A selection of television highlights, listed by day, in chronological order. Television Listings compiled by Eddie Gibb.


I X-Men (BBCl ) 4.05—4.30pm. Television version of the classic (iOs comic strip by Spider Man creator and Marvei main tnan Stan Lee. The X-Men are the last-line of defence against evil baddies seeking world domination. I The Monsters (BBCZ) 6-6.25pm. Start of a series of reruns of the 1960s cult classic about a iamin of suburban freaks returns. I The Weekend Show (BBC 1) 7—7.30pm. Dale \Vinton. host of the cult morning quiz .S‘ttpt'rnntrkct Sweep, makes it into big time light entertainment with this celebration of British eccentricity. Expect inanity with Big Brett/(just production company Planet 24's usual veneer of irony. . I Loveioy (BBC 1 ) 8-8.50pm. Reruns of the drama with lan McShane as the appallingly-coiffed antiques dealer. in this episode Joanna Lumley and lrish folk- rockers Hothouse Flowers make guest appearances. I Open Space Special (BBC2) 8—8.3()pm. As an antidote to all the VF. Day coverage. this film looks at the role of conscientious objectors during wartime. I Rab C. llesbitt (BBC2) 9—9.30pm. Hot on the heels of the Naked Viz/m repeats comes its incredibly successful spin-off. Gregor Fisher is the string-vested Govan street philosopher while Elaine C. Smith is Rab‘s long-suffering wife. I The Chief (Scottish) 9—-lOpm. New series of the police drama starring Martin Shaw as the outspoken chiefeonstable who fights crime but generally rubs his superiors up the wrong way. I Father Ted (Channel 4) 9—9.30pm. Occasionally amusing sitcom about three priests in a remote lrish community. Tonight Father Ted tries to enforce the Pope‘s order that a controversial film be banned. I The Smell oi Reeves and Mortimer (BBCZ) 9.30—lOpm. More malodorous comedy from the bizarre northern duo. I Friends (Channel 4) 9.30—10pm. Slick sitcom imported from America about a group of twentysomething friends whose lives are full of laughter and angst. Tonight Ross is devasted to hear that his ex-wife is pregnant with their child. I llave I Got News For You (BBCZ) lO—lO.30pm. lan Hislop and Paul Merton are,joined by wheelclampers. it says here. John Bird and John Fortune, for more current affairs comedy. I Roseanne (Channel 4) lO——lO.30pm. Rosie’s away and Dan discovers that Jackie's off dancing with a man who isn’t her husband. I Fort Apache, The Bronx (Scottish) 10.30pm—12.45am. Bleak story about cops on New York's meanest streets starring Paul Newman as the straight cop who puts his job on the line to fight corruption. I Drop the Dead Donkey (Channel 4) 10.30—11.05pm. Repeated newsroom comedy continues as George is invited to his ex-wife‘s wedding. I llext oi llin (BBCi) l0.35pm-—12.20am. Patrick Swayze and Liam Neeson are brothers who set out to revenge the mob murder of their youngest sibling. I eaadasss TV (Channel 4) 11.05—11.40pm. Last in the series on black trash culture presented by Ice-T and Andrea Oliver. Playing them out is jungle from UK Apache. the ‘Benny Hill of zouk


I It’s that time oi the year when you might like to put a kumquat underneath your aardvark, crack out a six-pack oi iinest pork chops and join the Slades at home (or a Cup-a-Soup. Makes no sense? Don’t worry, it’s not meant to but it you’re already a disciple of Vic and Bob you’ll know it’s the way they tell ’em. Anyhow, they’re back with some old favourites - Otis and Marvin, The Bra Men plus some new friends

like Cox and Evans, the useless Labour councillors. . The Smell of Reeves & Mortimer starts on Friday 5 May at 9.30pm on 8862.

music' and Elton John's cross-dressing pal RuPaul. I Fantasy Football League (BBCZ) ll.l5—l 1.45pm. Footie fun with David Baddiel. Frank Skinner and a couple of celeb managers. 5 I Duckman (BBCZ) ll.45pm—12. 10am. ' Cult animation for overgrown kids. featuring a caffeine-addicted duck with orange hair.


; I Stars in their Eyes (Scottish)

i 7.15—8pm. Matthew Kelly returns for

another series of the ultra-kitsch show which gives amateur singers the chance to

; impersonate their heroes.

I Inspector Morse (Scottish) 8-10pm. When a violent rapist escapes from

prison. Morse and Lewis find themselves

sucked into the world of devil worship in

this repeated TV cop classic.


I Loved Ones (Channel 4) 8—9pm. Compilation of short films which mark the memory of those who have died for their country.

I Bugs (BBCl) 8.05—8.55pm. The Bugs team foil a plot to steal a revolutionary new car and undercover a web of high- level industrial espionage.

I Anne Frank Remembered (BBC2) 8.55—10.55pm. Feature-length documentary about the famous teenage diarist during the Nazi occupation of Holland is screened to mark the 50th anniversary of her country’s liberation.

I Aui Wiedersehen, Pet (Channel 4) 9—lOpm. The lads on site in Germany are having a bit of bother with a trouble- maker until mild-mannered Neville wades in to sort it out. in this classic 80s comedy drama.

I Chicago Hope (BBC!) 9.15—10pm. Dr Shutt is deeply effected when a violent patient dies in this glossy American medical drama.

