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The whole notion of fizzy

drinks for adults is a bit weird is it not? We find out if soft drinks for adults really sparkle.

Words: Jane Fox

Price & stockist

: $31.69 Peckhams

c all know that home is not for kids. but does that mean that fin. is not

for adults'.’ What happens when you want something classier than coke but without the kick of a

cocktail? We found a number of

small. independent companies aiming for distinctive. fruitful qualities. So. preparing for the best sugar rushes since primary



Light colour. smells like the bottom of a , Calippo and really,

; really sugary.

How does

it taste?

Orangina but not quite as exciting.

£1.40 Lupe Pintos

You can smell it before you put it on the table. It's like Kia-Ora.

Cheerful looking thoogh. Groovy label design.

Strong pungent flavour of tinned mandarins. A bit different from your regular orange fare but not bad.




Milder than most ginger beers; in fact. you wouldn't even know it's ginger beer. Very. very sugary.

It’s a little on the artificial side; it tastes a bit like fruit pastilles.

El .49 Peckhams

5 70p Boots

It looks like pond water but has a strong. flowery smell.

Clear, elegant colour, smells like playdough but in a delicious way.

It's the nicest yet.

quite foamy.

Fairly inoffensive.

polite but doesn't

really make an impression.

It doesn't really taste like actual apples. More like manufactured

apple juice. Really


SI 1 .29 Peckhams. Renroc

A real eye-opener: it really smells like ginger. you can almost feel it!

It's got the heat

behind it that you need Willi goo l ginger beer. but also tli > sweetness.

21.40 g Lupe Pintos

102 THE LIST 16—30 Nov 2006

Beautiful rich ruby colour, but smells like bad Cranberries.

Yuck! It's the worst yet!

It tastes like paper or leather!

Drunken Master


Side Dishes six. our panel asked: is pop in a News to nibble on. H fancy bottle something special or

just Vimto in disguise?

Stockists: Lupe Pintos 0141 334 5444/0131 228 6241

Peckhams, 0141 553 0666/

0131 229 7054/


0131 668 3737 Renroc Cafe 0131 556 0432

I The annual James Sankey award for excellence in service is looking for nominations. Designed to encourage young talent in

the Scottish restaurant scene, the accolade is open to all catering professionals and students between 18 and 28- years-old. Nominations should be sent to Oloroso restaurant, which Sankey founded with chef Tony Singh before his premature death in 2002.

For a nomination form, visit www.0loroso.co.uk or call 0131 226 7614.

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I While Zinc Bar & Grill in Leith's Ocean Terminal has been replaced. the Glasgow branch (pictured) continues to trade in the Princes Square shopping centre. For the festive season. the menu includes dishes such as roast pheasant with creamed Savoy cabbage (in a pancetta and game sauce) and an orange and chocolate bread and butter pudding. For bookings, call 0141 225 5620.

I In Glasgow’s Merchant City, there continues to be a bit

of activity. At 24 Candleriggs, Guy’s Restaurant & Bar has opened. Previously on North Street, below Repertoire, chef Guy Cowan’s kitchen offers a range of dishes in the modern Scottish vein. Nearby, at the corner of Ingram and Montrose streets, Tinderbox has opened another coffee bar. In addition to espresso- based beverages, it also

v _ features meals prepared by FW “(56%” the West End’s Delizique food shop and deli.

I The ‘boutique outside catering company’ Devil's Kitchen has added the bar and jazz venue Eighty Queen Street in Edinburgh's New Town to its portfolio. A new menu there includes dishes such as George Bower venison burgers. rolled oven monk fish and pumpkin gnocchi. Run by Australian-born chef Dario

Pacifici. the Devil's Kitchen

, already offers food at Tonic

" on North Castle Street.

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