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Events are listed by date, then type. Submit listings at least ten days before publication to for sport or for all other events. Listings compiled by Robin Lee.

Glasgow Eman-


Betfred Premier League Sli(‘(‘. I‘innieston Qua}. 0870 272 6600. 7.30pm. £I5 £I7.50. A Iiost oI vvoi'ld famous snooker players. including Steve Davis. Stephen Ilendrv and Ronnie ()‘Sullivan take to the table.


Dirty Gold 8. Rough Diamonds ()iie \Vorld Shop. 100 B_vres Road. 357 I567. 7pm. l‘ree. \'ivien Johnston oI I‘ili Bijou talks about the issues arising from unethical gold and diamond production. and introduces her ovvn ethical. Itixtir_v jevveller) collection.

From Elsa to Egypt Renlield St Stephen's (hutch. 260 Bath Street. 332 2826. 2.l5pm. £6; tree for students and RS(iS members. Barrie Brovvn reveals gems from the Ro)al Scottish (ieogi'aphical Societ_v's collection of maps and photographs.

Life and Death in the West of Scotland l'ltchrsll} oi. (ilasgovv. 33‘) 8855. 7.30pm. I’ree. Archaeological talk on human populations and burial traditions.


Cafe Histoire Napoleon Alliance I5rancaise de (ilasgovv. 3 Park ('ircus. 339 428l. 4.30pm. £3 £5. A discussion in French on the topic (it Napoleon. Justine Curgenven: Lite on the High Seas 'I‘iso (ilasgovv ()tttdoot‘ Experience. 50 (‘ouper Street. 'I'ovv iihead. 559 5450. 7.30pm. £4 (£3). The explorer and adventure Iiliiiniakei' gives a unique insight into her sea ka_valsing atid niountaineering expeditions.

Saturday 18


Miso Funky Market IIiIIhead l.ibi‘ar_v. 348 B)t‘c‘s Road. 339 7223. Want 4pm. Free. ('onteniporar} craIt lair brimming vvith knick-knacks to t‘unkil‘v )(iiii' Iil'e.


Antique 8. Collectors Fair Kelvin Ilall International Sports Arena. I445 .Al'g} Ie Street. “1704 05-1555.

10am 4.30pm. £1 (tree). Jevvcllet'). coins. linen. medals and antiques.


Scottish Rocks v Chester Jets Braehead Arena. Kings Inch Road. 886 8300. 5pm. £8 (£5). The British Basketball League campaign continues.

Monday 20


Epilepsy Scotland Art Sale & Auction 'I‘lie (ilasgovv Ait (‘Itib. I85 BatIi Street. 248 5210. 6 9pm. £|0 ticket I'or tvvo. Featuring over 50 of Scotland's aitists. including Peter Ilovvson. IiIi/abeth Blackadder. Robert Kelse). and also ceramics and ievveller).

Wednesday 22


Café Litteraire with Phillippe Meyer Alliance It'ancaise dc (ilasgovv. 3 Park ('ircus. 339 428I. 6pm. Meet vvi'itei' and sociologist Philippe Me_ver. and discuss Paris. La plupart serai en I'rancais.

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Activities & Events

‘Once Upon a Time’ in the People’s Palace People’s Palace & Winter (iardens. (ilasgovv (ireen. 27l 295I.

I 4.45pm. Free. The Palace invites you to tell a stor_v. To book contact John Savage. poetIII (0 btinternetcotn.


Cafe philosophique: que faire des réves? Alliance Irancaise de (ilasgovv, 3 Park (‘ircus. 339 428l. 4.30pm. £3 £5. Discussion en Irancais autour d’un suiet philosophique.

Activities & Events

Trees Company Bellahouston Park. Bellahouston Drive. 287 9000. noon 3pm. Iiree. Plant a tree vvith the Countryside Rangers to celebrate National Tree Week.


CCA Book Fair ('('A. 350 Sauchiehall Street. 352 4900. .\'oon 4.30pm. Free. A selection II'UIII IIItIL‘IX‘IILIL‘ItI Scottiin publishers. Iocusing on contemporary art. design and architecture.


Glasgow Green Party Winter Fair I.angside Hall. 5 I.angside Avenue. 632 0096. I lam 4pm. I‘ree. Stalls. rel'resliments and children's activities at this environment-sitppoiting event.


Scottish Rocks v Edinburgh Kings Braehead Arena. Kings Inch Road. 886 8300. 5pm. £8 (£5). (‘iIasgovv lidiiiburgh rivalr_v vvill be hard to suppress in this basketball lt'tthI} competition.


A dram‘s a dram for a’ that: The History of Scottish Whisky Mugdock (‘ountrv Park. ('raigallian Road. Milngavie. 956 6100. 7.45pm. £5. A talk and tasting of Scottish Iirevvater vvitli David Morgan. Booking essential.

