HEALTH Cont’d BODY & SOUL I, Summit Stu?“ 20 b" EASY MOVE $3315? dfifitscrgg'rxeggave for light removals and general i , transporting. The friendly STONE THERAPY MASSAGE keybOa'dSt basscst 8W“. professional service at 20 Forth Street, EH1 Saxqphoncsgpfoduw and affordable prices. . H “easing the messes of life” session mus1c1ans to make your Ca" Gordon Allan on for more than just sitting! Member of The Guild of gins” gmovc', , 0131 332 1904. NEW MEMBERS Complimentary Practitioners "18"“in mus you wme LCO Rob McNicholls the’fitgswilslng theG songs and W E ME WC 0 I C TCSI. CI your act meets every Th I y at 9pm in e-mail: robstméyahooxoxk ‘ogc'hcr' Phone 10h“ 0" 0141 MALE “FE MODEL THE Scruwnoucan, Ewensue Private tuition now 337 2358' . Available for artists & 8mm. Guscow. avaflame. Acupuumng I Professional drummer. 23 photographers, small groups & For more information looking after your health in seeks 8'85 With Preferably . students art classes for 0141 883 6665 I Relationship difficulties, body, mind & spirit. cs‘abl'ShedPand Experienced 1" portfolios. addictions, bereavement, abuse, Julia Edmonds M.B.Ac.C 3“ Stylcs' I m looking for Work From £5 per hour email: depression. These are some of The Acupuncture Clinic “0‘ a how)”, Phone 97931 Phone Dav"! the issues people bring to 0131 652 9995 493433 anyl‘me- EdmIBUTSh‘ 0131 659 5151/0403 472653 counselling. For an appointment :crsagmgsfiieon‘tagogggefggng with an experienced counsellor I lyengar Yoga Don’t delay ' in Glasgow, ring Michael Rigg phone now for details of lyengar only Plus PhO‘o ‘0 Box No A OMMODAIION SWAP on 0141 959 2345. Yoga classes in Glasgow and BM/375/1-

surrounding area. All levels ACTIVITIES catered for. Be inners welcome. _ MASSAGE MAKES YOU FEEL g BUY & SE”

Te101416415204. ' 9R8“ I SahaI Marg: meditation on HOGMANANY "(Kn U P Thcmpeuuc massage “Gals the heart. A natural path of f SITCSS. Pain and PromOICS healih- transformation from within that or Texas concgztoand Street Ronnie SWhe'land DIM balances spirituality with pass' ' The ' ' , , . orl mat and Iar est Gilmore Place, Edinburgh everyday life, No fees, open to Te" 013‘ 552 2294 (eves) adventurg. soda. grogp for I Mature woman artist offers 0131 228 3371 all regardless of background or RECUNING SP'NMNG adults. Evems include spare room. Large, warm house, . . persuasion. Contact: 01875 . i)! h 90“an fire_eating glorious coastal Argle as I Feel the difference With 830358 Edinb h 0141 PumP'aC‘m“ “We mm“ . ' r ular c un r r .

. ( “3 )Or barber’s chairwcimom) _. badminton rambles meals cg 0 t y m cat therageultlc aromatherapy 0rd 579 5926 (Glasgow). Offers ' out week'ends awéy an d Exchange for room Glasgow for mm 18 Sports "1855886. i6 UCCS ' . . re ular cit fix. 4/5 ni hts er stress and tension. Treat back SELF'AWARENESS SEMINARS 79': 01698 342593 fore'gn "'ps' mgnth. Jarlle 01880 770376;.) pain, neck problems and With Mary Sullivan Phone 3 ice on m‘gmim- “ma” Raym‘md (PSYC“°‘“°"‘P‘S‘ 8‘ “3"” 3‘” 0131 66% 9600 ACCOMMODATION Docherty, Mondays at the Barn psychotherapy tutor). Explore New Habitat Tasman metal f f , f Street Therapy Centre, 204 Bath aspects of your life and personal frame, large double bed. Was or a fee 'n 0 .

