Visual Art

The Psychology of Time and Space in the Work of Douglas Gordon

llaw thornden Lecture Theatre. Tue 2.’ Nov. 12.45 1.30pm. Free. Bill Hare. freelance art historian and visiting lecturer at the l'niversity of Iidinburgh. will examine the role of temporal and spatial context in the conception and presentation of the (ilasgow -born artist's work.


Palace of llolyroodhouse. 556 5100. Daily 9.30am 6pm. £5 ll.'4.50l.

Canaletto in Venice 00... t'ntil Stilt 7 Jan. Paintings and drawings by (iiovanni Antonio Canal (better known as Canalettol. depicting the canals. places. churches and squares of the beautiful Italian city.


l5 Rutland Square. 229 7545. Mon Fri 9am 5pm.

SIX l'ntil Fri 1 Dec. Free. A show case for student award-w inners from six of Scotland's schools of architecture. giving a platform to the future stars of building design.

I ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN lnvet‘leith Row. 552 7171.1)aily

10am 3.30pm.

Douglas Gordon: Superhumanatural Imerleitlt llouse. until Sun 14 Jan. Free. Retrospective of one of Scotland’s greatest contemporary artists. The exhibition concentrates on text-based pieces from the (itll'thll canon. as well as his v ideo installation Hem-cm Darkness (Hill 1.12/11 lA/icr Iii/limit Blake). The show is also at the Royal Scottish Academy.

InfinB l'ntil Sun 7 Jan. A series of huge images from inside plant stems and flower buds and the surface of insect skins by Iidinburgh photographer Kenny Bean.


2 Chambers Street. 247 4219. Mon Sat 10am 5pm; Sun noon 5pm: Tue

10am 8pm. Free.

Gifted ('raft (iallct'y. Fri 24 Nov Still 21 Jan. Free. A showcase of Scottiin contemporary crafts. with jewellery. textiles. ceramics and glassware. Nil“. SHOW

Reflections: A Decade of Northlands Creative Glass l'ntil Sun 7 Jan. Free. A collection of over 60 beautiful works from Scotland's internationally renowned centre for contemporary glass.

Sacred Words lvy Wu (iallery. until Sun 31 Dec. Iixplore the power of the written word in Chinese \ isual culture. From 7th century Buddhist texts to modern-day lslaniic calligraphy. words are Used for meditation and worship.


The Mound. 225 6671. .\lon Sat

10am 5pm; Stm noon 5pm.

Roter Salon & New Academy Fri 17 Nov Sun 17 Dec. Free. Domestic-si/ed works from RSA members. and other works by Academy scholars. residents and 2006 aw ard-w inning emerging artists. NliW SHOW

I NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY l Queen Street. 624 621)“. M00 \Vc‘d (Q Fri Sun 10am 5pm; Thu 10am 7pm. Being There: Harry Benson’s Fifty Years of Photojournalism 00000 l'ntil Sun 7 Jan. £6 (£4: under-12s free). Celebrity portraits and breaking news pictures from the career of influential press photographer Harry Benson. Energy: North Sea Oil Portraits I'nlil Sun 28 Jan. Free. Portraits of a cross-section of people working in the oil industry by Scottiin painter Fionna (’arlisle.


43 45 High Street. 5569579. Mon Sat 10am 4.30pm.

Ossian l'tltil I'Tl 24 Nov. Free. ('gilum ('ol\ ill's work explores the controversial

98 THE LIST 1:; 1‘;(2No'.'?f;()f3

Tobias Sternberq - Point of Se

Stockholm-born Sternberg’s exhibition

includes a series of ten two-dimensional sculptures of ‘commodities’. The sculptures refer to everyday readymade objects, but play with elements of depth versus flatness, use different colours and materials, warping scale and proportions and substituting hard with soft, and high

tech with traditional materials.

I Corn Exchange Gallery, Edinburgh, Fri 24 Nov—Fri 22 Dec.

Celtic texts Fragments of.-lncicnl Poetry and Poems (it‘llvsiun. translated by James .\lacpherson. LAST CHANCIi TO SIiIi


2.3 (‘ockburn Street. 622 6200.

l lam 6pm.

Among the Moderns tFntil 'l‘hu 2| l)ec. Free. In collaboration with the Cinematheque de Tanger in Morocco. Stills creates a video library unearthing the diverse cultural. political and social space of the Arab world.

I TALBOT RICE GALLERY l'niversity of lidinburgh. South Bridge. 650 2210. Tue Sat 10am 5pm.

Henry Raeburn and his Printmakers I'ntil Sat 9 Dec. Free. To mark the 250th anniversary of his birth. this exhibition includes 24 prints inspired by Raeburn‘s oil portraiture. by artists such as William Walker. Charles Turner. John Beugo and William Sharp.

Keith Farquhar 00000 t'ntil Sat 9 Dec. Free. Working with what has now become his trademark of cotnmereially produced clothitig. Farquhar has given life

to hooded tops and (i()RIi-'I'IiXtt‘l jackets.

alluding to the battle between culture and its subcultures. (‘onceding that the feminine is an increasingly important direction for society. Farquhar‘s installation will include an elegant totem comprised of women‘s off-the-peg underwear.