I The Lenny ilenry Show (BBCI) iO—lO.40pm. Lenny slips into a dress to become a divine soul diva in the last of the sketch-based comedy series.

I hillbillies ensure it‘s a trip to remember.

I Viva Cabaret (Channel 4) l()-10.50pm. High camp and low culture are here for all to see in this repeated show hosted by Savage. Tonight would you please welcome on stage Mr Tom Jones. plus

« ‘page three stunna’ Gayle Tuesday and the Doug Anthony All Stars.

I Deliverance (Scottish) l().15pm—l2.lSam. lixcellent adventure thriller with Burt Reynolds. Jon Voigt and Ned Beatty as Atlanta businessmen on a fishing and rafting expedition in the backwoods. A clan of psychopathic

I Takeover TV (Channel 4) 1050—] 1.35pm. Manhattan Cable comes to Britain. though sadly without Laurie Pike. with a new access television series. Tonight's clips of videos submitted by amateur auteurs include a surfers’ campaign against sewage. and sheep wrestling.

I Right to Reply Special (Channel 4) ll.35pm—12.20am. After The Red Light Zone finished last week. Roger Bolton offers viewers the chance to have their say about the controversial sex-themed season of programmes. To take part call the producers on 0171 396 4444 or write to Right to Reply. Channel 4. I24 Horseferry Road. London SW1P 2TX.

I Goldie and the Boxer (Channel 4)

12. 120—2. 10am. OJ Simpson in happier times in this comedy drama about a boxer who is managed by a smart ten-year-old.


I Party at Five (Channel 4) 6.05—7pm. American comedy drama about five orphans trying to hold the family together. Tonight the arrival of an old friend disrupts the household.

I Family Therapy (BBC2) 7—7.45pm. Documentary film which follows a family through nine months of group therapy as the parents attempt to get to the root of their two daughters‘ emotional problems.


I The Ooldring Audit (Channel 4) 8—9pm. Third and final report by investigative journalist Mary Goldring looks at Britain's multi-billion pound pharmaceuticals industry. Are ottr major players in the drug industry. like the recently merged \Vellcome-Glaxo conglomerate. responding to a fast- changing market'.’

I Shine On, Harvey Moon (Scottish) SRO—()pm. Maggie and Lou are back from honeymoon. while Stanley is determined to take the next step to manhood in the post-war comedy.

I Prime Suspect (Scottish) 9—l lptn. Tennison heads for the suburbs to investigate a murder which has been staged to look like suicide. Helen Mirren is the tough Detective Superintendent.

I BIISS (BBCZ) l()—l 1.35pm. Screen Two film about a shy. romantic civil servant who dreams of love and winning tilttvternttlttl. with a guest appearance by Magnus Magnusson.

I Tommy (Channel 4) ll.()5pm— l . 10am. The Who's rock opera about a deaf. dumb and blind pinball player kicks off Channel 4's (Iltt/ttt'm'k season which continues through tomorrow‘s Vii Day bank holiday. lf they'd continued national service we would never have had effimnate boys prancing around in stacked heels and sequins.

I Short Circuit II (Scottish) 5—7pm. Lame-brain sequel to a lame-brain comedy about a military robot which develops a 'personality‘.

I The Witches (BBC2) 6-7.3(lpm. Nicolas Roeg's film based on a Roald Dahl story about a young Norwegian boy who travels to England after the death of his parents in a car crash. lie arrives at a Cornish hotel. which luck would have it. is hosting a witches‘ convention. Luke over turns their plan to turn all children into mice.

I Abba: The Movie (Channel 4) 6.45—8.3(lpm. A Swedishjournalist tries to secure an interview with the supergrottp. providing a flimsy linking plot for all the hits.

I The Outer Limits (BBCz) ‘)—l().30pm. Lloyd Bridges stars with his son Beau and grandson Dylan in this episode of the sci- series about a brilliant scientist researching life on Mars.

I The Glam Top TO (Channel 4) ‘)~l().3()pm. More from the (ilttntrm‘k season. with Tony Blackburn and Alan ‘Flui‘f‘ Freeman presenting those 70s hits you a probably rather forget. Slade. Mud. Wizard and Suzi Quatro are all present and correct.

I GIam-O-Rama (Channel 4)

|().3()»-l l.05pm. Jack Dee presents a 70s trivia gameshow with guest Jo Brand and the chance to win a Ford Capri.

I The Token King (Channel 4) ll.()5pm—l2.05am. Drama about a pair of playground hustlers saving dinner tokens to buy a Raleigh Chopper.

I Remember Me This Way (Channel 4) l2.()5-l.l()am. Join leader of the gang Gary Glitter backstage in this documentary which gets beneath the Bacofoil.

I llever Too Young to Rock (Channel 4) LID-Sam. Kitsch glaml‘est from that key glam year 1974 about an attempt by television moguls to ban rock 'n' roll. Soundtrack by The Rubettes and Mud.


I Due South (BBC 1 ) 8—8.30pm. This new American itnport is a comedy drama about an unconventional but naive mounties who goes after the mart who murdered his father.

I Taking Liberties (BBC2) 8—8.30pm. Documentary about at a partial

transsexual who was jailed in a male prison halfway through the sex change. where she was repeatedly harrassed.

92 The List 5-18 May 1995