to chill it so they must be used to such blatant bad behaviour. When we arrived at dinner I was glad we had as a glass of wine cost £4.25. presumably so as not to tempt those who were there to detox. We were there for no such thing. We were just there for sheer indulgence.

We caught up on loads of gossip. relaxed and were utterly pampered with massages. facials and a particularly exciting mud treatment which involved paper pants. warm mud. cling lilm and hot towels. As I sat baking in my muddy sleeping bag I had the added bonus of a superb head massage. It may sound like torture but it really was fantastic.

Had we wished to exert ourselves we could have gone to a salsa class after dinner but we chose to lounge around in our pyjamas in our room. a far cry from those late nights in New York. I may have been asleep by l().3()pm but it meant that we were on sparkling form and able to enjoy a stroll through the grounds. another heat treatment and a strenuous water aerobics class the following morning.

It was with great reluctance that I took my bathrobe oil for the last time. As an overnight visitor the facilities are open to you for the rest of the day and we contemplated participating in the hour long power walk but as snow began falling outside decided that curling tip in front of Stobo‘s enormous open tire and reading the Sunday papers with a cup of herbal tea was a much more attractive option. There may not have been any sex and we certainly weren't in the city but I think ('arrie and co

100 THE LIST 7? Jan 5) l ml; 2001‘;

would have been proud. l)ay visits start from £150 for a health and beauty package including massage. l'acial. manicure and pedicure. Prices for an overnight stay start from £147 including a back massage and use ol‘ all the facilities -— £247 it’ you opt for the luxurious new cashmere suite complete with vast marble bath. voice activated lighting and plasma screen TV which opens in l‘ebruary. To book call 01721 725300 or e-mail reservations ((I‘ i: " '* Life 73 ' h ' l ' 9’ Lin.) k I it..- . x .. - . -. _. H :9 .i {we I "I. l r»: 5- a 3": yr 1a a pg 2' . ,3. 7 't-‘h"‘«!"| ("‘ ' t

"‘a "0"." " " a E ‘v .. . . ",J .‘. '3. 1 " I "



TU? W9? 9’1 1’7? . .3 if??? . _


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I AND FINALLY. DON'T MISS next week's issue of The List when we take y0u on a voyage of discovery around Iceland as we sample the music scene, munch on the puffin, sample the reindeer steaks and hottoot it to Hotel Bjdrk.