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I Anyone keen not to see t-<iinb.rrgr‘.'s nickname oi ‘Auld Reekre' become

a literal term can j()lll a new green group as they target the capital's gas~gu//lers. lhe l‘(l|.".l)tilt}." Alliance Against UMP."~1X‘153‘.‘.’l|l be :ssui'tg lake 'parking tickets' to poll.itir‘g

off road vehicles on the streets

of the capital from 2pm or‘ Sat 2’5; November. Interested parties are asked to convene at The l‘JlOLJ‘U between The Royal Scottisl‘. Academ, aid the National Gallery

I The Kelvingrove New Century project, Perth Concert Hall and Maggie’s Highland Cancer Care Centre in lnverness are among the ten buildings shortlisted for the Royal Incorporation of Architects

in Scotland’s (RlAS) 2006 Andrew Doolaw award for the Best Building in Scotland. This year’s jury was faced with 34 entries from all parts of Scotland, the largest number since the scheme began

in 2002. The award will be announced on Thu 16 November.

I A special tltfis :s'.

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,te "‘abne'wi‘u'. .. [Us ttl‘il lee performers s to take place

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Ute Lemper, legendary torch singer, cabaret artiste and actress, is to play a special event at next year’s Triptych.

Lemper, who has collaborated with Scott Walker, Elvis Costello and Nick Cave among others, and whose repertoire includes the songs of Brecht, Brel, Weill and Dietrich is to perform at the Usher Hall on Sun 29 April.

I war/w. tnptvc/ifestrval. corn

8THE LIST '6; -,

original Doctor Who theme. Delia Derbyshire. The album. Electroson/c features collaborations with Don Harper and Brian l-lodgson, who created the sound of the TARDIS. Tickets for the event. which includes

headliners large number staging

a piece by the BBC Radiophonic \r’y’orkshop’s Desmond Briscoe called the Snail is Jarnrned Agar/i, cost

a tilt-3H} 57:”) Iplus booking fee) and

are {t\.'£l||£ll)l(} from Monorail Music r‘.'.'\.'.r\.'..riio'tor;tilrnusic.(:om).

I Glasgow’s Sub Club (above, left) are to indulge in a novel form of celebration this fortnight. Since 1986, the popular nightspot celebrated its birthday every year at the end of November, and had been thought to be heading

for Christmas

towards its 20th anniversary celebrations. However, it’s recently come to light that the Sub Club moniker was not adopted until April 1987. So, in true Alice in Wonderland style, the club is to celebrate a fabulous Un-Birthday on Sat 25 November, with 20th celebrations set for next year.

I (‘ietting in the Christmas spirit. but >rried about the impact of endless (I()l‘f3tlllll)il()lt on the enwronment'? Fear not. the newly published Green (‘ruide for Christmas 2000 rpictured: l)l'()\.'l(l(}fS everything you need to make your festive season erivrronmentally friendly, from organic and ethical food to unusual gift ideas, savrng energy It"(l reducing waste. ‘.'./‘.‘-."‘.'r‘.{jl'Ot}!ltltikl6}.(2().tlk.

‘All the fantasy’s gone out of music and every album comes with a DVD and some cunt going “yeah, well, we tried the drums over there”. Give a shit, man!’

Noel Gallagher hemoans the fact that rock stars seem a hit ‘too human' these days.

‘I know the rhubarb tarts are great at the Tunnock’s café in Uddingston but I don’t know if it’s enough to bring Becks and Victoria up here.’

Gordon Strachan plays down paper claims that Celt/c are rn the market for Golder iha/ls.

‘If you record five shows

a day, you run out of funny stuff.’

Paul Merton on why he turned down the Countdown gig. Hasn't he seen Des Lynam crack gag after gag after gag?

‘Some of the stuff that’s been said is as close to playground taunts as you’re going to get: “You’ve got big ears”. It’s not right.’ Daniel Double ()7 ' Craig has a pop at the hacks who 've been against him being Bond from day one.

‘I’m going to play a song but I’m sure you haven’t heard it because the fuckers haven’t promoted it.’

Elton John goes into a very untyp/ca/ strop during a recent New York show. this time wrth his record lahel.

‘l’ve been displeased with my last few films, as well as some in the past.’

Just as he is about to retire from

movre acting Sy/vester‘ Sta/lone f/r rally falls in line With public opinion.