Events are listed by city, day, type then alphabetically by name. Submit listings at least fourteen days before publication to Glasgow listings are compiled by Sandra Marron.

Glasgow Thursdays


I *.* at the Buff Club. l().3()pm 3am. £3 (free). Weekly. Stevie and David rummage through their records to bring you all the good stuff. There’s the odd live band. so expect a lest of cclcctronica. discotechnocarcy and other vvords they‘ve just made tip.

I Calling All Disco Kids at Karbon. l().3()pm 3am. £5 (£3). Weekly. lleskey and Big Al drop hip hop and R&B vvhile Ravv B and liuan McLeod play student classics and hand out cash miles at this student night. Scott McKay plays house in the lounge.

I Club Olum at Classic (irand.

llpm 3am. £4 (£3). Weekly. Club ()lum have moved to nevv venue. the Classic (irand. Resident DJ Dirty Marc (Deathkill4()()()) is joined by live fun in the form of Cursor .Miner and Dirty Hospital ( H) .\'o\‘). Soon) T & Shoot the Messenger and Miss the ()ccupier (23 Nov) and Kling Klang vvith DJ support from lilcctt‘oclil (Paris) on 30 .\'ov.

I Crush at Queen Margaret l'nion. l()pm 2am. £2 (£l ). Weekly. New night vvith Xl-‘M's McSlea/y playing mostly bootlegs and mash tip throughout the night.

I F**kmyspace at (iuru. l lpm 3am. £4 (£2). Weekly. Indie rock and povver pop across three rooms vvith (irahame. Brian and guests.

I Fools Gold at the Bunker Bar.

9pm 3am. l‘ree. Weekly. (ilasgovv DJ legend CJ plays an array of electro pop and rock \y‘hilc l‘iools (iold mix up some indie and rock.

I Freakmoves at Cilasgovv School of Art. llpm»3am. £3 (£2). Weekly. l'ltra- line hip hop night for the students. vvith Dls l)ema and .\'ice.

I Freakscene at Polar Bar.

l lpm 3am. £4 (£3). Weekly. Brand nevv retro and alternative sounds from John l‘reakscene.

I Loaded at Bamboo. l()pm 3am. £4 (£3). Weekly. Mark Robb. Tania and friends plays funk and soul vvith rock'n'roll at this nevv student night.

I Radio Clash at the Sub Club.

8pm 3am. £5. 23 .\'ov. Monthly. London guitar maestro Just Jack plays live vvith Mash (XI-'M) and Mark Boom Monk Ben on spinning duties.

I Record Player: at (ilasgovv School of Art. l().3()pm 2.30am. £3 (£2). Weekly. 1n the Vic Bar. lli-ft Sean & llushpuppy play to an increasingly frenzied crovvd.

I Red Room at Bluu. l()pm 3am. £3 (free). Weekly. Brian d'Sowa and Jake play electro. electronica. house. folk. dub. hip hop. ja/z. indie and experimental.

I Rumble at the (iarage. l lpm 3am. £5 (£3). Weekly. DJs (ieri'y Lyons and Baby Brian playing chart. classics. anthems and requests. In the Attic. Paul and Steve play indie and alternative. vvhile in (i2 Andy vv hips up an R&B storm vv ith 7()s. 8()s and ‘)()s hits plus pop and chart in the lingine Rooms vvilh Nicola.

I Skint at the ('atliouse. l lpm 3am. £4 (£3). Weekly. limo. funk. punk. crossover. rock. goth and hardcore tunes from D] Billy Moat.

I Tunnel Classics at the Tunnel.

l lpm 3am. £5. Weekly. Simon l-‘oy and Lisa Littlevvood cook tip house and dance from past to present.

Chart 8. Party I flip at Cube. 1 lpm 3am. Free.

Weekly. They just love their hip at Cube. with its selection of old school pop and house.

Glasgow Fridays


I Beat Down The Up Set at (iuru.

l lpm 3am. £5. Weekly. Vital mix of nevv umlerground rock'n'roll. glitchy disco. post punk and dirty digital funk. lirec passes available at

I Brown Baggin’ It at the (iarage.

l lpm 3am. £5 (free £3). Weekly. The Attic hosts retro. Britpop and alt. vvhile the lingine Rooms play chilled out chart from every era. Brian svvitches the remote and plays everything from pop through to charts in the main gaff vvhile the (i2 channel spices it up with R&B and soul.

