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Admin Assistant.

Broken your New Year resolutions already? (.rcmlmmry. March _ Jul)

Why not resolve to make a difference? required for (ilitsg()\\'-htlSC(I

annual music festival. Salary If you can spare a couple of hours once a wmk. during the evening Bookshop Manager £12k pcr unnum‘ pm mm. (VS or at the i.‘.r(x2kend. then Big Brothers 8. Sisters needs you... Fun time. Saturday _Wednesday; Salary scale “64:2” 10 ml Rudgcr‘ 8] High Strum We prowrle adult volunteer mentors to children aged (3 to It} froin ;;;\;: ;- r. r _i- 2;. gig-«re; i.-;;1:.\:;.,iiix:; .1; I 1;”... :1; (ilasgow (El INB. lone parent families. Being a mentor is about being a mate. haying It). , , Closing date 5 February. a laugh and doing everyday things like playing football. Visiting .,_ , ,P , n _,, _ ,, I I galleries or Just haying a (:hat. ,1, \_ I Supervisors required You could makoa hugorlitforonoo toa young lxzrson's lilo. , .. . {or expand”)?fI,‘5lr'h““”” t _ t .. .. . i. ,. ., .~ _, ..t - .. t . \. C(annny. l\() Woai'olxiitimilarly shoit of malomentors- ;a.:, _ l : ::i.- z -;‘<" e' :-:‘ ' 1,31' i". .;":I weft «oz-xv; -, experience nccdcd. Arm: although we l.'./el(:omoal| Zil)[)ll(l<'lil()ll$. ., -._. pg is ax. ;~-~-_.r; t-g; ,1 :-'-’ Scotland _ anywhcm Paid Visit our website , _ £(i+/hotir. Leave details on or contact: and Development ASSIStant or Ciiillii (‘V [U G|asgow; Amanda Kaple 0141 248 4349 8 Sisters Part time. 2 days; Salary scale {IO—(Mk pro rata W [nymwilohm 1,1).\\.u).'u)ln E\dinburgh: Pegs Bailey 0131 220 4722 ..~~.. i I H V v: . .. Hairdressers.

lixeitiilg self employed

I h I . ' _ . ' _ opportunity in a clean. modern """ ' * 3 i": "' " salon centrally located. First 3 " lg ' ,i ; ._' ._'_ {Iv ._ V. l ,. x z" i". 9' z'yi'“ '-.~ INOIHhS rent iAI'L'C. (‘UliiZlCi

I N T E R N I O N A L Rikiiillti its)? 5 ) F E I L £39101];:ppIICOUOHlXICk please send a C5 SAE envelope stating the position you confidentia'iw

pply for to.

Graham ManneringsPersonnel Manager Guaranteed' The Fi'ultmarket Gallery.45 Market St.Edinburgh.EHl IDF T:O| 3| 225

The Programme Development Department of one of the world's leading arts festivals currently seeks two self-starters With excellent

interpersonal skills to 10m its award Winning education team. Administrative Assistant

Deadline for applications‘) Feb 2004 ['CIII'IWII I‘ll PEIMIC A"

Programme Development Assistant Salary £13,725 - £14,500 "““"“" H Urgalllsullml In (Ililsgim'. If) (pro_rata) The FruitmarketColleryis oneqliolopportunities employer Ans ( "J “' hours per “Lick. RespOnsibllities include suppOrtlng the administration of L‘ I 2.000 pro rata. . the department. and liaismg With schools and outSIde organisations in For further information addition to Overseeing and managing small programmes. Excellent call Juliet Sebley on administration skills are requned and an interest in education would be 0141 418 0439. deSIrable. A part-time post. A fabulously talented Company' Connecting to Music Project Assistant 2 Competitive daily rates '4 -'

An oppOrtunity for a bright and enthUSiastic person With an interest in SCOtt'ShBallet the educat'on Of young people Mam areas Of respons'b'I'ty 'nC'Ude Scotlands National Dance Company has been revitalis‘ed under MARKET RESEARCH

acting as a chaperone to young people and supporting the workshop development of the innovative Connecting to Music programme. Contracts Will be offered on a part-time freelance baSIs.

the acclaimed Artist3c Direction of Ashley Page. To complete TH FPHOVI; the cominiiiiicat‘ons team, the Com )an now seeks a .. l . : .4 . l y i.\ Il:RVlI-.\\ tilts

Applications Will be conSidered from candidates interested in fulfilling to work from our office both of these posts on a shod-term/seasonal baSis. ill Leith.

J0b 930k and application details are available from R05ie Elder. Salary {23/600 N“ W/lms’ [NW/Wil- Personnel Manager_ Edinburgh International Festivat The Hub, To manage and develop Scottish Ballets media strategy. Dal; [filming and lll'r'kt'ml Castlehill, Royal Mile. Edinburgh EH1 2NE. Tel 0131 473 2087 Or email I xtensive experience of PR and media management of the sill/1.x available.

your name and address requesting a pack to rOSie.elder’n> am g5 essential, ,.-/,,Vu-/,/,.l m,”_g,,,,,.u,,,,,,.,l mm”

.\I()Rl 'l'ele illone Surveys. Press and Marketing Assistant 0131 467 6666

Salary £9,600

Following an internal promotion, we need to reCruit an

Closmg date for receipt of completed applications is 20 February 9004.

Training Assistant (New Deal Placement) I'lliterate and media frt‘ndly assistant to support the new Edinburgh Mediabase is looking to recrUit a full-time (32 hours per Press Lilanager. week) Training Assistant for a 26-week period to start in February 2004. T H E CAIR N

Edinburgh Mediabase is a resource centre for anyone interested in film. I 0', 1 copy of (other job (MCHDUOH md Demo”

di ital Video or new media techn I i . W rovrde afforda | s . . . ' togtrammg and equmem hue asofigllejs adevfle and supponbfiracces SDClelCtliiOli, visit t'A', Ass'smnt Manager aspiring filmmakers. or call 0141 3 31 2951. We reQUIrc an enthUSiastic lull time The posnion involves aSSisting the Training Co-ordinator With the \ , 08'50" I0 10'“ 0Ur DUSY Ieam. DYBVIOUS administration of Mediabase's c0urses. No experience required. lull r0 “WW ll'msc 905‘ Y0” ('V (“‘d COVCWW 'Cm‘" catering experience essential training given. We are looking for someOne who seeks a career in arts ("hiking It (ZION WIN?“ JOI) YOU MC dPPIYI'KJ f0") A competinve rate or pay is offered for administration. to arrive by 30 January 2004 to Joanna Hiiishelwood, me right applicant. This is a New Deal Posnion and so you need to be Signing on to apply. Adlninigtrdtion officer, scouggh Baum, If 0U we Id like to "no 0 tmore or To apply Please ema” «’1 COVCF letter and CV 10 201 West Princes Street, Glasgow (34 9E E. V U U training<aiedinburghmedmbasecom before 5th [—0-] apply '0' ""5 pos'l'on 9'9“? February 2004 \.'A..A.',.Sc(mHm,”lot-coflk tel: 0131 555 2211 or write to: www.edinburghmediabasecom Stove Coclu‘ano 0 the Calm Cato °€DINBVKC++ '— -l sewerage 02:33:...” 4' comm-ISM

.. .. . . . w qwmomcdiabasc Lilith 0 Edlnburgh 0 ENG 6J0

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