Lucy McKenzie: Ten Years of Robotic Mayhem 00000 t7ntil Sat 9 Dec. Free. Cross-cultural solo show encompassing all aspects of Lucy .\1cKeii/.ie's practice. inelttding artwork created for album covers. magazine illustrations and collaborative pieces created with local fashion designer Beea Lipscombe. Her psycho-geographical studies of (ilasgow place it as a series of faded and fragmented memories. as she continues to develop in wit and confidence. The exhibition also incorporates a ‘sublet' where some of the

pieces created with Lipscombe are on sale.

Private Galleries


75/79 Cumberland Street. 558 3352. Wed—Sat l lam—6pm. Free.

Naoko Shibuya & Jade Stout Thu 23 Nov—Fri 22 Dec. Exhibition of new paintings. Shibuya's work looks at the changing rhythm of time and aims to capture something of its essence. From influences of childhood in Orkney to a recent trip to Mull. Jade Stout‘s work focus on her memories of the sea. but is also greatly dictated by process and chance. NI-ZW SHOW


41 Lothian Street. 220 4288. l()—lam. Scrawl Collective tintil Sun 31 Dec. Free. Selection of prints and a signed mural by the Scrawl Collective. a collaboration of illustrators who have designed for Sony. Nike and Puma. Their work is produced by hand rather than using computer packages.


50 Thistle Street. North liast Lane. 225 2093. WedSat 1 1am -6pm. Manifestation L'ntil Sat 25 Nov. Free. An international exhibtion of portraiture featuring drawing. painting. video. sculpture and photography by artists from the Netherlands. Portugal. (iermany. Ireland. Belgium. Turkey. Sweden and Scotland. LAST CHANCE TO Slili


Moray House. 37 llolyrood Road. 558 7604. Mon-Fri l lam—8pm; Sat 8: Sun 12.30» 6.30pm.

They Don’t Make ‘Em Like they Used To Until Thu 30 Nov. Free. Trisha Ward‘s photographs take the viewer on a journey through our increasingly industrialised society. seeing beauty in

the inanimate object. LAST ('llANCli TO Slit-L

I CORN EXCHANGE GALLERY Constitution Street. 561 7300. Wed~Sat

l lain—4.30pm. Free.

Tobias Sternberg: Point of Sale Fri 24 Nov---Fri 22 Dec. Sternberg creates sculptural objects that aim to have presence enough to stand in for human emotions and experiences. and enter into a conversation with the viewer. as a result of his need to engage with the world. NIiW SHOW


l l (iayfield Square. 558 71 10. Wed Fri 1 Iain -6pm: Sat noon -5pm. Graham Fagen: Closer .000 Sat 9 Dec. Free. See review. page 93.



7 Barclay Terrace. 228 9992. Mon Fri 9am~ 5pm.

Complete Control L'ntil Sat 20 Jan. Free. Interpretations of ‘Complete Control'. featuring work by lilph. Krisis. Carrie Maginn. Rue Five and (iregor Louden. among others.


6 Carlton Terrace. 556 444 I. Tue Sat 10am 5pm.

Winston Roeth l‘ntil Fri 22 Dec. 10am 5pm. Free. See p/review. page 93.


Cambridge Street. 228 1404. Mon Sat 10am midnight; Sun 6pm midnight. Cubed“: Aileen Campbell 8. Mark Melvin Until Sat 25 Nov. Free. The artists were given unlimited access to the Traverse's labyrinthine space. In their videos. performances and voiceworks. actions. stories and songs are looped. allowing the artists to hone in on when the narrative breaks down or where the sound degrades and collapses under the pressure. LAST CllANCl-l TO Slili

Cubed“: Martin Parker t7ntil Sat 25 Nov. Free. Reworking of the artist's interactive sound installation l-i/ummt (‘up/mwire. originally commissioned by the International Society for Contemporary .\ltisic in Austria. LAST CHANCE TO Sliii

Cubed’: Torsten Lauschmann Remix Fri 24 Nov. 10.30pm. £6 li3~£4i The second of the Cubed‘ remix commissions features (iernian-born visual artist Torsten Lausclunann responding and developing new musical works drawing on the whole of the Cubed" season as inspiration.

Edinburgh Artist Spaces


76 Iiast (’rosscauseway. 667 2808.

Thu- Sun noon «6pm.

Alasdair Gray 8- Stuart Murray l'ntil Sun 3 Dee. Free. Paintings and sketches from writer and artist (iray. and a series of ribald drawings entitled In I’uhs by Murray. The latter will also be displaying a collection of his books.

Outside the Cities


35 The Crawford Arcade. King Street. Stirling. 01786 479361. Wed; Sat noon 5pm. Free. Andrew Reid 0000 Jan. See review. page 94.

I'ntil Sun 7


152 Nethergate. 01382 909900. Tue. Wed. Fri & Sat 10.30am 5.30pm: Thu 10.30am- 8.30pm; Sun noon 5.30pm. David Shrigley Sat 18 Nov Still 21 Jan. Free. The first solo exhibition in Scotland of Slirigley's work for over ten years. This selection of drawings. sculptures. photographs and short animations offer insight into the strange yet beguilineg familiar world created by the Glasgow-based humourist and eccentric. NliW SHOW