I Bunker Fridays at the Bunker Bar. 9pm 3am. free. Weekly. Tam (‘oyle plays the best from nevv and established bands until midnight vvhile Andy Wilson drops some nevv and classic indie favourites until chucking out time and that‘s novv 3am.

I Canvas Club at Arta. 9pm 3am. £5 (free). Weekly. Live bands plus DJ Joe l)eehan playing funk and party classics. I Electroball at Karbon.

l().3()pm 3am. £6 (£4). Weekly. lilectro night from Salon Boris DJs. David Sinclair (killer Kitsch) and Dominic Martin at nevv venue.

I Festival at ABC. l lpm 3am. £6 (£4). Weekly. liuan .\'ei|son does the honours vvith his bag of funky electro sounds and cross genre freeform mixing. pltts guests.

I The Friday Factory at (‘lassic (irand. l().3()pm 3am. £5. Weekly. Homage is paid lo Tony Wilson's Factory Records. the Andy Warhol era and everything in betvveen. lixpect to hear every thing from The Velvet l'nderground to Joy Division and Kasabian.

I Funhouse at Barfly. l lpm 2am. £6. Weekly. DJ Paul Needles and Alpha Mitchell spin psych. punk. soul and maximum rock'n'roll.

I Mixed Bizness at the Arches.

l()pm 3am. £10. 17 .\'ov. Monthly. Alter a year long hiatus. Mixed Bi/ness. the alternative beats and breaks night. returns and settles into its nevv home. liingathing (live). Boom Monk Ben and Spank Rock (live) play the first night.

I Monkey Puzzle at Bluu.

l()pm 3am. £5 (free). Weekly. Chris and Donald team up vvith Andy Pirie. Billy Woods. Andrevv Back and Derek for a weekly trip through electro. electronica. house. folk. dub. hip hop. ja//. indie. disco and rare groove.

I Mungo’s Hi Fi at the (ilasgovv School of Art. I lpm 3am. £7 (£5). 24 .\'ov. The boys present Lady Sttish vvith support from .\'afees and Soon) T playing dancehall. grime and dubstep for your pleasure.

I National Pop League at Woodside Social Club. 8.45pm 3am. £4. 24 Nov. Monthly. Post-punk. C86. indie-pop. laughing. good people. dancing. hearts on sleeves and in mouths. tears. kissing. hamlshaking and smiling. And it's their fifth birthday this month. so expect more kissing than Usual.

I Offset at Cube. 1 lpm 3am. £8 (£5). Weekly. Dance classics and luff house from resident DJs.

I Old School Funk at the Buff. l()pm 3am. £6. Weekly. (iordie. Jack and Craig play old school ja/x, and funk classics.

I Potency at Q Club. I lpm 3am. £7 (£6). 24 .\'ov. amchllOP (The Mashup Militia/Potency) blovvs your mind vvith a ragga and dancchall set plus support from residents Yellovaen/ene (Relapse (‘revv/l’otency/Radio Magnetic/Sub City Radio) and Revere (Planet D‘n'B Radio).

iii-7 Pressure at the Arches.

l()pm 3am. £I‘). 24 .\'ov. Monthly. liighth birthday party of techno and house vvith Carl Craig. Luciano. Slant

and Damian Lazarus. Craig Richards. ’l‘ransparent Sound (live) and Repeat Repeat (live) rocking the party.

I Rocket at Bamboo. l().3()pm—3am. £6 (£4). Weekly. House music from (leol'f M and Craig Lavvs. R&B and hip hop vvith (iavin Sommerville plus rock and boogie vvith Stevie Sole in the lounge.

I Shuffle at Cube. l lpm ~3am. £5 (£4). Weekly. Brand nevv l‘riday at Cube vvhere house. pop. electro. hip hop. indie and techno collide. Seismic at the Cilasgovv School of Art. l()pm 3am. £l3. l7 .\'ov. Ll-’(). the Warp Records cornerstone. Bjork and l)epeche Mode collaborator. and all round techno hero hits Seismic with support from Lory I) (live) (Rephlex Records). Jackmaster (Point.()ne Recordings) and Spencer (WireBlock/Numbers). See previevv. page 34.

I Spit Fire at RAT-'A. 9pm lam. £4. l7 .\'ov. Monthly. Soundtrack of nevv and classic indie. punk soul. Molovv'tt and funk.

I Tunnel Fridays at the Tunnel.

1 lpm 3am. £5 (£3). Weekly. Lavish house and urban llavas.

