Friskier than a lamb in spring, here’s the . . .

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I A year before the prestigious European Championships are held in Engerland, up pops a nasty little film to remind the authorities that t soccer violence is still alive and kicking. Philip Davis’s debut feature i.d. is about a police operation to infiltrate a gang of hoolies - the question is, will the undercover cops go native? See Film listings for details.


I Jane Torvill and Christopher Dean - the most famous are-they- aren’t-they couple in British skating history - take to the ice for one last spin through their greatest hits like ‘Bolero' and ‘Face the Music’ before retiring. Flowers may be thrown. See Dance listings for details.

I In Julian Clary-meets- Bollyvvood style, Sarbiit Samra is a Hysterical Asian, hitting Mayfest with a ‘disturbing performance which explores notions of identity formation’. He also sings a bit. Check out Sarbiit at the CCA - see Mayfest listings for details.