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GOLDFRAPP Liquid Room,Edinburgh,17 Jun. he first time you hear Goldfrapp, it‘s quite a shock to the lugholes. Uniquely cinematic and utterly other-worldly, the collaboration between singer Alison Goldfrapp and composer Will Gregory sounds like Bjork and Shirley Bassey having an Alpine adventure in a 605 spy film soundtracked by John Barry. At least that's the impression created by their debut album, Felt Mountain, released in September last year. An eerie and chilling mix of electronica, orchestra and noir cabaret, it’s a product of Goldfrapp’s art school background and Gregory's obsession with film. For both of them, music is more than just notes on a page. ‘Music for me is something that’s visual,’ says Goldfrapp. ‘To talk about music in technical terms is really boring, so we talk about what colour it is or what shape it is.’ Since the album’s release, the band’s popularity has soared. Ever- increasing tours and press coverage have accumulated to the point where they’re now the darlings of the style magazines, and being touted as early favourites for the Mercury Music Prize. Contrary to the safe coffee table muzak image that might conjure up, controversy has courted Goldfrapp of late. Frequent gobby interviews with a wilfully opinionated Alison have emerged, and on their last trip to Scotland, a gig at Cottier’s Theatre in Glasgow, she ended up dishing out a tongue lashing to an overly persistent photographer mid-set. “That was just fucking rude, you know?’ she says in sultry tones. ‘The stage was four inches high and people were sitting down, then six photographers all decided to come up the front. I just felt like they were invading the space and I just felt embarrassed about it.’ So prospective David Bailey types should watch out


Sleep in on a Saturday, you don't need to watch CD:UK to know what‘s hot in pop. Let The List guide you around the minefield that is the world of pop.

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at the band’s forthcoming gig at Edinburgh's Liquid Room. The show has already been postponed twice for various reasons, something which should be to our advantage. For a start it’s almost definitely the last time anyone will see Goldfrapp in such an intimate venue, so much is their star in ascendancy, and the band have also come on leaps and bounds from their tentative and nervy early shows.

One criticism of Goldfrapp live has been that they replicate the studio sound of Felt Mountain too closely. This is not something that overly concerns Goldfrapp. ‘Some people get pissed off that we stick so closely to the album,’ she says. ‘But, you know, that’s what we do and if people don’t like it, fuck ‘em.’ (Doug Johnstone)

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Music news now


cancelled his appearance at this year‘s Glenmorangie Glasgow Jazz Festival. The festival continues however, with acts like Chick Corea and George Melly booked to play. PARA ROACH AND KELIS H.\‘\ E-

can‘t-7" 21:1“. . r‘ _\ .‘il ix...) .8? SUPERGRASS, LOWGOLD, Ben Folds and Neil Finn are among the first acts to be announced for this year’s T on the Fringe. More are set to be announced in the coming weeks. A lx‘l ISI' ’Ii ll>l N; I ll INilNl 3 77." Riv-r" u llllfilljl‘itui taunts :m {.1 ;»:l ill “0' 'l’."'l()fi

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#5323!) ll)! "viii: iiiloii'izilmri. SCOTTISH ARTS COUNCIL have made the first announcement of this year’s funding of contemporary music. Indie label Creeping Bent Records are to receive £17,500 while Scots jazz label Caber will get £25,000. SUPER HJRHY ANIMAL S I;":ll‘.i€:l Ill‘;:l‘ ll(:‘.‘.' DVD at (Ems/jun: I Ill!" llltu'llf‘; on l min, 9? JUN; (If I II‘ association .‘Jllll luck}, Bl‘fl. 'léi‘.‘: liw: mm; of tickets ‘1) (ins; :mzi, tor tilt,- (almxxtzifs‘: ‘i’,i"(:‘:l‘illl(} attended I), tlv; I,<'l".’}.

l', ‘:.".l‘:'. SUI/l III (I postcard mtii ,ui' I(;!f;{/l‘.0l‘:‘: number to: SI A Unit; 'IW: LIST, l-l HIQII Street. Ll’l‘lilullffl’. E III III or t; iiiziil to unit)", wists/Mill. Clown/j (lath- IS

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