and the exhibitionist within me.‘

explains Michael Keats. one hall of

club phenomenon the (‘uban Brothers. as to why he often ends tip naked on stage. ‘lt‘s also a Visual thing becattse the Y—t‘ronts and the suspenders look so ridiculous. it's easier to play the character.‘ Pause.

'But really. we just enjoy getting our

willies out.‘ Since their incarnation just oyer a year ago. the (‘uban Brothers haye

[it mburgh's \'CITUC.\ and clubs. Miguel Mantouani. Richie Paloccu and recent addition Archerio sing. DJ and

breakdance while unleashing some of

the most tin-PC banter that a modern- day audience has endured. ()bsessed

18 THE “ST 2—1.6 Dec 1999

gigged their way through most of


Famous for taking off their badly cut 705 suits and breakdancing to retro-funk, the CUBAN BROTHERS are taking over the world via Scotland's clubs. 50, is that a cigar in your pocket, or are you just pleased to see them? ‘~.".’or»::‘s: Simone Baird P'iotog'antts: Steve Reid

with breasts and getting down to their (ol'ten stained) Y-t’ronts and socks. The

Cubans have hit a chord with audiences eyerywhere. Howeyer. it was a meeting

between Keats and Tim King in the summer of 1998 that saw The (‘uban

Brothers born as a notorious pair of

entertainment stars. ‘I met Tim just before the Edinburgh Festiyal last year.‘ remembers Keats. ‘and four days later asked him if he wanted to do a gig with me at the Cellar Bar. I had the character. Tim had the looks. and we just clicked.‘ And was it loye at first sight‘.’ ‘It was manly loye from the offset. but only in the correct and proper tnanner.~

A year later. the duo played to sell- out crowds at the Gilded Balloon

'The Y-fronts and the suspenders lookso ridiculous, but really, we just enjoy getting our willies out.’

The Cuban Brothers

during the l‘estiyal. Although not oyerly prot'itable. these gigs helped them establish some yery lucratiye industry contacts. Since then. the ('uban Brothers haye played regularly in Dublin. appeared on the (‘hannel 4 Later tour and supported the Sugarhill (iang at their London date. "l‘hey saw the comical side. I think.‘ hopes Keats or that last engagement. "l‘hey were supported by second rate hip hop acts and then by us. What was it .\lelle Mel said to me'.’ “You really brave. man. You jttst dodgin' about in yo' drawers!" He had neyer seen anything like tts.‘

In January. the (‘uban Brothers will be shootng an international trayel show pilot for production company Ronan TV which will see the pair hit. of all places. Blackpool. ‘\\'e'll do the warm up in Blackpool.‘ says Keats. ‘The ('ubans go there thinking that it's the Las Vegas ol' lingland. only to lind out that it’s. er. not.'

It's the (‘ubans’ general ignorance that originally brought them to lidinburgh. they claim. ‘\\'e heard that lidinburgh was a great place for the entertainment industry. And of course we haye been inyolyed in the entertainment indttstry in many capacities. from porn movies in the early 70s to Miguel’s daytime TV show (10ml .l/Iurning [lam/m. which really cemented Richie and Miguel as celebrities in Cuba. When we came here. Edinburgh embraced us: there are lots of chicas. lots of breasts and they are always offering up the l'un.‘

Not just a passing laid in the tickle world of club culture. the (‘uban Brothers have created a firm foundation for themselves as. dare we say it. comedy artists. How do they explain their success and (relatiye) longeyity'.’ ‘Because we haye worked every single week.' says King. 'We'ye been relentlessf agrees Keats. 'And becatise we‘re genuinely up for the fun. people see that we‘re just a couple of lads making arses ol ourselyes. But we enjoy it and that's why it‘s been so successl'ulf

The Cuban Brothers play weekly Tuesdays at The Cellar Bar, Edinburgh; and weekly Wednesdays at Air Nudista, Gaia, Edinburgh.