Ubiquitous comedy duo David Mitchell and Robert Webb have come a long way from their early shows at the Edinburgh Fringe. Brian Donaldson catches up with the pair behind Channel 4’s Peep Show as they prepare to bring their live show to Glasgow.

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hey tnay well be the gentle tnen of comedy bttt interyiewing David Mitchell and Robert Webb is still an unsettling experience. The whole exchange is not unlike an episode of their glorious (‘hannel 4 success. Peep Show. Alter all. they do look almost exactly like that sitcom's social httlltxms. with Mitchell (who plays the saucer- cyed. dark-haired. plutnmier one. Mark (‘orriganl dressed in a checked shirt and light brown corduroy-based trousers. sipping tea. and Webb (who is the angular. lair—haired. scummier one. Jeremy ‘.le/‘ ()sborne) wearing a long-sleeved t-shirt and jeans. gttlping coffee and sucking on Marlboro Lights. liach time I look at them they are staring back at tne in the straight to camera. point-ol-yiew technique which helped tnakc the show fresh and exciting. As I ask my questions. I haye no insight into their internal monologues (the sitcom‘s other tnain deyice) bttt considering