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Just wanted to say I enjoyed your feature on Blipfoto. I've been blipping for a few months now which is the longest I've kept any kind of journal going (previous record: four days).

A photo a day. It sounds simple enough, but Blip gets under your skin! I don't know why exactly, but it's something to do with the images always being fresh, and the fact that you can dip into other people's lives see a snapshot of what they're up to, what they're interested in. And the sheer variety of shots is amazing in itself.

Everyone I know must be fed up of me going on about it so thanks for giving more people the chance to get blipping!

Paul Readman

By email

There ’3 been a great response to our Blipfoto feature in

the last issue. Check out www./ and follow

the Blipfoto link, to see List readers’ picture diaries, and

to find out how you can set up your own daily photo blog.


I was shocked and depressed by one of your letters in the last issue, written by someone who wanted to complain about putting the photograph of Douglas Gordon on the cover, because he didn't in your correspondent's eyes look gorgeous. ‘ls this some clever arty subversion of media glamour stereotypes?‘ asked your correspondent. as if he thinks The List really ought

to be pandering to the usual cover shot ‘stereotypes'. Personally, I think it‘s a breath of fresh air for the magazine to put people on its cover if they are genuinely doing interesting

2 THE LIST 16—30 Nov 2006

What did you thlnk? Go

Shona Cameron Retail Assistant

It's really good, even though the older demographic are scathing. I love

the elephant.

The List,

things, and not just pretty. John Taylor By email


The Executive's concessionary travel scheme for young people is a huge let-down for students. Labour and LibDem ministers initially claimed they would introduce cheaper travel for all young people in full time education or training, but the new system that will start in January will apply to 16—18- year-olds only, and full-time volunteers up to 25-years-old.

Cheap travel for 16-18-year- oIds is to be welcomed. but many young people turning 19 will be in full-time education, living on shoe-string budgets and would really benefit from cheap travel.

This is yet another example of Labour and LibDems promising one thing but actually delivering something very different.

Students need all the support they can get. All those in full-time education. regardless of age. should be eligible for discounted public Uanspon.

Mark Ballard MSP

Green speaker on transport and Rector of the University of Edinburgh


I saw your latest cover and my heart sank. It‘s the beginning of November and you are already stuffing Christmas down our necks! I thought it was only the advertisers who wanted us to segue directly from the new consumer fest that is Hallowe'en. straight into the greatest festival of over- indulgence that the world has seen since Roman times.

E Scrooge

By email

rdon RSA, E

I ff: the elephant and the Robert

14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1TE or The List at the CCA 350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow G2 3JD

or email


I really enjoyed your Christmas Guide. but I thought you should have gone much further with the ideas about how to do it differently. I would have thought that The List's readers are exactly the kind of

serious about climate change. then The List should be spearheading the campaign to make everything greener and the orgy of over- consumption that is Christmas should be top of your list for change. End of rant: what

you DID publish was great!

people who would prefer ideas Ellie M

about how to break away from Glasgow

the traditional ways of doing

things. Most of all, there REALITY CCTV

Has the film Bed Road become reality? Perhaps you should investigate the extensive row of flowers behind 183 Petershill Drive? They are in clear view of the concierge camera! Has the ‘Iocksmith' been turned into a sort of gamekeeper? ANON

wasn‘t enough about how we can be more ecologically aware at Christmas. For example, why do we chop down so many millions of trees. and then dump them out in the rubbish two weeks later? Why do we waste so many millions of tonnes of wrapping paper? If we are

LOVE HARRIS, HATE FLYING RE: Travel to Harris (561)

Having enjoyed the article and feeling inspired by the beauty of the area, I was embarrassed and irritated to be advised that shopping for food is “expensive on the island, so take supplies‘. This really jars. If we enjoy and benefit from holidaying in a beautiful place. shouldn't we be prepared to put something into the local economy? Part of what makes Harris attractive remoteness. small population is what makes it expensive. and as visitors we should contribute more to the community than just some extra litter. And I really hope air travel was only top of the ‘getting there‘ section due to the alphabetical order. We should not be identifying the aeroplane as the first choice method of travel to anywhere in Europe. let alone the British Isles.

Annabel and Tom Crossley


We stand corrected on both points, and we solemn/y promise not to travel to Harris with any food supplies whatsoever in future. We could easily have pretended that the information on flights to Harris was included on an alphabetical order basis, but it wasn't. Sorry.





srnonc our GOES oow~ SMOOTH

dinburgh, Thu 9 Nov

Michael, Anna,

Warden ECA Graduate

Its all right. I liked i Personally my work

is very influenced

by moving images. | eSpecially appreciated the fractural aspects. An all round powerful experience.

De Niro bit best.



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