our sweet-ass time about it.’

‘\\'e thought we eould get away with not writing it.’ offers (iass. '\\'e tried.‘

‘\\'e hired some top writersf says Black. ‘lt was along the lines ol~ 'li'mu'iuus I) Saws I/I(’ ('i'ly' (MAI/unit's. We thought it wasn‘t really our sense ol‘ htnnour. So we had to nose—to-the- grindstone it. and sat down for the years and didn‘t do any writing. Then in the last three weeks we wrote it with our friend Liam l.yneh



16 THE LIST '6. 1, u

(who also ended tip direeting the lilmt.‘

So. Blaek and (iass l'ound seriptwriting a dill‘ieult proeess. then'.’ ‘.\1e and Kyle.’ Blaek says eonspiratorially. 'we‘ll light a lot about little details. And sometimes I think he‘s lighting me just beeause he wants to win.’

‘llaye you eyer tried to haye an orgasm without l't‘ietion'." (iass points ottt.

'lixaetly.’ eoneedes Black.

‘:\II the great masterworks haye probably had a little bit of l'rietionf eontinues (iass.

‘.»\nywayf eoneludes Black. 'we started with a sentenee. This was the breakthrough. It jtist took us a long time to ligure out that we just haye to tell the true tale. the origin episode.‘

Returning to the present and setting the lilm aside. what we ean expeet from the 'l'enaeious l) eoneert tour'.’ ‘In the past we’ye been on tour. jtist me and Kyle with no produetion whatsoeverf says Blaek. ‘just to hoard as mueh ol. the money as possible. This time we're really going all out. We‘re aetually losing money on this because we want to do something for The l‘ans. It‘s going to

L‘I‘tl‘ 1.210.665

The movie follows Jack Black’s journey from kid in the town of Kickapoo, to the voice of “the greatest band on earth’

.5. L ‘l 3.3" ‘1 Q ' -. “5-. ~ .eh E ii

be better than The ll'u/l. It starts off in Kyle‘s apartment and ends tip in hell.’

‘.-\nd we piek tip a band in hell.’ (iass adds. ‘and we reekon. “lley. we‘re in hell. we have the ehoiee of any musieians".'

And who would their fantasy band eomprise'.’

“I’d go Mount on bass.‘ Blaek says. without missing a beat. ‘Baeh on the elay'ier.‘

‘()n drums I‘m going to go with the first eayeman.‘ (iass says. seratehing his bald head.

‘You‘ve gotta go Hendrix on the eleetrie.’ tinishes Blaek triumphantly.

We‘re baek to where we began. talking about roek dinosaurs. But while Blaek and Cass might be inspired by dead musicians. there’s no sign ol’ 'l‘enaeious I) beeoming extinct. lleayy metal Simon and Garfunkel or not.

Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny is on general release from Fri 24 Nov. The album, The Pick of Destiny, is out now on Columbia. Tenacious D play the SECC, Glasgow on Mon 11 Dec.