The Sensational Alex Harvey band probably had a point when they pointed out that ‘there ain’t nothing like a gang bang’, but for Alfredo (Javier Cémara, pictured, of Talk to Her) and his wife Carmen (the wonderful Candela Pena from Take My Eyes) who have just discovered the art of home-made porn, there is. He's a largely unsuccessful door-to-door encyclopaedia salesman in a particularly decrepit looking corner of 19705 Franco-era Spain. She wants a baby but poverty is a major barrier. So when, at the insistence of his slightly sleazy boss, they start experimenting in home- made porn films, things take an unexpected turn and Alfredo realises that he wants to become as great a

filmmaker as Bergman.

Made in 2003, debut writer/director Pablo Berger’s joyous comedy has won just about every major Spanish feature film award going, and now finally we get the chance to see it (despite making its world premiere outside Spain - at the 2003 Edinburgh International Film Festival). Torremolinos 73 is at its heart a humane, surreal, silly, unpredictable and oddly touching story of Spain, Super 8 and 705 semen stains. The film contains so many good hearted in jokes it ribs and pays homage to everything from Bergman and Jess Franco to the Dogme filmmakers. A polyester and bri-nylon must for fans of art house and pornography alike. Yeah, like there’s a difference. (Pale Dale)

I film/louse. Edinburgh from Fri 24 Jun. See iiifei'i/ien'. page 4:3.

preSumably. but we find out nothing about the man. only what he thinks. while there are two yOung women who could be mistaken for deubles of each other. One is an Israeli journalist who asks some tough questions: another is an Israeli Russian Jewish filmmaker who wants to take her own life. There is also the fam0us Palestinian poet Mahmoud DarWich. who explains Palestine's position Vis-a-Vis Israel. Godard carefully refuses to allow a stOry to develop. so that each character is atomised in their subjectiVIty. but neither do the characters hold strong posmons that suggest clear ideological stances. Godard instead offers a film in flux. so the viewer can enter into it on his or her own terms. It's a film to diVide audiences. but Godard would expect nothing less. (Tony McKibbin) I Fi/mhouse. Edinburgh from Fri I Jul.

ROMANI ic comr DY A LOT LIKE LOVE (12A) 106min u

Who (perversely) is the most bankable star in Hollywood right now? With the 2005 release of Guess Who? providing him With a third US number one hit in a row. it's almost certainly Ashton KtIIClICr. the doe-eyed model turned actor from Cedar Rapids. Iowa who once swept floors. and has since swept away most of the world's female population with his Village idiot charms. Kutcher is already trying to Crack more sophisticated markets. so. although A Lot like Love is advertised like a generic teen comedy. its failure to prOVide him with his fourth consecutive US number one reflects the film's firm avoidance of Just Married pratfalI-style gags in favour of slushy romantic sentiment.

Kutcher plays Oliver Martin. a dippy diaper salesman on a red eye flight who enjoys a mile high quickie '.‘/|Ill boho bozo Emile Friel (Amanda Peet). Over the next seven years we watch this reSistible couple fall in and but of love through such childish shows of affection as Spitting table water over each other in a Chinese restaurant. Somehow director Nigel Cole (Calendar Girls). manages to portray these vapid characters in more depth than they deserve. with Pe 3t putting in a notably decent shift. despite haVing a smile like a Halloween lantern and only two character traits (shagging

and smoking) to go on. And for any masochists who've been following the ongomg (lucratier train wreck of Kutcher's career so far. nis shambling semi coii‘petent perforn‘ance here is a wasted revelation. (Eddie l-larrisoni

I General release from Fri 24 Jun. See profile. rig/it.

DRAMA IN MY FATHER’S DEN (15) 123min 000

Every man needs a place to hide away from his family. Nobody knows this better than Paul Prior (Matthew MacFadyen). a cynical, patlle weary war photographer whose father had the den of all dens in one of the Outhouses of their rambling New Zealand home. Returning home for his father's funeral. Paul tires quickly of his pious ostrich farmer yOunger brother Andrew (Colin Moy) and his dull family. But With a D

Name Amanda Peet.

Born New York. 1972. Background Peel grew up in New York with her older sister and their parents. Charles. a lawyer, and Penny. a social worker. She made an unconventional stage debut at the age of three when she jumped onto the stage during a play. DeSpite mastering in history at Columbia University. she went on to study under the legendary actress and teacher Uta Hagen for four years. Off Broadway shows. commercials and stints of waitressing followed. until finally in 1995 she was cast in a guest—starring role on the hit series Law and Order. Her feature film debut also came in 1995 in the movie Animal Room. but her penchant for indie scripts of films which were never released slowed down massively her career trajectory. She first came to prominence playing a dippy assassin in hit comedy The Whole Nine Yards (2000) opposite Bruce Willis. and has since appeared in an interesting string of films including lgby Goes Down. Changing Lanes and Identity.

What she up to now? She‘s in the really rubbish Ashton Kutcher vehicle A Lot Like Love. More interestingly. she is currently shooting Menno Max Meyjes' new film The Martian Chi/d opposite John Cusack.

What she says about her eating habits while filming ‘I've been obsessed with Blow Pops [lolly pops with bubble Qum in the middle] lately on set. but cheese is my biggest weakness. If I had to give up cheese or chocolate. I'd give up chocolate in a heartbeat. Cheese is my faVOurite thing in the whole world.‘

Interesting fact Peel was educated at an all-girls' prep school in London and was ranked No 44 in Stuff magazine's 2002 '102 Sexiest Women in the World' poll.

I A Lot Like Love is on general release from Fri 24 Jun. See rewew, left.

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