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Sunday 1 continued

I Maggie Maclnnes Stt‘athclydc Suite. 8pm. £l2.50. Daughter of the great (iaelic singer Hora Mac.\'eil. clarsach play er and singer Maggie Maclnnes carries on the family tradition. l’rli'l (ll-('(f/lt' (-Hlllu't'lflllh.

I Nancy Kerr and James Fagin with John Speirs and Jon Boden 'l‘he Piping (‘entre. 8pm. £8. Radio 2 Polk Award winners. Top quality contemporary linglish and Australian traditional mosic. l’ur/ or (‘r'llii' ("miner-1mm.

I La Bottine Souriante Barrowland. 8.50pm. £16. Powerhouse Quebecois nine-piece. including a tw in- trombone brass section. I’m-I ult'e/rir ('o/im'i'liom.

I Esbjorn Svensson Trio ’l‘he Arches. 8pm. £|2.50. Superb roots ja/l from Scandinay ia.

I Dick Gaughan’s Guitar Concerto Main Auditorium. 7.30pm. U5. U5. :\ ’l.o\e S001: l0 :\ l’eUPJeK Mtisic' frotn the great Scots singer and guitarist. with guest soloists and the Orchestra of Scottish ()pera.

I Rik Paleri (‘ttlc (‘ossachok. Rtissian ('ultural ('entre. King Street. 553 0733. 0pm. £5 (£5). American singer/ songwriter. storyteller and multi- instrumcntalist comes to Scotland with tales and folk music from around the world.

I Festival Club Final Night the Quality ('entral Hotel. l050pm. £7.50. (iihl) Todd hosts the final celebration of ('eltic ('onnections featuring the Home of Song will) l)oris Rougy ic. [find of (‘t'llit' ('unm’t‘lirms.


I Simon Bradley and Luke Plumb \Vcc l‘olk ('Iuh. Royal ()ak. Infirmary Street. 557 2076. 8.30pm. £5. Manchester-born fiddler Bradley and Shoogles‘ mandolin player Plumb play from their debut album ‘\\'intering ()ut’.


I Chinese New Year Concert North lidinburgh Arts ('entrc. Pcnnywell (‘ourt. 3|5 215l. 7pm. £6 (£4). A concert of traditional ('hincse music to w elcomc in the Year of the Monkey

Tuesday 3


I Folk’n’Friends 'l‘he (‘anons' (iait. ('anongate. 556 448l. 0pm. l‘ree. See Tue 27.

Wednesday 4


I St Andrew’s in the Square Ceilidh St Andrew 's in the Square. off Saltmarket. St Andrew 's Street. 548 6020. 7.5” l0.30pm. £5. See Wed 28. I Singing Session ('afe Source. St Andrews in the Square. St Andrews Square. off Salttnarkct. 548 6020. 8.30pm. l’rec. See Wed 28.


0 Jock Tamson’s Bairns lidinburgh l‘olk (‘lub. (‘aharct Bar. the l’leasancc. 650 2340. 8pm. £6 (£5). Influential Scots band. formed in the late 70s. and still with original members Rod Paterson. Derek Hoy. Norman ('halmers. lan Hardie and Jon (’roall.

East Kilbride

I Simon Bradley and Luke Plumb liast Killu'ide Arts ('cntre. ()Id (‘oach Road. (H555 2(illlllll. 8pm. £7 (£5). See Sun I.

I Supper with Burns the law. lligl) Street. 556 0570. 7.30pm. £l2.50 (includes meal). Scottish Storytelling (‘entrc presents Donald Smith. l)a\ id ('amphell and l.inda llandelier.

54 THE LIST. x ,.'

Events are listed by date, then city. Submit listings at least ten days before publication to Ruth Hedges at ruth©, by post or by tax on 0131 557 8500. Listings are compiled by Ruth Hedges and Carol Main.


I Arta Arnicane Merchants House. 7 \Vesl (ieorge Street. 5.54 0757.

I245 l.45pm. £5 (£2 £4.50). Young\ian pianist studying at the RSAMI) performs music by (’hopin. Debussy and Prokolic\.

