seats. shimmering blue bar. glass and mirrors. plus the Aslztn‘liltt't) fusion menu all demanded attention. The bar life took a while to get going. but seems to have captured that part of the market that seeks subtler. more sophisticated surroundings. That said. you can receive the occasional pass to Trash if you're interested. The cocktail menu has just been updated from a straightforward Martini at £4 to a sinister Pink (‘in (vodka. (ioldschlager cinnamon schnapps. creme de cacao. and cranberry juice) for £4.50.

Happy ltnttl'.‘ Alan-Sat 5 «8pm; .llillel: drauehts‘. Smirtta/fahddash. house wine [1.60,- hall¥price cacktatls all night

Matt Thu.


4(ll Sauchiehall Street. 332 444‘). Mon—Sat l lam—midnight; Sun l2.3(lpm—midnight.

The condition of this diner-ish. art-deco designed corner pub has long towed that fine line between ‘lived-in' and ‘shabby'. lts new owner might invest in a lick of paint for the walls and a bit of gold-leaf to highlight the deco flourishes. but it would be wrong to fiddle with the Variety fortnula. This popular haunt also draws a bouncy younger crowd as well thanks to the bar’s seven-day-a-week [)1 line-up. whether it is the acid house-cum- bass of Dribbler on Wednesday or the ska-hip-hop-ambient-techno of The llustler on Friday.

Happy lIUllI'.‘ Opening-6’1»)! lager: heavy and export. [1.40. Guinness [1.50. shots olram. gin. vodka. and whisky ‘)()p.


3| Queen Street. 248 8484. Mon—Wed 5pm— I am; Thu~Sun 6pm—3am.

Another outpost in the GI (formerly King (‘ity Leisure) empire. Yang is billed as the city"s top ‘underground' bar and club. The atmosphere is dark and moody. the decoration economical in the manner of Muji. Yang recently celebrated its first birthday. but given its continuing success. it seems much longer since the sports bar Yo Yo occupied this prime piece of real estate. Different DJs play every night in three distinct spaces. so you are bound to find your groove. The most impressive line-up might be Thursday with the Glasgow-based funk collective lilevation Trio. Bob Peck and (‘harlie lmnan doing hip hop. funk and house. Admission is charged after midnight.

Happy hour: ()«9pltl all drinks £1.25.


23 Mitchell Street. 23] 9875. Mon—Sat f):3()am—midnight. Sun noon—midnight. Although the colour scheme remains true to its name and the place is still a cheery place for lunch. Bar Yello has handed over sponsorship to Coors Light as the new wall mural and nightly entertainment attests. The one-time feeder bar to the Tunnel now has a set line-up for the week: the Time Tunnel with 70s and 80s music on Monday and Tuesday. televised sports on Wednesday. L'ltimate Karaoke on Thursday. DJs on Friday (Theme Night) and Saturday (Party Night). which manager Brian McClintock says offers the best bash in the city if you are game. pre-booked parties of ten or more receive discounted drinks.

Promotions include [2.5() doubles Mon—ll'ed and Coors Light [/50 all the lime.



7 Victoria Street. 225 5846. Mon—Sun llam—lam.

Following their (‘uban theme to the letter. those smart people at Baracoa try to give every element of their old town bar a touch of Havana. The decor is bright. with warm colours. and the only concession to liuropean culture are the TVs showing sport or music videos. For the more nimble among you. salsa dancing takes place on Tuesday and Thursday evenings with lessons on Wednesdays for those who are not so sure on their feet.


3—8 West Crosscauseway. 662 8860. Mon~Tue l lam-l lpm; Wed~'l‘hu. Sun

I lam—midnight; Fri—Sat l lam—lam. Whether it's for looking out into the world or being seen from afar. Bar (‘e l.ona’s lloor-to-ceiling plate glass front windows do the job perfectly. Inside the flurry of bright yellow acts as a backdrop to pale wooden furniture tilled with students. office workers. theatre-goers and young well-to-do types who. it seems. prefer to chat as opposed to bellow over background music. An eclectic menu. as well as [Ms on Fridays and Saturdays and live jazz. on Sundays. add to the civilised but fun vibe.


3‘) (‘onstitution Street. 467 7527. Mon»\\'ed 7am—midnight; Thu—-l‘ri 7am—lam; Sat 8am—lam: Sun 8am~midnight.

