-False Memory ~; Dean Koontz (Headline £16.99

hardback/£9.99 paperback) * at at


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Imagine if a twisted individual could get control of your vulnerable mind and programme your subconscious to obey his every command, even to kill yourself. In False Memory, a psychotic, overgrown boy of a doctor does just that.

He can cure people with the click of his fingers but, instead, implants memories of abuse into children. It‘s all a big game to him, with live pawns in plentiful supply. That is until an agoraphobic patient realises how passive she has become and takes action. But it’s too late for her and the mantle of justice is passed to her best fnend.

The ideas in this novel, Dean Koontz's 38th, are intelligent and believably frightening with the characters nicely rounded. But it is prosaic, the writing so slow and perfect that it lacks the edginess required to make it a real page-turner. Still, understanding the powers of hypnosis could put you off therapy for life. (AH)


The Brian Epstein Story Deborah Geller (Faber £14.99)


scoffed. But by 1966 The Beatles’ honorary fifth member had overseen the rise of 'his boys' to a level of fame arguably beyond even that of Jesus Christ.

It’s an extraordinary story, albeit one already told by the likes of Hunter Davies and Philip Norman. Yet until now, Epstein has always been a shadowy figure in the Fable Of The Fab Four; the dandy dealmaker who wished upon four stars and convinced America to go wiggy for a music they themselves invented.

A RADA drop—out who hid his sexuality from his parents and suffered depression from childhood, he ended his own life, intentionally or not, in 1967. Linked to a recent Arena documentary, this book looks at the man from the perspective of friends, foes and, of course, Beatles. According to John Lennon: ’He was just a beautiful fella'. (RE)


Carol Ann Duffy (Picador £10) * *‘k * t

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When Carol Ann Duffy wasn't appointed Poet Laureate earlier this year there was a wideSpread outcry.


(Remember the infamous response that '

the decision was a ’bag 0’ shite’?). Instead there should have been public rejoicing. Glasgow-born Duffy is far too sharp and independent a voice to be wheeled out obediently for royal occasions. This way, one of the few British poetry superstars can retain the public’s love and affection without compromise.

The World’s Wife confirms Duffy’s status as the leading poet of her generation. Famous and infamous women speak out. Salome has a brutal hangover, Delilah is busy with the scissors and Little Red Riding Hood takes an axe to the wolf. Duffy's greatest triumphs are her cynical world-weary wives like Frau Freud: ’l’m as au fait with Hunt-the-Salami/as Ms M. Lewinsky'. Less penis envy than good old-fashioned pity. Acidic, stylish, unmissable. (Ml)

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Borders and B&W are delighted to bring the cream of Glasgow’s chefs together for an evening of cookery demonstrations hosted by Ferrier Richardson from Eurasia with Sandro Giovanazzi (La Parmigiana), Andrew Fairlie (One Devonshir) Gardens),

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Come along and see the masters at work.

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Ian Rankin’s crime books dominate the bestseller lists in Scotland and with John Hannah taking on the role of Inspector Rebus in a new TV adaptation, his readership is set to grow and grow.

Ian Rankin will be in-store signing copies of his books. Your chance to get the ideal gift signed in time for Christmas!

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