by releasmg their latest : . mjimumusic‘m , s .

I Engine 7, 30K, Lan Formatique (and arguably greatest) in the Pulp ‘: m-ml‘P“°-““‘""WW° i and Babyshaker 13th Note (are. Fusion series of compilations.


Friday 19th January

5.0410 King SW?“ 553 1638' 8:30pm- Packed With old school funk in the L4. Izlectrontca bill. encompassing

ambient. jazz and glitch influences. , trunk '1 [S the Soundtrack to the

I Kubichek! and The Heights King . blaxplotatton film going on In your Tut’s Wah Wah Hut. 272a St Vincent head. with tracks from Fred Wesley. Street. 22! 527‘). 8.30pm. £6. Geordie James Brown and plenty mOre. Not

headliners Kubicheklhaye already at a” similar but pant we"an If you supported the likes ol the l'utureheads {k m. f h. . "ME and Editors. I 8 IS son 0 t ing is

I Mika, Luke Toms and Down the } Presents: The essential Tiny Steps Nice‘ii‘Sleazy. 421 Bands. a double-disc truckload of G A M E T H E O R Y W O R L D T O U R Sattchiehall Street. 333 0900. 8.30pm. indie madness with the likes of

£6. Potential new pop sensation born in Kagablan The Killerg and Tm3 ’7 ’t‘ 9

Lebanon btit raised in Paris and London. F H. I r m .- I ; a 4' v t’ whose music has a Scissor Sisters disco V rate '5 Supp y'ng e nr'USlca ? '“ - t T ‘. “’ 7' a funk streak u, it. JOIIIGS. Finally. and despite the : SUNDAY 17TH DECEMBER . ‘e 1‘ ._V_ I The Missing Swimmers liury wonderttilly tin-PC cover. the Max ; ..;._.....ee.—.- .4... Q.- _,, Murry"s. ()6 Maxwell Street. 221 651 1. Power: Booty 3333 collection is Keep UnreqL 8.30pm. £4. including entry to post-gig two discs of surpnsmgly good ; l q 5 0w h e S cltib. PIUs other acts the at this weekly U w . . H . .‘ , - grime. hip hop. breaks and drum 8 t . n show case ol local indie bands. _ n \ ,1 I The Fortunate Sons The Butler”). bass deSigned to make y0ur molars 3 r G ’16 PO y—\® Q 0 Sat q JQCQMber qpm’3-n and the Pig. 153 Bath Street. 22l 77l l. rattle from the likes Of Sway. Lady ' n 3 8.30pm. Free. Acoustic t‘olk/rock/blues Sovereign. Pendulum. etc. We have

residency. I Kieran Docherty Beanscene. 38- 42 Woodlands Road. 352 9800. 9pm. Free.

live copies of each to give away. All you have to do is email us With a

Folk-tinged singer/songwriter plays name and address and Wh'Ch k Y tracks from his album lit/m'Iulimis. album you would like. Or enter

I'Mojo Rising The Hall Bar. 160 thrice for a chance to win all three. Woodlands Road. 352 9996. 9pm. Free. Send entries to musicrmnsycouk or

Hot blues action. b I t .C VI t I Suspire, Arcadia and Richard V p05 0 Omp' a '0”

Gorman Tron Theatre. 63 Trongate. 552 COnStemat'On CO'Tlp(9t'th"" The

4267. 9.30pm. £8. The latest Acoustic List, 14 High Street. Edinburgh.

Altair night l'eatures local atmospheric EH1 tTE. Closing date is Friday 1 r . i w ,i' .. till WE" {"9f'P'CE‘l“ TyrF‘x‘ffm”, w ,. , December. Usual List rules apply. i . cutscow Tickets Scotland, EDINBURGH Ripping, Tickets Scotland m “an” m“ u‘ L “W” "Md" 1 "‘k and all Ticketmaster Ticket centres. www.ticketmaster.co.ult

Floyd and U2.

16- St) Nov 2006 THE LIST 69