O I saw you New York beauty IZ/I 2/03 singing your heart out at 80 Queen Street - we chatted briefly - fancy a drink sometime‘.’ [,'/486/36

V I saw you I.. annoyed with me bttt not wanting to say anything. I'm really sorry. Subtlety is .\'()T my strong poiitt. Rx. [.7486/37

V I saw you working at lilll like an old horse. Pick up the pace girlie. I'll teach you a few things xx[7/486/38

V I saw you my beautiful girlfriend l.ucy. I will love you always. Boo xxl7486/39

V I saw you! t was bustin' a style of dancin' - I was on stage - you brought a ('I). [7486/40 VI saw you. you big hunk watching the fireworks on Princes Street. New Year's Iiye! [7486/4l V I saw you in the Basement Bar with your awful bracelet. Nina - you owe me ten pounds!!! Payment in kind will be considered! [7486/42

V I saw you and I'm sure you saw tne in the Princes Street public toilets. I‘riday I9th at dusk. Please. teach me to love again. [7486/43

V I saw you on the 'bomber' on New Year's Day. (ireen should be your favourite colour! [7/486/44

V I saw you with your head in a hole. with a branch. at shoelace and a mortise key. rescuing your other shoe. \Vell done you guys!! [7486/45

V I saw you at the 'I‘rayerse looking gorgeous and looking for a job. I'd hire you any day. All my love always. wee chops! Ix. [7/486/46

O I saw you green shirt. bowl cut with green and red badge. IIe/she makes no difference. 'I'rayerse Bar 8/1/04. I l.30pm. [7486/47

V I saw you Korean girl at the Traverse Theatre Bar. I think I'm in love with you. In fact. I know I am. [7486/48

V I saw you 'l‘rav Bar. 3rd Jan. Stood next to each other - you in denim jacket and red top ~ the in grey turtleneck. lnterested'.’ [7486/49

V I saw you I’riday the 2nd. Medina. You. tall handsome. big brown eyes. black shirt. Me. glamorous I)anish drunk. large chested 34B blonde. We snogged. Important to know that you are not stupid. [7486/50

V I saw you Jill Peacock. You have loyely iced lingers and pasties. Small children love you and so do we. You're a smasher. [7/486/51

V I saw you in Kings Buildings practical lab. and now you are a boy racer you can give me a ride anytime! Let's get together for chemical bonding. U/486/52

V I saw you oh my (iod. oh my God. oh my (iod. oh my God. oh my God. I love you. I love you Minnie. [.7486/53

V I saw you in the Basement pulling pints. Love that shirt - it would go well with my carpet. Fancy it'.’ You know you want to! [.7486/54

110 THE LIST '2? Jan 5) l-ol) 200/1


PETITE BRUNETTE 42, slim. likes music. reading. cinema. travel. Vs'lffM Latin male anywhere in Scotland for friendship & fun. ('all me on 09067 5 I0 I45 8: enter II) no. 4061809

NEEDLE IN HAYSTACK. 3 l yr old female seeking man who loves music. cinema. live comedy. chocolate 8: walks in the park. ('all me on 09067 5I0 I45 & enter II) no. 40| I809 ANGELA, 5'6 with green eyes. auburn hair & slitn build. likes pubs. cinema. walking 8: eating otlt. looking for Mr Right. ('all me on 09067 563 557 & enter II) no. |3I7342I

SLIM Angela, 5'6", from South (ilasgow. told fairly attractive. brunette. looking for a nice guy. ('all the on 09067 563 557 8; enter II) no. 18339436

= -:;';;Hz;-z;y‘=:» '1‘“ : 2. "

.31..“ 'i I

; malt? seeks MIMIC] Ohaflines

Eat-“t MALE, 35, enjoys good food. live music. long talks & walks. looking for female for good times & romance. ('all tne on 09067 510 I45 it enter II) no. 4054809

"i-i'i‘ EASYGOING, fun loving & hopelessly romantic Iidinburgh male. 29. looking for that early (‘hristmas present to unwrap. ('all me on 09067 5I0 I45 & enter II) no. 4053809

'33:?” GLASGOW MALE, 47, 5'I0". blue eyes. brown hair. gmid-looking. likes music. meals & drinks ottt. looking for someone with similar otttlook. for fun & friendship. ('all me on 09067 563 557 8; enter II) no.l929699

mail-<5 iii. Ilt‘

l' ll‘silt-


GLASGOW GAY MALE, 5 I. 5'9". WIII'M tnale for fun (Q friendship. ('all me on 09067 563 557 & enter II) no.

I I692 I 30

GLASGOW MALE, 28, 5'8". slitn build. fair hair. blue eyes. likes a good laugh & WIII'M male of similar age. for ftnt. friendship. maybe tnore. ('all me on 09067 563 557 & enter II) no. l8487225

GAY PROFESSIONAL FEMALE 43. attractive. slim. warm 8; fttnny. Iinjoys cinema. dining out & travel. Seeks similar. ('all me on 09067 5 I0 I45 & enter II) no. 4056809

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