Scents and sensibility

1) Stella by Stella McCartney

Stella a goddess of rock'n'roll and girly allure has long since proved herself as more than simply a Beatles offspring. Inspired by her Anglican roots. McCartney's new fragrance. Ste/la. blends the subtle aromas of rose and amber. Better still. it's beautifully packaged in hand-made polished glass - funky and beautiful. Jenners, Princes Street. Edinburgh. 0137 22:3 2442.

2) Himalaya by Creed 0 Olivier Creed's first men's fragrance for three years is a delicious balance of traditional masculine ingredients. wrth citrus. wood and spice aromas. Fresh. but with depth, this is the perfect baby for the proverbial man's man.

Felix and Oscar. 459 Great Western Road, Glasgow, 0747 339 8585. www. feli‘xandoscai: com

3) Noix de Tubereuse by Miller Harris

Starting life in the endangered tuberose fields of Grasse. Norx de . . . is inspired by the fragrant leaves found there. Bass notes of tonka bean. orris and amber complete this Spiritually uplifting number.

Arkangel, 4 William Street. Edinburgh, 0737 225 9602.

4) Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren Ralph Lauren sits high on the fashion barometer and its stylish fragrances are as eclectic as its garments. This relatively new scent has been a huge success 1- and the man in the adverts isn't too shoddy either.

Jenners. Princes Street, Edinburgh. 0731 22:3 2442. iiwwpo/o.corn 5) Lulu Guinness by Lulu Guinness


Lulu Gurnness' accessories eprtomrse flirtation and glamour. And the Q: i

new Lulu scent is no different, With its fusion of age-old traditions and 3 Jr J, modern perfume techniques. Floral decadence meets a veritable 5’ mm fruity treat. And well worth a look for the opulent packaging alone. " 6 a

Harvey Nichols. St Andrews Square. Edinburgh. (Hill 524 8388. www. harvey/ iicho/s. con i



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Elementary, my dear music fans

The Carbon Records stores is largely due to a basic enthusiasm for good music, so it makes sense that they’re now making that music available online. There’s a certain buzz to Carbon, something to do with the fact that you know you’re not going to be sold any old tat. As the company beefs up its website, you hope that same regard for the customer is maintained.

Carbon’s manager, Jono Bagley, says: ‘The plan is to mirror the ethos of the stores, that is, making quality music easily accessible.’

Everything sold in Carbon stores will eventually be available over the net. The bonus for customers, other than not having to leave the house, is that it will be slightly cheaper. Carbon has also taken a novel approach to musical categories. You can now browse four sections of the catalogue: Good Times, You Got Soul, Just Chillin’ and Guitar.

As Bagley explains: ‘We’re trying to make links between music that otherwise get missed.’ There is also a level of ‘editorial’ input planned. ‘Users won’t simply be looking at a picture of a record,’ says Bagley. ‘We want to have reviews of every item we sell.’ (Kenny Hodgart)

I Carbon Musrc. Urban Outfitters, 157 Buchanan Street, Glasgow, ()lzll 2-78 (3/137. www. carbonnrusic. co. uk

98 THE LIST 7? Jan 5) l eli 2005.


Spend, spend, spend. . .

I TWO YEARS AFTER it first opened to the public. 'the Walk' in Edinburgh has finally shifted some more of its shop units. Until recently, Louis Vuitton and Harvey Nicks were the only designer stores inhabiting the white elephant's blocks. but now Armani and designer shoe shop Sole are set to open in the spring. ‘Under Offer‘ signs are posted on several other units, all within days of each other. A coincidence or a reduction in rates?

I APPLE MAC revolutionised the personal computer world with its iMacs and then it did the same for music with the iPod. The new iPod Mini is the smallest portable music player ever. Measuring just 3.6 inches in height, it stores 1000 tracks, and it’s available in five metallic colours: silver, gold, green, blue and pink. It could have been the perfect Valentine’s gift, but you’ll have to wait till April to get your paws on one.

I NEDS EVERYWHERE can take some credit for the quarterly sales figures of Burberry: the clothing chain has experienced a 12% increase in the last three months. But.

judging by some expressions of devotion, is the company really exploiting all possible avenues for expansion?

I IN THE LAST SIX months fashion has regressed to the 805, then it was the 503 and now in spring it will retreat even further back to the 205 and 305. Harvey Nichols is leading the charge with its spring/summer womenswear 2004 collection: a mix of ice-cream shades and fluid flapper- style v-back dresses and pearls. So, all digits crossed, we’ve seen the back of the prom queen.

I VALENTINE'S DAY is fast approaching and Jenners is set to install a dedicated Valentine's shop on its second floor balcony from 1—14 February. Cards. choccies. jewellery and champers will be included. And look out for the next issue of The List for the best in Valentine‘s gift ideas.

All white, all white, all white Fdihbtii‘gh':; lifestyle clothing shop White Stuff has two items to give away to readers of The L/s.‘: a men's ’Of Ice and Men' lined. Windproof Juniper rworth SKI/.530) and a women's Clearwater fleece (worth 57.553). To enter. send an i r email to promotions@list.

F-QL...’ no later than l-r; (3 l”; Feb 200-1. Please include a” ‘* a daytime telephone

number and postal address.

I l"/hife Stuff is located “"4” at 107 Hanover Street.

‘\ Edinburgh. 073/ b‘2-1 242-1. lint/w.ivlfitesttltt.cot/k