This page lists a selection

of organisation which provide expert health, advice and support in Glasgow and Edinburgh. The List acknowledges the support of the Scottish Executive in funding the Engage section

Alcohol 8. Narcotics

Glasgow & Strathclyde

Alcoholics Anonymous 50 Wellington Street. 226 2214. Mon-I'ri 9am-5pm: 0845 769 7555 (24 hours). (iroup support to help tackle alcohol problems. Drug Problem Service \Voodside Health Centre. Barr Street. (ilasgow. 0141 531 9254.

Dumbarton Area Council on Alcohol 82 I)umbarton Road. Clydebank. 952 0881/01389 731 456. (ieneral information and advice including one-to-one counselling for young people. East Addiction Service 871 Springfield Road. (ilasgow. 0141 565 0200.

East Dunbartonshire Addiction Service [hit 20. I‘ra/er House Kirkintilloch. 0141 588 5143. Glasgow City Council Addiction Partnership A city-wide range of services. including specific strpport for yottng people involved in drtrg and alcohol trse. Glasgow Council on Alcohol 7th Floor. Newton Ilouse. 457 Satrchiehall Street. 0141 35.3 1800. Information. advice and one-to-one counselling for those affected by alcohol. Glasgow Drugs Crisis Centre 123 West Street. 0141 420 6969. Help. advice. rehab. detox and needle exchange. wvvvv.turningpointscotlandcom lnverclyde Counselling Service, 2A Newton Street, Greenock. Helpline 0845 230 0038. Advice. information and support on alcohol and alcohol related issues. wwwrenfrew

RCA Trust Mirrcn House. Back Sneddon Street. Paisley. 0141 887 0880. Helpline 0845 230 0038. Advice. information and support on alcohol and related issues.


Edinburgh & Lothian

Alcoholics Anonymous 38 (‘oekburn Street. 0| 31 225 6090 (call for local meeting times; 0845 769 7555 124 hours). (iroup support to help tackle alcohol problems.

The Chrysalis Project 9 I'th'L‘SI Road. 0131 226 5453. An offshot of Turning Point. offering help and support for drug

Community Drug Problem Service 24 Spittal Street. Iidinburgh. 0131 537 8345

Crew 2000 32 (’ockburn Street. 0131 220 3404. Mon-Sat l-5pm: Thu 4-8pm. Information and friendly advice on drugs and sextral health. from trained workers. www.crew2l)

Edinburgh & Lothian Council on Alcohol 6 Clifton Terrace. 0131 337 8188. Information. advice and support on alcohol-related issues. Turning Point 44 Hanover Street. 0131 226 0830; 3 Smith's Place. 0131 554 7516. Mon-I’ri 9.3()am~5.30pm. ()ne-to- one counselling for addicts and support for their families. Turning Point Scotland aims to tackle social exclusion by providing customised community care packages for people who have been excluded as a result of drug or alcohol misuse. among other things.


West Lothian Drug and Alcohol Service 43 Adelaide Street. Craigshill. Livingston. 01506 430 225. Counselling. help in dealing with family issues and help in working towards employment opportunities. West Lothian Youth Action Project c/o Community House. 33 Aller Place. Iiliburn. Livingston. 01506 461 588. l‘riendly advice and information about substance misuse. for young people.


Alcohol Focus Scotland 166 Buchanan Street. Glasgow. 0141 572 6700. Accessible information for people seeking advice about alcohol issues. Cocaine Anonymous 020 7284 l 123. A fully independent organisation of men and women who share their experiences with each other so that they tnay solve their common problem and help others to recover from their addiction. Not affiliated to Alcoholics Anonymous. but uses a similar Twelve Step programme.

Crimestoppers 0800 555 1 l l. Drinkline 0800 917 8282. open seven days a week. Free information and support.

Drug Misuse Information Strategy Team 0131 551 8532 www.drugmisuse.isdscotlandorg Families Anonymous Helpline 0845 I200 660.

Know The Score 0800 587 5879. Confidential infortnation on drugs. available 24 hours a day. seven days a week. Calls made from a landline are free and will not show up on a phone bill. Calls made from a mobile phone vary in cost depending on network and may show tip on your bill. The website offers plenty of advice and information on dnrgs. and contact details for local support services.

Narcotics Anonymous Scotland 07071 248 710. Narcotics Anonymous UK Ilelpline 0207 730 0009.

NHS Health Scotland 0131 536 5500. Helpline 0800 224 488. Information and resources to support health improvement practitioners and organisations working to improve Scotland's health. Includes advice on a wide range of topics including tobacco. alcohol. and healthy living. wwwbealthscotIandcorn

Parents Against Drugs Abuse Helpline: 08457 023 867.

Scotland Against Drugs Campaign 0141 331 6150. Scottish Drug Enforcement Agency 0141 302 l 100 www.scottish.

Scottish Executive Substance Misuse Division (1131 244 2208 Scottish Drugs Forum 0141 221

l 175.

Smokeline 0800 84 84 84. Also quit line: 080000 22 ()0. Encouragement and support for people who are trying to stop smoking tobacco or cannabis.

Society for the Prevention of Solvent and Volatile Substance Abuse 01506 881 498.

