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Re: Editorial and Preview of 2004 (485)

I applaud The List for last issue's Editorial and Theatre sections. It is indeed a time of flux. We at Mull Theatre are awaiting a decision from Scottish Arts Council over whether we have been awarded Stage One Lottery Capital Funding for our new building project. And Zoe Wanamaker's recent decision to become a patron of Mull Theatre has been a real boost with her obvious connections with ‘Saving the Globe TheaUeI

Lee Hendrick



Re: Glasgow Fabulous (484) I am writing to complain about the racist cartoon in the 1 1 December issue of The List. ‘Glasgow Fabulous' features a man running down the street on the second day of Christmas. the rhyming caption reading ‘A sinister pursuit by a mixed race three’. I can‘t believe that a magazine of your calibre and with your readership would collude in enforcing the stereotype of black people as criminals. For a magazine that is supposed to reflect and celebrate the increasingly multicultural life of two great cities. the inclusion of the cartoon seems particularly misguided. as well as offensive.

Helena Smith


D C Jackson replies:

While I am in absolute agreement with Helena Smith‘s comments that negative racial stereotyping has no place in The List. and indeed in society as a whole. I must defend myself and the strip against accusations of racism. The joke in question was certainly in poor taste but was not playing on. nor reinforcing. any misguided racial stereotype.

2 THE LIST 22 Jan—5 Feb 2004


React, The List,

14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1TE

or React, The List,

at the CCA, 350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow 62 3JD

or email

The strip was making an (admittedly ill-judged) allusion to the male on male sexual assaults which occurred last year in the West End of Glasgow. The assaults were carried out by a white man. a black man and another attacker who witnesses repOrted as Asian. That was the ‘mixed race three' to which I referred. Obviously in the cold light of day I realise that making jokes about the victims of serious crime is not a great idea and my phrasing was indeed too ambiguous. I can only apologise to Helena and any other readers who misconstrued the strip and state categorically that I despise the insidious influence of prejudice of any kind.

D C Jackson

Glasgow Fabulous

SHAMEFUL OMISSIONS Re: 50 Best Scottish Films (482) Since your last issue was packed with praise for the Hot 1 00. I feel it only fair to redress the balance by liberally laying into your selections for the 50 Best Scottish Films of All Time. Why no mention of the (unfathomably) obscure masterpiece by native director Austin Campbell, The Massacre of Glencoe? Billed as ‘the true story of the greatest Scottish clan feud ever', this film does exactly what it says on the tin. It presents an impartial and breathtakingly authentic account of this significant chapter in Scotland‘s history. Directed by a Campbell. this film comes with a ringing endorsement from the contemporary (with its making) chief of Clanranald. But no mention of the film in the Top 50. no mention of the director in the Finest Filmmakers. and no mention again (!) of the film under the entry for James Robertson Justice. despite the fact that his portrayal of the Maclan must count as one of the most sensitive of his

long career.

Alas. the injustice does not end here! Finest Filmmakers contained no mention of John Laurie of Dumfries. an actor who featured in over 80 films spanning from 1930 to 1979. not to mention Dad's Army. Here was a man who acted alongside Olivier. David Niven. Peter Cushing and Richard Attenborough, to name but a few. He's not even mentioned in the piece on Hitchcock‘s appalling bodge of Buchan‘s 39 Steps.

But the most heinous omission . . . undisputed master of the “double-take“. the reputed inspiration behind Homer Simpson's ‘dohl'. and probably the most distinctive Scottish face ever to have appeared on celluloid. Mr James Finlayson of Falkirk. a man who. despite living in America for most of his life. never lost his quintessential Scottishness.

Shame on you all.

Ian Miller Glasgow

it's not too late to nominate any film as the Best Scottish Film of All Time. Simply send a text message to 82888. with the text ‘VOTE’ followed by the name of the film, by 6 Feb.


l was amused to see Sunday Herald columnist Alan Taylor lambasting The List (his former employer if I'm not mistaken) for their Top 100 Scots of 2003 piece as he had a natural loathing of peOple who compiled lists. Funny then.

that his current employer spent many pages that very same day compiling a list of the Top Scots for 2004. And anyone who has a copy of Taylor's The Assassin's Cloak will undoubtedly spot a further irony: his book is nothing

less than a list of diary entries. Tbuche.

Sam McBride



Re: Hot 100 (484)

I've just been reading your Hot 100 in the latest issue and am amazed that Colin Maclntyre of the Mull Historical Society doesn't feature. Not only did he release Us. one of the best albums by a Scottish band for many years. but was also involved in a charity night at the Stand earlier in the year and thoroughly deserves a place in the top 10. never mind the top 100.

Jamie Graham


RE: Letters, (485)

letter that reveals the fate of the characters! Thank you! Thanks a bunch! For your next trick. howsabout you wait until a Star Wars virgin is really starting to enjoy The Return of the Jedi and blab about Darth Vadar's ofispnng?

Sarah McNuIty



I'd just like to say a big thank you to The List. and Rodrigo Brito. Verena Koch and Tanja Walther. Having not yet seen either parts two or three of The Matrix, l innocently read the


* Australian Wine at its best





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