I Scottish Opera - The Magic Flute 'l‘heatre Royal. 282 Hope Street. 332 0000. 7.l5pm. £l0.50 £30.50. Scottish ()pet‘a’s new production of Ali/Iv .llueir- I-‘lult'. Mo/art’s operatic foray into the underworld of masonic symbolism. 'l‘here's much more to this work than meets the eye beyond Papagcno's comic birdsong and the slightly kooky three ladies lie lay er upon layer of emotional intensity: 'lamino's trials of tire. Pamina‘s contemplation of suicide and the Queen of the Night‘s fierce maternal pride. (‘onducted by Vincent de Kort and directed by Jonathan Moore.


I A Viennese Strauss Gala Brunton 'l‘heatrc. l.ad_\ well \Vay. Mtissclhurgh. 665 2240. 7.30pm. £l2 (£0). A recreation of tlte Viennese festiye season incorporating some of Straitss' masterpieces.


I Wiham Quartet Mtisic (‘entre. \Vesl Bell Street. (H.582 4.55.552. 7.30pm. £0. The Prague-based string quartet play works by Haydn. Smctana and Mendelssohn.


I Lynne Dawson Sings Britten, Quilter, Ives and Bernstein RSANH). HN) Renfrew Street. .552 5057. lptn. £6 (£4). ()utstanding soprano Lynne Dawson and fa\ouritc accompanist Julius Drake perform a well programmed \ariety of songs by Roger Quilter. Benjamin Britten. ('harles lycs and Leonard Bernstein. l)on't miss l)it\\s()n\ masterclass that follows.

I Masterclass RS‘AMI). t()() chfrcw Street. 332 5057. 2.30pm. l‘ree. l.y nne [)aw son directs a singing masterclass. It's always well worth making the most of this chance to see world class performers working with young talent nc\er a dull moment.

I Composer’s Workshop RSAMI). l00 Renlrew Street. 3R2 5057. 3pm. l-ree. lidward l)udley Hughes directs a composer's workshop.

I Scottish Chamber Orchestra RS:\.\H). Hill Renfrcw Street. 5.52 5057. 7.30pm. £l2. legendary Norwegian cellist ’l‘ruls Mork is the soloist in the world premiere of lcelandic composer Haflidi Hallgrimsson‘s (Tl/n ('mn'r'rlu ()p 5'0. 'l’he progranmie also contains ('uiiIu/ii/t' by the fan ian composer \‘asks. and (irieg's rarely heard Symphony in (minor. l‘innish conductor .lolm Storgards completes the north liurtipean/Scandmay ian theme.


I Matthew Owens Reid (‘oneeri Hall. lidinburgh l'niyersity. Bristo Square. 668 20I0. l.l0pm. l‘rec. ()rgan recital of works by l’achclhcl.

QBBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra/ECAT (irey friars Kirk. (trey friars Place. 668 20l0. 7.30pm. Recorded for Bi“. Radio 5's Hr'rli‘ (Illr/ .er slot. lidinhurgh ('ontemporary Arts

'l'i'ust and the BBC Scottish present a fascinating and promising programme of contemporary I-‘rench music you don‘t Usually get the chance to hear in Scotland. Jurjen lletnpel conducts works by Henri l)utilleux. Hugues l)ufotut and Marc-Andre I)albayie. with lilizabeth l.ayton on yiolin.

I A Viennese Strauss Gala Brunton 'l’heatre. Ladywell Way. Mtisselburgh. 665 2240. 7.30pm. £12 (£0). See Thu 22.

Saturday 24


I Scottish Opera - Aida Theatre Royal. 282 Hope Street. 332 0000. 7.15pm. £l0.50 £30.50. Scottish ()pera's acclaimed production of Aida returns. Directed by Antony McDonald. conducted by the newly knighted Richard Armstrong and featuring a sterling cast. \v'erdi's masterpiece explores grand themes of love. patriotism and the nation state under the watchful glare of the Pharaohs. Soprano lnessa (ialante sings the title role of Aida (an lithiopian princess); li.\'() yeteran Anne-Marie

()w ens sings her loye riyal Amneris (ligyptian): and John Hudson is the delectable Radames (the one they're all lighting oyer). Needless to say. they all meet a gloomy end.


I Goyescas St (‘eeilia‘s Hall. .‘s'ittdry Street. 668 2”“). 7.45plll. Ll” (£3 Soprano ('laire I)ebono. Rob MacKillop on early 10th century guitar and John Kitchen on fortepiano perform songs by Fernando Sor.

