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French Hugh

Market Fearlessl AROUND TOWN Eats A Fri 24 Nov A variety [AT 5 09mm of stalls selling lots of Sat 25 Nov Hugh French produce. from chocolates and FearnIey-wmttingstal|’s new book :1 cheese to Clothes. See page 29. presents a global investigation into Castle Street, Edinburgh. food. See page 100. Bloomsbury.

, A Right Royal Rumpus

Thu 23 Nov Dress up and party for a good cause at this Madge vs Kylie and Prince vs Jacko charity extravaganza. See page 61. Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh.

Tool , , Mus": CI'ISIS

Sun 26 Nov Few bands can be as ambitious, political

COMIC Mon 27 Nov The

and far out as this galactic crossover Californian quartet. But Tool's proto— that DC have been bUi'dlllg “9 to 3” prog metal show is a truly ingenious Year- 't may be fanbOY'Or'entated but spectacle. See page 63. SECC, this will change the DC universe Glasgow. forever. See page 32. Titan Books.

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Tue 28 Nov The art His new album 0 o

world’s own Jeky” The Outsider is not

and Hyde makes his a veiled reference AROUND TOWN/MUSIC ' I triumphant return to scouand in this to Scottish bread but Shadow’s Thu 30 Nov St Andrew's Day celebrations made easy wuth must-see exhibition, Supemumanaturai most sonically splendid album two outdoor events. The Glasgow leg takes place on ice. See page 92, RSA Bui/d/ng and yet. See page 63. Carling Academy, See page 28. George Square, Glasgow; The Lawnmarket, lnver/eith House, Edinburgh. G’aSQOW- Edinburgh-

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