I Tusk Fridays at Tusk. 9pm—2am. £5 (free). Weekly. Classic house anthems from the early ‘)()s vvith Chris Bigu/zi.

I Vice at the Cathouse. l lpm -3am. £5 (£3). Weekly. 1)] Martin Bates (Xl‘M) hosts an indie rock party on level tvvo vvith tunes old and nevv. from Arctic Monkeys to Zeppelin.

Chart & Party

I Back to Basics al (ilasgovv l'niversity l'nion. l()pm 2am. £3 (free £2). Weekly. DJ 'I‘routlish takes you vvay back. mashing up the best old skool anthems vvith nevv' classics. cheese. dance. hip hop. pop. indie and R&B.

I Fresh at the Polo Lounge.

1 lpm 3am. £5. Weekly. Michelle and Andy are in charge of musical duties at the Merchant City club.

Glasgow Saturdays


I Bad Robot at the (ilasgovv School of Art. I lpm 3am. £6 (£5). Weekly. Residents Loosejoints and Stevie lilements host a night of quality music that cuts across the genre divides.

I Bamboo Fourth Birthday at Bamboo. l().3()pm 5am. £7 (£5). 25 .\'ov. For their birthday. all of their residents vvill play a selection of the club's biggest records in the last four years. (lift bags will be given avvay on the night. See previevv. page 34.

I Base at the 'l‘unnel. I lpm 3am. £8 (£5). Weekly. Chris and Martin llesketh. along vvith Chris Harris and Al Kent. vveave a line fabric of funky house and R&B at Mitchell Lane's finest dance emporium.

I Bunker Saturdays at the Bunker Bar. 9pm 3am. Free. Weekly. Xl-‘M's Mash is on hand vvith a nevv vveekly residency playing a bit of everything vvith a good bassline and an electronic holise tip.

I Cubeclass at Cube. l lpm 3am. £8. Weekly. Funky and vocal house from DJs Kris Kecgan. Scoot and Scally and hip hop and R&B from D] Andy R.

I Dance Club at the Hold (The Admiral Bar). 9pm 2am. £5. 25 Nov. Forward thinking freestyle electronic funk as Talc take to the stage for a live set.

I Death Disco at the Arches. l().3()pm 4am. £l5. l8 .\'ov. Monthly. l‘ourth birthday vvith four rooms of electro. mutant house and beyond. from the likes of the (ilitmners. Mylo. ()ptimo‘s l(i Wilkes. Linus Love. Scissor Sisters tour DJ Sammy Jo. and Daniele Baldelli. The Niallist and 2467 play live. and the Manhattan Project. lluspuppy and limergency's Andrevv Back support. See previevv. page 33.

The latest club news

“V; :

More New Year’s Eve info for any forward planning you might be attempting (remember these events sell out well in advance). Starting with Glasgow: perhaps one of the most exciting signings for Hogmanay has to be Hot Chip (pictured) who will be putting in a full live set at Optimo, this year taking over the Old Fruitmarket. ‘There’s not a lot of parties that we would do then as it’s nice to have the night off,’ explains the Chip’s Joe Goddard, ‘but an Optimo party is one that we’re excited about.’ Optimo’s brethren Subculture will be hosting the home game at the Sub Club (guest still the). Over at the Carling Academy we get the Back to the Future NYE Party featuring the usual suspects (QFX, Madman, Dream Frequency etc) and an exclusive in the shape of Industrial Strength legend Lenny Dee. Colours meets Hed Kandi at the Tunnel with the likes of Tom de Neef, Rob Wilder and Kate Lawler (aye the one off Big Brother). Disco Badger host the night at Bamboo with the best in electro, pop, indie and house. While the Garage and Cube present the best of their residents to see you through the bells.

In Edinburgh, Cabaret Voltaire is placing itself in the safe house hands of Ultragroove. Vegas make their annual pilgrimage to Edinburgh College of Art for their swinging Grand Hogmanay Ball. It's an AtterDark residents special. and there's more quality house down the Liquid Room. And there's another huge party taking over Ocean Terminal as Progression and Ministry of Sound are joined by special guests Sebastian Ingrosso and Chris Lake. Finally Huggy and the Stereotype Allstars will be taking over Berlin.

And just time to say a big congrats to the Cathouse, Glasgow, as they head for their 16th birthday (1 Dec) for picking up Scottish National Nightclub of the Year at the recent SLTN Awards.

16—30 Nov .7006 THE LIST 35