I Scottish Chamber Orchestra Queen's Hall. ('lerk Street. ()(38 2(H‘). 7.45pm. £7 £22. See liri 23.

St Andrews

I A Viennese Strauss Gala Byre 'l‘heatre. Abbey Street. (0334 475000. 5pm & 8.30pm. £l4 (£l2). See Thu 22.

Monday 26


I Alison Smart and Katharine Durran Queen's Hall. ('lerk Street. 668 20l0. 7.45pm. £14 (£5 students £l2). Acclaimed soprano Alison Smart and pianist Katharine l)urran perform a programme of Hench and Scottish music.

Tuesday 27


I Ulrike Fenner and Peter Evans Reid ('oncert Hall. lidinburgh l'niyersity. Bristo Square. 668 20l0. l.l0pm. l-‘ree. Violin and piano duo performing works by Brahms and

I )oward.

I Scottish Opera - The Magic Flute Pestiyal Theatre. IR 20 Nicolson Street. 520 6000. 7.15pm.

£l0.50 £30.50. See Thu 22.

Wednesday 28


I Scottish Opera - Aida Festival 'l‘heatre. l3 2‘) Nieolson Street. 52‘) 6000. 7.l5pm. £7.50 £52.50. See Sat 24.


I Taylor Wilson, Amanda Morrison and Robert Melling (ilasgow l'niyersity ('onccrt Hall. l'niyersity Ayenue. 330 4002. 1.10 2pm. liree. Soprano and piano recital of music by Brahms. Mo/art. Hair. l.e lianu and Sandy Wilson.

I Masterclass RSAMI). I()() Renfrew Street. 332 5057. 2pm. Free. John ()\ford directs a bassoon litttslet‘elttss. QRSAMD - The Marriage of Figaro RSAMI). t()() Renfrew Street. 332 5057. 7.l5pm. £l2 (£0). The RSAMD's operatic productions haye of

BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra They hardly ever play in Edinburgh these days. so don't miss this ECAT (Edinburgh Contemporary Arts Trust) promotion of new music from France. Henri Dutilteux (pictured). born in 1916. provides the main focus with hblflochnneforWomiand orchestra. written just a couple of years ago, and Mystere de /’instant from 1989. Greyfriars Kirk, Edinburgh, Fri 23 Jan.

The Marriage of Figaro Do not dismiss this because it is a student production. It past experience is anything to go by. the RSAMD Opera School aims for the highest standards all round.AndithassonM3 exceptional talent in its midst at present. RSAMD, G/asgow, Thu 29 and Sat 37 Jan; Festiva/ Theatre, Edinburgh, Thu 5 and Sat 7 Feb.

late been gaining a well-deserved reputation for committed. vibrant and exciting performances. and for proyiding a platform for young and often outstanding talent. 'I‘imothy l)ean conducts this production of Mozart's most widely performed opera - well worth seeing.

I Royal Scottish National Orchestra Royal ('oncert Hall. 2 Sauchiehall Street. 353 8000. 7.30pm. £12.50-»£26. Peruvian conductor Miguel Harth-Bedoya. who has a reputation for exhilarating performances. directs the RS.\'() in a performance of Zoltan Kodaly's Dunn's o/‘(r'u/urzru. Bruch's Vin/in ('om'vrm rm 1 (with Janine Jansen as soloist) and Dvorak's Symphme no 7.


I Scottish Opera - The Magic Flute Festival Theatre. 13 2‘) Nieolson Street. 520 6000. 7.15pm.

£l0.50 £30.50. See Thu 22.

I Scottish Chamber Orchestra Queen's Hall. ('lerk Street. 668 2010. 7.45pm. £7 £22. Apologies for stating the obyious but this is not one to be missed the legendary countertenor Michael (‘hance is the soloist in Bach's exquisite Alto (‘antata .\'o I70. li’lig'llfl'g’lt' Ru/t. and is joined in this divine line-up by (‘atherine Bolt (soprano). Mark Padmore (tenor) and Stephan l.oges (baritone) in Bach’s .llzreni/irul. Haydn's (‘lock Syrup/mny' .\'o tilt is somewhat inelegantly