Because of its location (technically Leith. but tantalisingly close to the oh-so- desirable Shore area) you'd be forgiven for thinking that this establishment is a spit- aml-sawdust kind of boozer. Far from it. All ornate mirrors. comfy sofas and bright colours. it looks like one of the Changing Room team's more successful efforts. lirequented by locals. suits and bright young things alike. it's extremely busy on Thursday. Friday and Saturday nights when there's quality live music.


54 (leorge lV Bridge. 225 6936. Mon~Sat l lam—lam; closed Sun. Pushing your way through the weighty doors of Kohl. you are confronted by deep red walls not perhaps the traditional colour for your average boozer. but that's because this isn‘t really your average boolet‘. Rich wood and sheets of frosted glass decorate a compact bar which is filled to capacity on clubbing nights and busy most others. One of the main attractions is vodka: they pretty much stock every vodka in the world plus more than a few they‘ve made up themselves. The debate is frequently not what to drink. but what flavour to have.

Barn ue

39—4l 3roughton Street. 557 ()627. Mon—Sat l lam—lam: Sun 12.30pm-lam. ()pen to 3am during the festive season. Multi-coloured Broughton Street gets even more vibrant with Baroque's matt orange and purple exterior. which is inlaid with the bar's name in piercing blue mosaic tiles on either side of the main entrance. The bar itself is the centre and focal point for this smallish but busy establishment. A spidery lighting unit comes plummeting down from behind the counter. while all around the twenty and thirtysomethings crowd round sturdy

Barucoa, Blck 80's and Five

wooden tables. creating a buzzing party atmosphere. Daytime sees Baroque's bistro side come out with a reliable menu to offset the damage done by their multiple beer bargains and pitchers. Special tillers: Pitchers alluger 1“)» (/4. 3-for-1 pitchers.


7—l() Dock Place. 555 3344. Mon—Wed

l l.3()am—midnight; Thu—Sat l lam—lam; Sun 12.3()pm— I am.

The terracotta textured walls of this large Shore area bar are lit up to create a warm. inviting mood. enticing punters down to the low-slung seating and tables for drinks and a selection from the sensibly priced snacky menu. Populated predominately by the twenty and thirtysomethings locals. Sirius comes alive when the besuited masses from the surrounding area pile in. indulging in post-work specials and making it a lively oasis in the industrial landscape of Leith. Special (47m; weekdays halfprice pitchers. selected 21/ar-l offers. Happy lIUllI'.‘ I’ri 4.3(k—8/HII selected beers fl. doubles [1.802.105 Stat-«Thu lmttle at house wine [5.


l28 George Street. 320 6l8(). Mon—Sat “lam—lam; Sun l()am—midnight.

With philosophical ramblings painted on the windows concerning the joys and politics of hedonistic life. Bar 38 adds to the plethora of watering holes on (ieorge Street. Like several of its competitors in the area. it's decked out. perhaps predictably. with acres of clean. blond wood. but more interestingly with elaborate 31) wall hangings. As well as fine wines. spirits and beers. quality food is also indulged in by a mix of young professionals and older besuited types. giving the place a civilised but upbeat atmosphere.

The Basement

l()a Broughton Street. 557 ()097. Mon—Sun noon—lam.

The practical application of the spectacularly coloured Hawaiian shirts sported by the bar staff in The Basement has never been fully realised. Yes. it's dark: yes. there are nooks and crannies to rest in. So all the more reason to make those behind the bar a glowing beacon a booze lighthouse. if you will— making it easier to find where to get a drink or two. Big on pushing the ‘no specials as we‘re good already" ethos. The Basement attracts a loyal but friendly crowd who will no doubt welcome you with open arms and full pints.

Black Bo’s

57—6] Blackfriars Street. 557 6l36. Sun—Mon 4pm— I am.

()ne of the Old Town's enduring hangouts. Black Bo‘s is a consistent favourite with List staff and readers. When night falls. it becomes a dimly lit place which is a favourite with lefttield types often on their way to the city's more interesting clubs. The bar is small but well stocked. and on several nights of the week you'll find a DJ. decks perched perilously on a tiny ledge. spinning funk. soul and house. And there‘s no need to subject yourself to packets of crisps for dinner as the restaurant next door offers some of the finest vegetarian food in Edinburgh. Don't get lost wandering downstairs to the toilets. but do check out the subterranean pool table.

The List Bar Guide 199911