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David Pollock talks to Death Disco resident DJ Mingo-go as the club reaches its fourth birthday.

elebrating its fourth anniversary with a four

room extravaganza and at 4am licence. Death

Disco is one of (ilasgow‘s most exciting clubs. as much for its gaudy promotional material as its consistently challenging and leftfield line-up. Presented as a kind of pimped-up bastard cross between a Studio 54 disco fantasy world and an under-the-radar New York warehouse party. could any club premises contain such extravagance and underground aspiration as well as the Arches'.’

Initially riding the xeitgeist of electroclash and outliving the scene's death with a compulsive mixture of the club. rave and live environment together with a bundle of unheralded guests you never even knew you wanted to hear until you walked in the door.

The line-up for this birthday hash is about as eclectic as you can get while still appealing to the right cross-section of adventurous clubbers. In the main room (the Death Disco room. naturally) we are promised sets by Belgian cut and paste duo and

successful past guests. The (ilimmers. JG Wilkes of

long-time DD supporters ()ptimo. the club‘s resident DJ Mingo-(io. and a live set by (ilasgow‘s Niallist.

The Saltlick room will see guest of honour Mylo Dling. alongside his label mates Linus Loves and .\'fanhattan Project. and another live set by 2467. Scissor Sisters tour DJ Sammy Jo (another ex-DD guest) and flush Puppy will be in the Record Playerl. room. while Daniel Baldelli and Andrew Back take over in the Cosmic Room.

‘l‘ve been involved with every Death Disco since the first one.‘ reminisces Mingo-(io. ‘where l Dled

alongside Manda Rin from Bis and we had The (‘leaning Women from Finland live. That was an interesting night. they were kind of like a cross between performance art and industrial techno‘. A note for newcomers: it's not always this out-there. ()ther past guests have included lirol Alkan. Ladytron. l‘(‘ Kahuna. David Holmes. Lady Miss Kier of Dee-Lite and 2 Marty Dls with an utterly legendary first large—scale show in Scotland.

'When the club started.‘ continues Mingo-(lo. ‘the guys at the Arches just wanted to do an electronic— based night with a punk vibe. to include live performances and bring people to (ilasgow who weren‘t usually playing there. And to concentrate on having a good fun. party atmosphere. without trying to be cool or hip. although the club has now become very cool without even really trying. which is always the best way.

‘When the night started we were trying to do things which were fairly obscure but still cutting edge. btit it was very difficult. The live acts weren‘t working so well in the space it is a Saturday night. after all. and you're competing with a lot of commercial clubs so we moved towards booking more DJs. But the funny thing is. we can be a lot more obscure now than ever. because people know they're going to have a party and the music’s going to be great. It's the club‘s reputation itself which brings people through the door these days..

The Death Disco fourth birthday party is at the Arches, Glasgow, Sat 18 Nov.

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