Activities & Events One Scotland Ceilidh on Ice (ieorge Square. 7 I0pin. I’ree; ticketed. See panel.


David Hayman Royal ('oncet't Hall. 2 Sauchiehall Street. 353 8000. 1 2pm. £4 in advance; £5. ()ne oI Scotland’s most successful and vchI-respectcd actors saves his real passion for L‘IItII'lI} vvork. ScottishPower Planetarium Evening Lecture (‘ilasgovv Science ('entre. 50 Pacilic Qua}. 087I 540 I000. 7 8.30pm. £4.95. Join guest speakers from around the vvoi'ld in this astt‘onottt) lecture series. Booking essential.

ActiVIties & Events

Glasgow on Ice Sun 26 .\’ov Sun 24 Dec. (ieorge Square. 087l 200 3940. I0am l0pttt. £5 (oII peak) £7.50 (£4 loll peak) £5; I'amil} £20). A chance to perfect )otii' pirouettes as the open-air ice rink returns.


Hibernation (‘he (‘aiiiille. I43 Oxford Street. 07802 7202I5. litttiI Sat ‘) I)ec. Sat Stiii Ilaiii 6pm. Independent design exhibition inviting visitors into artists‘ and designers‘ bedrooms.


3D/2D Art, Craft and Design Fair Sat I8 8: Stir) I9 .\'ov. Roval (‘oncert Hall. 2 Sauchiehall Street. 66I 6600.


Various events, Glasgow & Edinburgh

Andrew was not Scottish. and what we know of his life comes from religious texts. Born a Jew in Bethsaida. Galilee. he and his brother Simon Peter were fishermen. and when Jesus came calling, he became one of his first (and closest» disciples. After JC's death the tale becomes hazy. with the traditional story being that he proselytised in what is now southern Greece. and was crucified on an X—shapeo cross to which he gives his name. It's the motif for Scotland's flag. of course.

Legend says his relics were moved to Constantinople. followed in the early Middle Ages by the removal of several bones by St Regulus. who. inspired by a viSionany dream. spirited them away to the ‘ends of the earth' namely Fife. where he was shipwrecked by what became St Andre‘i‘i’s. It's not the only stOry. but all versions show that national pride shouldn't be conflated with notions of racial or Cultural ‘purity'.

On this theme. the Scottish Executive's One Scotland campaign is lavishing St Andrew's Day ceilidhs on our two big cities. The One Scotland Ceilidh takes place on Edinburgh's Lawnmarket. and muSicians Shooglenifty. Dochas. Meishe's Bagel. Watergaw and the Maverick Angels star. Glasgow's version goes one better. as the One Scotland Ceilidh on Ice wobbles onto the George Square skating rink. with music from the Reel Thing. Last Tram to Aushenshuggle. Samba Y Bamba. Punjabi No 1. Right 2 Dance and Amy McDonald.

In addition. Edinburgh Castle throws open its doors for free and celebrates the tenth anniversary of the return of the Stone of Destiny. while a nmpr exhibition of Peter Howson's paintings of the anointed one. Andrew - Portrait of a Saint. opens at the City Art Centre in the capital. Somewhat confusingly. the previOus Saturday sees a St Andrew’s Day Rally led by the Stockbridge Pipe Band from Market Street to Festival Square. and a Post-Rally Gathering in Leith. with tunes from Fiery Jack and Gaberluii/ie. (Robin Lee.

I St Andrew '3 Day is Thu 30 Nov. See listings for details of each event: the Rally and Post-Rally Gathering are on Sat 2:3 Nov.

Christmas Gift Fair Sat 25 & Sun 26 NM. The Tall Ship at (iIasgovv Harbour. I00 Stobcross Road. 222 25 l 3.

I0am 5pm. I-‘ood stalls vv itli tine Scottish produce and hand-crafted goods.

DD4 Workshop Christmas Jewellery Sale Sat 25 is Sun 26 Nov. the DIN Workshop. I I03 Arg_v Ie Street. Mercat IIousc. noon 6pm. I-i‘ee. Designers Julie Allison. Iiiiiiiia ('Iialmers. lininia Kinnell and Nicola Morrison present their unique ranges of glittering adornment.

I0ain 5pm. £I. (‘onteiiiporarv designers. craft vvorkers and artists exhibit.

Body & Soul Fair Sat I8 ts Sun 19 Nov. Ro_val (‘oncert Hall. 2 Satichiehall Street. 353 8000. I lam 5.30pm. £3.50; vveekend £5 (£2.50: vveekend £4). 'l’i') the man} t_vpes ot‘ healing and therapies. bu} unique gifts and have a reading done. Books at the Botanics Wed 22 s Thu 23 .\'ov. (ilasgovv Botanic (iardens. 730 (ireat Western Road. 334 2422.

I0aiii 4.30pm. A popular book market in the IIopkirk Building.