goes crispy. then tear it into four squares. Your guests can roll their rice and chosen toppings in the seaweed. in the same manner as eating Peking duck or Mexican tacos.

Eating sushi prepared by an expert is always a wonderful and worthwhile experience. Yumi at 10 Melville Place, Edinburgh is open 6.30-1 1pm Tue—Sat. If you can get to Aberdeen. the Osaka Restaurant does four or five different types of sushi depending on available ingredients and charges only £6 for a selection. While you're at it, ask them ifthey'll open a branch down here. Shops for Japanese Ingredients Edinburgh:

Sakura Fuji. 28 Glasgow Road.

Everything a sushi chef could wish for

and willingly given advice.

Pat 's Chng Yin g Chinese Supermarket. 199/201 Leith Walk. 554 0358.

Real Foods Ltd. 37 Broughton Street and 8 Broughham Street. 'li)llcross. 557 l 9] I .


Sells rice vinegar and nori seaweed. Restaurants:

Yumi Japanese Restaurant. 10 Melville Place. Edinburgh, 03] 226 3579. Osaka. 16-1 7 Bon Accord Crescent. Aberdeen. 0224 582 828. Recommended Books:

The Book of Sushi .' Omael Tachibana ( K odansha International Ltd). (Sakura Fuji can order this)

Japanese Cookery by Elizabeth Lambert Ortiz (Collins) £3.95.


l8-22 Greenside Place, Edinburgh


I. Exquisite local cuisine, carefully prepared.

2. Friendly personal service.

3. A room of Victorian splendour.

4. Keen prices!

Mix together to make the true dining out experience that is


Chinatown Groceries. 42 New City

Road. 353 2338.

Chang Ying Cltinese Supermarket. 254

Dobbies [,oan. 333 0333.

Lim's Chung Ytng. Chinese Supermarket. 63 Cambridge Street. 332

93 99.

Muji. 63—67 Queen‘Street. 248 7455.

limeshisomaiti: Plum and Shiso Boll


I Pizza Express Queen Street. 221 3333. Peter Boizot founded Pizza Express in London in I965 and the restaurant's reputation swiftly grew due to the popularity of their authentic Italian pizzas. Since January. Glasgow has had the opportunity to sample Boizot’s crispy bases crowned with genuine Italian style toppings. One particular customer is overjoyed with the restaurant’s appearance in Glasgow since it means that he no longer has to fly back from London with a pizza on his lap every time he needs to sate his craving for a double extra pepperoni. Any pizza inspiring that much devotion must have a lot going for it.

Everything is made on the premises except the Perroni beer and manager Andre is struggling to control his weakness for tiramisu. the sponge- based dessert made with coffee. mascapone and liqueur which puts trifle to a slow and shameful death.

Enzo Appcella. described by Andre as ‘mad in an excellent way‘. designed the building’s interior. The result is airy and comfortable with some rather natty comicing.

l Bewley’s Oriental Gate South Charlotte Street. 220 1969. Bewley’s cafes started life in Dublin in 1840 and have since become an integral part of the city. welcoming everyone through the doors from James Joyce and Bob Geldoff to the man in the street.

This new Edinburgh cafe aims to emulate the success of its Irish counterparts and features many of the same culinary delights sticky buns and healthy sized breakfasts being good examples. The decor includes a real fireplace from the Bewley family home. so you can warm your tired tootsies after trudging around Princes Street and relax with a cup of freshly brewed coffee or fill your tummy with something more substantial.

For those a bit more pushed for time. a basement bakery will keep you in freshly baked bread. cakes and Bewley‘s blend coffee and tea. The staff are resplendent in traditional black and white uniforms. exuding a genuine friendliness and willingness to please which comes as a shock to those used to most cafe staff.

I Oriental Dining Centre 8—16 Morrison Street. 221 1288. This bright. new centre contains three

eateries under the one roof - the Ho Ho Mei Noodle Shack. the Rainbow Arch Gourmet Restaurant and Henry's Dim Sum Bar.

The Noodle Shack, the first ofits kind in Scotland. will be familiar to people who have visited Wagamamas in London and offers a variety of stir fried noodle dishes and huge steaming bowls of noodle soups with a choice of four different thicknesses of noodles. It’s absolutely impossible to eat noodles without slurping so this probably isn’t a good venue for a first date scenario. but a group party could be hilarious if there’s anyone prone to messy eating anyway. If you’re not a noodle freak. you can get stuck into the stir fried rice dishes after watching your food being prepared by an industrious chef in the open plan kitchen. There‘s not a huge choice but the food is filling. astoundineg cheap and tasty. On this basis. students could well start flocking here. hellbent on loading up and having fun.

Downstairs in the Dim Sum Bar you can order a variety of smaller snack dishes on a similar theme for around £2—£3 or just have a drink, play backgammon and pick up some Chinese from the ever cheery staff. (Jonathan Trew).

fit it it! it *t it


6.00 till late

2 COURSES @ {I 2.95 3 COURSES @ {I450

For Pre, During or After the show ring Reservations on

it i 03 l-557 8339 a *

9 an: O breakfa st 0 morning coffee 0 lunch 0 afternoon tea 0 pm show meals 0 evening meals O I 0 pm . o cakes 81 pastries 0 bar 0 late SERVING EXCELLENT FOOD AND I)le AWIDE SELECTION OF INTERNATIONAL MINES, SPIRITS AND seem OUTRAOEOUS BAR PROMOTIONS A WONDERFULLY RELAXED AND



Hagar O. O ""I'OJRaPm


cafe/ha r

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