Street, Glasgow (nr Sauchiehall history; evaluate your £360, will sell for only £2.50 a pack. W _ Street). 0141 572 1134 or 0802 relationships Small groups £40 bargain! I Ha.“ I" m“ “V “We 616164. per day. Contact Man on location, superb, modern, two paisley 0131 552 8945 bedrppmufullysfurnished flat —da - . rea oca ton. ecure entr an wwfimw so. counsellor can help with THE CLUB FOR ALL SEASONS 943 0497' Counselling, Sfiess, pgrsona] fligzumwzielfirgéggdgo’ Join now for the best in skiing, Development, Creative I Natl extensrons Have Handystitchged by Dz'mn'y boarding, sports and social I Composer + photographer Therapies. Fee. negotiable. beam'm St“mg "3'15, _ Hignc". Email. dannyhignw@ event?“ a” year round' with grand piano and dark-room "mm 5955"," free. guaranteed to last up to eight hotma“ com with on Non-Sklers and boarders seek self-comamcd unfurmshcd Susan Bittker weeks' w'“ "0' damage your f ' ft n y Welcome! flat to rent in Edinburgh from 0131 343 3448 own nails, Glasgow area. Call pr]? firgggzgzasfgzm We meet every Tuesday from end of Dec/beg Jan. Ref Mandy "0W 0“ 07803 248384 e ' 9P?“ downstairs m provided. Contact 0410 748410. I Dissatisfied with your life? ("‘Obi'c)’ 01‘“ 552 0846' F'bber Magees’ I Unique Eighteenth Century Find out why and ways to Home aPPOWmemS available' m 24 Howe Street' Edmburgh' house attractive and newly change with the help of a For more information Coma“: renovated with two double qualified and experienced BANDS/MUSIC Edinburgh 5“ CM” bedrooms, sitting room, large counsellor. Individual sessions 2 H0“ SIM" Edmburgh fully fitted kitchen/dining room, (also telephone counselling) and Te" 0131 220 3121 bathroom and shower. Polished

workshops. Details phone Louise Hay Training 0131 315 3532.

wooden floors, CH, and original

INTRANSIT fireplaces. any study and patio.

Five mins car to city “my flat move ,Pedanm IS YOUR LIFE THIS EVENTFUL? centre/LCM. Good buses.

Firehorse Trips & Hondays’ Horse-riding Available immediately,

JANE ALDOUS moving boxes, bags and a bed? Hill-walking, Ceilidhs, Sailing, . - Person Centred Counsellor We would like to Tennis, Meals, Concerts, {Ernleth or parrqunégged for o . Diploma 1997 make contact with Badminton, Microlighting, garganglgelngé 6948 fig" lndtvrduals, couples, groups. Parties, Theatre, Dancing,

Also experienced workplace S I N G E R S Friend|y mm Dependable Archery, Cinema 7pm

counsellor. Relationships, . . and lots of other activities too confusions, low self esteem. for Var'ous p’OJeCtS- o I 3 I I numerous ,0 menu-0n! FLATSHARE 0131 667 9536 Send demos to: mjntmm©fnwkcom It could be with IVC e-mall: 2ND FLOOR amt. a self-run club for go-ahead

I Bright room available in

MERCANTILE CHAMBERS I Full length CD of "released peopleful/hfo want tloget: the most Spacious west End “8‘ Suit " U i e. em rs 1 costs . ' TH‘EIIAPQN COUNSELLING aggszvgfigggm mums mama. («Subway . 1:23,.” mr‘oda ye; G‘i’vc it a female,.non-smoklng Live in the present by . Songs") when you join on The W for a month or two with no professronal. £320 permonth understanding your past.” Give Fiddle, the Levellers own obligation to join _ lncl C/I‘. Entry beginning yourself the opportunitylo information “Meg/1,150 two but we,” sure you,“ want to! January 2000. Call 0141 334 resolve yourproblems. lnltlal magazines per year and 15% off Details from O . . 3832. “55‘0" free; I Wanted elemental all merchandise. Send cheque I We“ End DOUbl"; room Go'don 1' sm'th (Edinburgh based funk band) f01’ £1330 ‘0 OW“. PO BOX Glasgow aYa'lablc to share wnh gay 0131 467 9859' seeks proficient rhythmic and 2600, Brigmon BN2 ZDX- Tel 07020 955482 fncnqu’ "/5 femalc' own funky keyboard player for live 01273 603837- Email va'deo' own phon?’ sanded and studio work, For more otf@leve1| “00‘5- £260 Pcm + bills- Leave information, please contact WWWJCVCNCI'S-CO-Uk Edinburgh message on 07669 023158 Trout Media 0131 557 9989. 0131 332 1342 (pager)-

BOOK-KEEPING SERVICES I Double room in furnished, Voluntary sector, small luxury flat on Queen’s Drive. businesses, Payroll, VAT returns, GCH, elec shower, w/machine, Sage training, self-assessment. dggggégggfefzgizk Sky TV. Suit professional. No Contact: Nada Hudson ' DSS. £240 pcm + £180 deposit. Tel: 0131 466 0136 Tel Graham 0141 422 1478/0410 033158.

I Talented jazz Singer seeks good improv pianist for jamming sessions with a view to performing. Own piano essential. Call Clare on 0131 667 3042.

evenings and weekends

2—16 Dec 1999 THE "ST 107