Sexual Health

Glasgow & Strathclyde

Body Positive Strathclyde

9 Sandyford Place. Sauchiehall Street. 0141 248 9285. Drop-in centre open Mon. Wed. Iiri. 9am-5pm; Tue & Thu. I lam- 8pm. Information and support for people who are HIV positive. vvwvv.b( Genito-Urinary Medicine Clinic (GUM Clinic) The Sandyford Initiative. 2-6 Sandyford Place. Sauchiehall Street. 0141 21 1 8601. (.‘ontidential advice and testing for sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS. Drop-in clinics Mon-Fri 8.30- 10am. By appointment at other times. Mon-I-‘ri until 7pm.

Glasgow Rape Crisis Centre 0141 552 3200. Tue. Wed. Sun. 7-9pm; Thu 1- 3pm. Free and confidential service offering information and support to women and girls who have suffered - or feel in danger of - sexual abuse or assault. Lanarkshire Rape Crisis Centre Brandon House Business Centre. 25 Brandon Street.Hamilton. 01698 527 003 Monday l-3pm. Tue 6-8.30pm. Wed 1- 3pm.

Edinburgh & Lothian Genito-Urlnary Medicine Clinic (GUM Clinic) Lauriston Building. Lauriston Place. Appointments: men 0131 536 2103; women 0131 536 2104. By appointment at other times. Mon-Fri until 7pm. Confidential dvice and testing for sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS. [)rop-in clinics Mon-Fri 8.30- l0am. By appointment at other times. Edinburgh Women’s Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre 0131 556 9437. Telephone advice is available for two hours most aftemoons/early evenings. Times are advertised on recorded message.


National AIDS Helpline 0800 567 123. Sexwise 0800 282 930. 7am-midnight. Information and advice on sexuality and sexual health for young people.

Family Support 1

Glasgow & Strathclyde Scottish Network for Families Affected by Drugs c/o Scottish Drugs Forum. 5 Waterloo Street. Glasgow. 0141 221 1 175.

Glasgow Association of Family Support Groups 123 West Street. Glasgow. 0141 420 2050.

Edinburgh & Lothian

Families Outside 19a Albany Street. Iidinburgh. 0131 557 9800. An organisation which works closely with families Family Support Network 8 Johnston Terrace. Edinburgh. 0131 622 6262.

Central Belt

Grangemouth SAS Group Old I)undas School. ()xgang Road. Grangemouth. 01324 504 589. Lanarkshire Coalition of Family Support Groups (Substance Misuse) c/o PRT Lanarkshire Carers Centre. Campbell Street. Hamilton. 01698 428 090. Contact the project for

0 Information and advice with regard to drug misuse

' (iiving support to family members with regard to services available to them

- Families facing crisis situations who need support

0 Family members who need to speak to someone who understands the situation they find themselves in with regard to debt. housing unemployment. health care issues etc.

Lighthouse Foundation 55 Titchfield Street. Kilmamock. 01563 521 343. Stirling Family Support Service 17 Irvine Place. Stirling. 01786 470 797.

Women’s Health & Support

Glasgow & Strathclyde Glasgow Women’s Aid 4th Floor. 30 Bell Street. 0141 553 2022. Drop—in centre open Mon. Tue. Thu. Fri. 9.30am- 4.30pm: Wed. 9.30am-lpm. Counselling for women. also available by telephone.

Edinburgh 8. Lothian

Edinburgh and Lothian Women's Aid 4 Cheyne Street. 0131 315 8110. Mon. Wed. Fri. 10am-3pm; Thu 2-7pm; Sat 10am-12.30pm. Refuge. support and help for women suffering physical. mental or sexual abuse from a partner.

Alex, 34 is a DJ. He is recovering from an addiction to cocaine.

I ‘1 come from a comfortable background. a nice, loving family, and We always been into music listening to it and making it. I first tried cocaine when I was 18 and I loved it you felt amazing, like you were the most interesting person in the universe. I began running really successful clubs, and as my career took off 1 was doing coke straight through from Thursday to Sunday. because it was part of the scene. I needed it to get through the weekend. Monday to Thursday 1 had to smoke joints or drink a lot to calm me down after a weekend on coke. The come-downs were a nightmare. Inevitably. the creative element of my career took a back seat.

‘The cycle dragged on for six years. I was disgusted at myself, but I couldn't stop. I was on my knees looking for that last granule on the toilet floor, all my morals and goals out the window. My sister mentioned Cocaine Anonymous, but in my head I was a minor Glasgow celebrity and I didn't want to speak to strangers in some smelly old room.

“One New Year I had a major, all-night coke binge after playing a club. Lying in bed afterwards I could actually see my heart beating through my chest. 1 know now that l was having a coke- induced stroke. I prayed for help, swore I would never do it again. but was back in the pub taking coke the next night.

“Eventually I attended my first CA meeting. I identified with what other people in the room were saying about bingeing to try and fill a hole in your life; realised that I didn't recognise myself as a person anymore. No spirit. no sense of self. Just meeting people with the same problems who were living clean and sober lives gave me hope for the future.

‘After a relapse. I'm back on track. and I've been living drug free for over five months. I can't beat the habit alone. 1 need my personal programme and my mates in CA. I’m enjoying life again, though, and I've rediscovered my passion for music.’

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