Children of the 805 wrll remember when a bi-level c0iffure equalled cred. lvlullets sadly shed this privileged status in the 905, but when the ultra-hip Beastie Boys explored the phenomenon in Grand Royal magazine, interest stirred; the Inevitable conclu5ion being an entire book devoted to one daft haircut. It’s easy to laugh at the tonsonal atrocities displayed here by Mr Dave BOWie, but beware. Early indicators suggest that mullets are heading right back into vogue. Will you be the first to sport one down your local?

The Mullet: Hairstyle Of The Gods by Barney Hoskyns and Mark Larson is published by Bloomsbury on Thu 9 Dec, priced f 9.99.

Glasgow On A Plate

Glasgow’s reputation as a style capital has gone through the roof in the last year and nowhere are the city's inhabitants more design-conscious than in their restaurants. As a new glossy book proves, pleasing aesthetics aren't limited to the surroundings, but can include the contents of your plate. Among the contributors are Nick Nairn (Nairn’s), Gerry Wan (Peking Inn) and Seumas lvlaclnnes (Cafe Gandolfi) all of whom are edited by Eurasia’s Ferrier Richardson. The food is deliciously photographed by Alan Donaldson.

Glasgow On A Plate is published by Black & White, g :t .v ' _: priced £76.99; see Book events, page 777.


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The Bunny Years

Debbie Harry’s been a punk princess, a Warhol superstar and an ageing diva, but she started out as one of Hugh Hefner’s Bunny Girls. Squeezed into life—threatening corsetry, paraded like cattle and ruled With a rod of iron by the Playboy tycoon and his underlings, the Bunnies were a big old insult to women everywhere until they finally hopped it in the late 80s. But hey, we’re not supposed to get huffy about such things in the ironic 90s, so gather round for some prime TV kitschpl0itation.

The Bunny Years is broadcast on 880, Tue 7 Dec.


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