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Fill in the free postcards available from the following venues: The Basement, City Cafe, EH1, Filmhouse, Fopp Bar, The Street, The Pear Tree, Traverse Bar (Edinburgh), or The Arches, Brel, GFT, King Tuts Wah Wah Hut, Moskito, 13th Note, Tinderbox, The Tron (Glasgow).

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110 THE LIST 10» (30 Nov 9000


V I Saw You 6l't 4 in a pink babygrow breakdancing in Moskito. Boy, you looked hot! I.o\'e. Bannerman. [7563/1

V I Saw You in (‘ale ('osmo under the roses. So bright eyed. mingling with the celebs. Be my moo and haye my baby! Your (iitimus [7563/2

V I Saw You Wee Jenny McU. bouncing around withottl a care in the world. We love you. ('ome home! [7563/3

V I Saw You the bass player in I‘riends ()utreach Programme! tI’()I’l. ('hilling before the ()xl‘am gig (29/10/06) [7563/4

V I Saw You Fleur at the (ilasgow Hallil’lease forgive the way i have made you feel lately I really miss your sunshine. Neil. [7503/5

V I Saw You and hoping to see you again at leaying party in Noy. back in the place we lirst met. Will you be making special seafood salad'.’ The one you were making when you first blew me oII'.’ Hoping to end the night similarly to how we did that lirst time. [7563/6 V I Saw You dressed as a sexy [HEW minstrel at the Art School on 37/10. You lloated my boat and twiddled my moustache. you're a love \‘lll- ture and preyed on my heart! XXX [7563/7

V I Saw You blonde barber biker on I’ollokshaws Road. You can run your hands through my locks anytime... [7563/8

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V I Saw You at the Islay .liI/l festival and the Melting Pot gig. You: just back from Peru. me: geeing you up on the dance- floor. We shared trayel sto-

ries. . .would you like to chat tttore'.’ [.7563/9

VI Saw You (‘SIzLeith forensics guy at The ()uthouse. You took the piss. despite the last club you went to being I’ure. I took your advice so I'm due you a drink. [7563/10

V I Saw You. my gorgeous man on top of bald redhead. blowing bubbles to make me giggle. I loye you kiddo. Jojo XXX [7563/11

V I Saw You gingembre god o' (irooyitttde stepping outta the shadows on a scandelous Saturday night. 'I‘hanx for being there molt pelil chick pols! Meet ya for some voodoo magic anytime. gingersnap! [7563/12

V I Saw You in Po Na Na on 23/10. You were Irish.a 2nd yr student liying near (‘argo bar. 1 was wearing denim skirt. black '1‘. We talked but I left early. Would like to see you again! [7563/13

V I Saw You on (‘ockburn Street. asking something into someone‘s car I liayen't seen you in ages! Missing

ya. . .gonna dress up as Madonna with me'.’ We haven't done I Saw Yotis since cloak- room wars. will haye to be shop assistant war now. Love ya xxx [7563/1-1


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XXX ADULT EAVESDROP 9.91.19 9.5.39. 31?.

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