Glasgow boys FRANZ FERDINAND prove the feverish excitement surrounding them is justified as they provide us with our highlight from the annual new band wagon that is the NME Awards Tour. Words: Andrew Gilchrist

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y the titne you read this l’ranz l‘erdinand will he riding high in the

Top 40 with only their second single. "l‘ake Me ()ut'. (‘onsidering

the hand only signed a record deal a few months ago. and that their one previous release didn‘t even chart. this begs the question: hovv the hell did that happen'.’

And it‘s a question the hand will no doubt he asking themselves. When I interviewed them a mere tvvo and a half weeks ago. the prospect of a hit single was as likely as a duet with Kylie (watch this space). Prior to the interview. I‘ll admit to some reservations. The (ilasgovv l'oursome have rel‘erred to themselves as ‘the nevv Scottish gentry' and have a reputation for being sophisticated and decadent art school aristocrats ot’ pop.

So I'm slightly disappointed when we meet. Instead ol’ relaxing in Saint Jude's with a hunch ol‘ dandy tops in cravats nonchalantly smoking cheroots. I find myself squeezed into a booth in Stereo. a vaguely seedy live venue in