I INTRANSIT: small flat move specialist. Hat move £25 (single item US). Free estimates. Hands-on help with lifting. No hottrly charge. Sympathetic. friendly service. Tel: Neil on ()l3l 239 83M.


Fitted Cupboards? Replacement Windows? A New Kitchen? A New Staircase? A New Front Door?

All I of woodwork and, Evfsoodtumin g to a high standard by pprofessronal crafts oplc. one Dave Samue s on:


COMPUTER SERVICES We offer database-related programming for Windows. We also offer training in Microsoft Windows. Word. Excel and .Access. Advice on l-’(.‘/ l lardware npgrades/ purchases available. Phone David Mactarlane tor details. 0141 223 6657 (day) 0141 882 5734 (evenings).


/ s v "a‘ 1‘ i' ‘|\\§:“‘ / QE/‘I 31?: 3?

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CUSTOM & TRADITIONAL WORK By appointment only

01 31 661 7492

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Arts, Entertainments, Tourism 8: Leisure Publicity Nationwide

Since l988 Direct Distribution has been offering the most reliable and cost effective service for the planning, distributing and monitoring of all forms of free publicity.

in l992 we were responsible for targeting over 7 million leaflets, brochures and posters ihoughout Scotland.

Whether distributing publicity material in bulk drops or a sustained campaign nationwide, call Angus White new on:

(Fax 041 429 8935)

04l 429 3838

publicity distribution nationwide

Edinburgh Arts (R lintertainmcnt I M.

II l’irrit' Strt't't tidinliurgli lillb SHY I’t'IIHI3I)5551897

Inn: HUI) 555 2905




Having problems orjust want to get more out of your machine? Advice. help or training. First

consultation free.

0131 315 4577.


Bookcases. cabinets and shelves made to order and fitted with care.



‘8 03l 228 3522

l' PltliitltltflliAL linens ammunition

Band Promos/Gigs/ Theatre Productions/C.V's. Need publicity shots or a video but worried about the price? We produce quality results at. low cost

TEL: 041 357 1727 or 0555 811266

SAVE MONEY ON INTERNATIONAL PHONE CALLS Agents and customers required. Contact StarAccess Ltd.

77 Dobbie‘s Road. Bonnyn'gg EH19 ZAY.

Tel: 0131 663 9363,

Fax: 0131 654 0924.

l Word Processing and Spreadsheets. CVs. reports. charts. invoices etc. For fast.

accurate. reliable. literate and , confidential work. ring Susan

on 0131 343 3448 to discuss your needs. All work maintained on disk.

DO YOU NEED . . .a platform bed built. . . shelves put up. . . your bathroom tiled. . . sash windows repaired. . . a bedroom painted. . . cupboards built. . .

. . .your whole house decorated?

Then call Gordon for reasonable rates and excellent work.

G.Y. RENOVA‘ITONS 031 669 5082

SHIATSU With Mari MacRitchie

A one or two day work- shop for Stress. Relaxation and Personal Growth.

Dates: Sat 27th & Sun 28th May. Sat 3rd June. Times: 10 5 approx. For details contact Mari on 0141 339 3680.

Affiliated to the European School of Shiatsu

l Homoeopathy is safe effective and illuminating in

treating all forms of acute and chronic illnesses. For an

' appointment or practice

brochure. please contact John Watt on ()l3l 667 I333.


Lucinda Cunningham dtm dhtc (mshp) at


Complimentary Therapy Centre

Relieves Pain o Reduces Stress o I Revitalising o Relaxing.

031 343 6584

JUST BETWEEN US Qualified counsellor and psychologist offers confidential counselling to help you find a more satisfying way of being. Phone Steve Messinger 0141 334 7625.

I Crystal Haven - therapist. counsellor. all problems considered. especially eating and juvenile problems. Courses in yoga combined counselling. Also tarot. palmistry readings. Cambridge House. 8 Cambridge Street. Glasgow. ()l-il 333 0877.

Help with anxiety, depression or stress?

mire/trout E's/EU

six err-oi qr;

g... MORAC SLIESSER Chartered Clinical Psychologist

0131 553 7896

SMILE WITH CONFIDENCE A full range of dental treatment available including crowns. bridges. veneers. inlays. white fillings and implants. Treatments available independently and Denplan. lilainc Goldsmith BUS 39 Frederick Street. Edinburgh. Tel: 0131 220 4077.

I Free copy at the Antioxidant Health Plan (M Rl’ £4.99) with each purchase of 9() ‘Antioxidant-Plus‘ £6.95. Craiglogan Pharmacy. 98—100 Craigentinny Road, Edinburgh. 0131 not 2523 for mail order and p/p charge.

Sporting Injuries, Aches and Pains?

At The Edinburgh Physiotherapy Centre, Chartered Physiotherapists assess and treat your problem in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Contact Dawn Mackie 0131 556 l 116

100 The List 5-l8 May 1995