Pitch Photo-realrstrc (‘otttpulet generated actors Background l‘he {year rs 900:"). Iltl years after a tallrng meteor has turned the Earth rnto a post apocalyptrc wasteland. Worse strli. the rrreteor has brought wrth rt alren phantoms =.'.l:r<:‘r are unleashed across the planet. Onl\ Dr Akr Ross and her hunlm partner can save the \.'.orld, CGI wersrorr ot the liuueh popular computer name.

Smash |n—hurlt game tanhase, plus thrs rs the next stage rn computer anrrrratrorr

Bomb Unlrkeh, hut the hottrns strll haxer“: fulh mastered character anrrrratrtvr

Pitch Sequel to Jackre (Zha t's hrgmest wilt Background Jackre Chan rs reunrted nurth Brett Ratner and Chr'rs Tucker. the drrectar' and costar on hrs prggest Amer'rcan smash te tlate. So e can expect more and hrgum stunts trom Chan .\.-.rho strll pulls rt off though he‘s turned 5a and comrc \.‘.lSCCl'aCl\'S from loudmouth Tucker. Zhang er tastonrshrng young; star of "g; Tger. H'o’der‘ Dragon) gnes Chan some lxran, narate thrs trme round as the \rrllarn ot the prece.

Smash Comedy and kunu ‘u: :t's hard to ac r'or‘t; wrth that combo

Bomb Except Cr'eucl‘rr‘g ue' rarsed :l‘e starxr‘ards of what's achremhle ‘~.'.rtn marital arts


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Also opening in August

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